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Chapter 1

One day, I noticed. I have the memory of two people.

I thought it was strange for a long time. I knew things that definitely were not of this world, such as elevators and cars, and I remembered landscape of tall buildings. Sometimes I thought that the world which I live in resembles Medieval Europe, Medieval Europe? It would happen once in a while.

Even though I talked about it, no one would understand me, they thought of me as a strange child, with strange delusion, since I was little.

And today I remembered.

What happened when I died.

And finally, the memories of the two of us, which had merged, were separated and rearranged, and I understood that I was born while keeping the memory of my previous life. There was a little of confusion. If anything the feeling of being refreshed was stronger.

I would like to leave out why I died. To be honest it is not a very pleasant thing and more than anything it has already happened and it has ended.

However, my heart started to hurt when I thought about what my parents and friends had to go through after my death, and I ended up holing my self in my room for three days.

My parents and the servants were severely worried as I cried on the futon. It made it hard for me as it reminded me of the people from my previous life. But at the same time, it made me conscious that I was not Lizia · Rietberuf, nor a college student who died prematurely.

Yet, even knowing this I could not get over it in a short amount of time, even while receiving my parent love and all the care a noble’s child could get, I cannot help what has died! Now I will return my parents loves as best as I can! And with that, I decided to live positively.

Six months after I understood that I had reincarnated, an invitation from the Royal Palace arrived.

It was an invitation to find a candidate for the engagement of Prince Edwin, who will turn 12 years old this year, an open tea party to form friendships.

Well ~ I am also a Maquis daughter! No way! No way! I was chosen by his highness!!

My tension increased for a moment, but I saw myself in a mirror and immediately reflected on it.

Unfortunately, my appearance did not change much after my reincarnation, it has certainly not become more beautiful. Hazel eyes on common brown hair.

Although the facial features are well defined, at best I wonder if it is above the average. My parents and everyone in the residence will compliment me saying Lizisama is pretty, but they will never say that I am a beauty.

Besides, I am not sad! I am not interested in being queen or anything!

That is why I shoot down the tension that rose up and headed to the royal palace where the tea party was held.

In the royal palace garden, encircled by beautifully pruned roses, there was 10 young girls and 3 boys standing together. The girls aside, the boys were probably brought in hope that they would become friend with his Highness. Probably, none of them will become a duke in the future or something else.

The perfume that the girls are wearing has filled the garden air, removing the fragrance of the roses.

I am currently sitting at a table located in a corner, near the flower, slowly eating sweet without any motivation whatsoever, as I simply watch 10 years old girl fumble about to be the first one to greet his Highness in an adult-like manner while worrying about any mistake they could make.

I guess not everyone can play like a child.

Unlike me who was sent out without any expectation from my parents and was told to enjoy myself, for the time being, while the other girls are carrying their house on their small back.

Well, some of them have come to like his Highness and hope that he too will like them.

One of them, from a Duke house, Katerina Brunswick.

With a pair of sharp blue eyes and straight silver hair, she will certainly become a beauty in the future, but it will probably be the appearance of a villainess.

Having abandoned the competition early, I watch as the children shrink back from Katerina glare.

Somehow, I know of Katerina. I still did not have my social debut, and I should not have met her…

Somebody came beside me while I was lost in thought and nibbling on a Madeleine.

Perhaps, she too does not have motivation! Maybe she is tired from the raging battle, I am quite excited with the chance to make a friend and when I turn to the side what greets me is not a frilly dress, but a male’s coat.

It was one of his Highness friend candidates, a slender boy with impressive straight black hair.

Should I talk to him? Well, I am 31 years old if I add my previous life so it should be easy to talk to a boy? But I never even had a boyfriend…! If I think of him as a relative… Impossible, impossible! Because I am still the same girl, in other words, a 10 years old child!

While the conference in my brain was in disarray, the boy grey eyes peered at me through his long bangs.

Gya!! What is that child, truly beautiful! He has thin and cool eyebrows, which when I look closely I can see that they are slightly dropping, and his nose is sharp and slim… This, he feels familiar…?

“You do not have to go in?”

The boy points at the group of pastel colored dress.

No way such terrible place, I vigorously shake my head since a plain girl like me does not stand chance again the other girls.


Such a brief reply. Hey, I want to talk to you more, hey!

“Ah, I am the daughter of Marquis Rietberuf, Lizia.”

I introduced myself with the self-introduction that I was taught by my private teacher. It is actually the first time I introduced my self to someone other than my family, it makes me pretty nervous.

After watching me bowing with cold eyes, he responded with his name.

“I am Bernard, Youth, Brunswick, My best regards.”


