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Chapter 99: Poskein Exodus (10)

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The black darkness.

Even the stars and the moon were caught in the dim clouds.

‘A spy……’

The news Chris brought two days ago were quite shocking.

‘I thought that I could have as much normal soldiers as I wanted.’

But he hadn’t expected that there may be a spy among the nobles escorting Simon.

‘And two nobles leading troops at that.’

There were two spies which Chris revealed through the agency.

Among them, Luke was the spy of Tommy Rinse and Elton of Kallum Rinse.
And the two people didn’t know the identity of each other.

‘On top of that, this isn’t the end.’

Chris expected that one of the two spies would have at least 2 more accomplices.

‘For now, it’s important to discover the spies that didn’t get revealed.’

Until then, he was planning to move Luke and Elton to the rear camp.
He was planning to examine how they were communicating with their respective princes and find the ones that showed similar actions.


Roan let out a long sigh.

His rank was still a troop commander but the things he was doing was the same a noble did.

‘Here on, after getting rid of George Ant, all the other nobles are checking on me.

If Simon got swept up in political reasonings, he would have gotten chased out of the army or even lost his life.

No, He believed in his eyes on looking at people.

And fortunately, his gamble on betting everything in one side succeeded.

Currently, most of the nobles were gulping down their complaints because of the declarations of Simon, Tio and Rael.

Even while following Simon’s orders and admitting Roan’s abilities, it was difficult to easily recognize Roan that was different from birth.
Just like you were walking on thin ice.

‘Even so, obtaining the support of baron Rael Piad is a great gain.’

Roan assigned all of George’s soldiers to Rael.

He thanked Roan in a big way and declared his support one more time.

‘Is it now time to catch the hearts of the other nobles too?’

He didn’t want to give them goods such as money  or jewels.

‘I’m showing them my abilities.’

An outstanding ability that would make them want to follow him.

Roan looked at the plains spread above the watchtower.
Although there was darkness, Roan could see everything brightly as if it was midday thanks to Kalian tear.

‘Now, shall we start enjoying this?’

he was planning to sweat a big one.
His heart beat faster and blood circulated quickly.

First, Roan dispatched Luke and Elton to the northern boundary of Tale.

That because of George, they lost a lot of ground in the south and that the range of the movements of the monsters spread in the north.

Followed by that, Roan summoned all the nobles and set up a new subjugation plan.

Roan entrusted this task to Tio Ruin, Delph Blick and Rael Piad.

And Roan decided to take the nobles that felt antipathy against him and subjugate the monsters in the south.

They had already seen what happened to George after ignoring his orders.

Simon, that had the biggest force, lead his troop and went on a personal subjugation around Mediasis village.
Roan quickly gathered the remaining nobles and went on a conference.

“Based on the reports of the information squad…..”

When setting up tactics and strategies, they included the analyzed and gathered information of the information squad.

He was planning to show his abilities as a commander properly to the nobles that felt antipathy towards him.

Roan smiled towards the nobles listening at his words.

‘I will show you that a battlefield can be designed.’

The conference continued like that for a while.
After a while, when the conference ended, the nobles started to get out of the meeting room one by one.

“How was it? The conference we just had?”

“It seems like he got many things right and got the nickname of ghost of the battlefield, and he got lost in that name.”

Several nobles thought up of the meeting they just had and laughed ridiculing him.

“Monsters will appear in the south plains of Mediasis village before the sun sets, so be prepared beforehand and just scare them?”

“Even so, you are all better than me. I wonder. I just have to take 100 soldiers……”

Several words came and went as if they couldn’t understand it at all.

“It seems like he’s trusting that information something too much.”

“If monsters really do appear.”

A cynical and fishy smile appeared in the faces of the nobles.

And like that, the sun that was right above them started to move to the west little by little.
And just like a  lie.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Jing! Jing! Jing!

The sound notifying the appearance of monsters was heard.

“Mo, monsters really appeared?!”


The nobles gulped the silence with surprised expressions.
But they couldn’t stay like that forever.


They quickly charged like Roan’s orders.

Roan stood at the watchtower and saw that.
A smile appeared in his face.

‘Everything will flow just like I want.’

The battlefield did indeed flow like Roan’s plans and expectations.

But the nobles that received Roan’s orders were already waiting for them in ambush.
On top of that, the camps, traps and obstacles they had set up before the exodus started was taking place everywhere.


The monsters scattered to the sides at the unexpected ambush.

“Don’t chase them! Our role is up to here!”

The soldiers that were waiting in ambush protected their place instead of chasing them.
A surprised look could be seen in their eyes.

‘Everything is happening like troop commander Roan said.’

The monsters that fled while scattering to the sides had to change direction again while not being able to move much.

Soldiers that amounted to 100 and 500 were taking place in several roads.

Jing! Jing! Jing!  Deng! Deng! Deng!

The surged flag and the noisy jing and drum.

The monsters that were scattered gathered up once again.

Their front was blocked with the harsh mountains and the surroundings only had long weeds.

“It’s really surprising.”

“I, is this possible to guess this precisely?”

They weren’t even humans, but monsters.

They were an existence that was that much harder to guess.

“They appeared precisely.”
“There’s not even an ounce of mistake.”