” The threatening one over there is my sister Katerina.”


Surprisingly, Bernard has quite a sharp tongue, despite the vague atmosphere emanating from him and certainly her hair are upright! The only thing that can be seen is an intimidating black cat.

No, rather than that, it is the name Bernard that caught my attention. Also the name Katerina.

I have seen these two names somewhere.

Where was it…? A noble family book? No, it is different. Surely… The screen. That right the screen. Also called a Television —

At that moment, a piercing scream resounded. His Highness has made an entrance and the pastel corps began to shake and make noise.

Just like a rusty toy I adverted my sight from Bernard toward his Highness.

His Highness who is receiving greetings from Katerina at the central table is the perfect image of a prince. Blonde hair and blue eyes who carry a kind gaze. Possessing an elegance beyond that of a 12 years old is the boy who was the main target of the capture game I played in my previous life.

I could not deny it as just a coincidence, with the memory of having captured Katerina and Bernard in my previous life coming back, I could feel my face paling as my blood was quickly withdrawing.

“All right?”

“It’s all right.”

Sorry. It is not all right at all. Don’t mind me. No, don’t mind me, please.

Although I am panicking, I still managed to paste a smile on my face and, fearfully, I looked at Bernhard.

Actually, this dull boy is the biggest villain on prince Edwin route in the Otome game “Lilac no Kun”. Incidentally, his sister Katerina is the so-called villains’ daughter.

As I tried to sort the overflowing memories of games that suddenly pierced my mind, I started to feel sick with my leg all wobbly and shacking.

I tried to sit back down but was stopped by a hand who suddenly grabbed me. It was Bernard’s hand.


Making is earlier appearance seem like a lie, he skillfully waded through the forest of dress and he refused is highness offer of help. He casually placed his hand on my back and brought me, with a nearby knight, to a prepared room so that I could rest since I was looking sick. Embarrassingly, I could do nothing but tensely watch as the event unfolded.

As we walked through the passage flanked by rose, he who walked next to me matching my slow stride felt quite reliable. Since the stage of the game is a school that the noble attend when they become 15 years old, he should be in third grade like his highness, so 2 years older than me.

That day the weather was good if somewhat chilly, but the hand he held was really warm.

Inside a resting room, Bernhard addressed a panicking maid.

“She is feeling sick, so I want her to rest a little, could you bring her a warm drink?”

It is often said that when you see someone panic it makes it easier for you to stay calm and watching the maid getting increasingly more flustered as she looked at my pale face allowed me to regain my mind.

“Thank you Bernhard-Sama, but I am simply a little tired.”


He stopped mid-way to help me sit on a chair and then sat next to me.

Is it not alright? Are you listening to people’s story? I have no idea what you are thinking…

But was Bernhard an expressionless character? Although he was grown up in the game I remember him having a good personality and a gentle smile. He was a perfect man who skilfully hid his true self behind a facade. He was a two-faced character. Well… He will probably become like that in the end.

“You do not have to talk to his Highness?”

“Eh… Not really?”

Eh~~ I’ll lose.

While drinking the herbal tea that was served, I talked about how silly such a thing was since my car would not be here before an hour. Bernard taught me about horse because I showed that I was interested in riding one and somehow he never let go of my hand.

Once he asked if the tea was difficult to drink, but luckily I was left-handed, even though I had forgotten at the moment. I felt my hand get warm as he looked at it.

“Thank you very much”

When my car came to pick me up I was still a little shocked of all that happened, but I still thanked him properly and yet Bernard expression still did not change. But I think I was originally a strong girl. Thanks to that I did not lose my self when I realized that this world was that of an Otome game. Well~~, he may become the most dangerous villain in the future.

For the first time, Bernard thought how irritable she was and with a small smile, headed back to the tea party.

Hum. I don’t understand. <– Bernard

After giving an appropriate reply to the worried coachman, I quietly lose myself in thought as the carriage shake on the way home.

It seems I have done something quite common in web novel and reincarnated in an Otome game, but the protagonist ended being reborn as a ridiculous mob character.

The way I should go about this is simple.

As a mob character, regardless of the game scenario, I should look for my own happiness while repaying my parent and watching from the sideline. I should be able to find happiness if I do not aim too high.

No, it’s my life, don’t you know? Because I hate troublesome thing, that can’t be?

But the decision I made had to be retracted a few days later.

My father received a letter from Duke Brunswick requesting an engagement between his eldest son Bernard and me.

Author Note: I changed Katerina hair color from black to silver.

TL: The end was a mess to do, Google wasn’t helpful and her randomly talking to herself wasn’t helping…

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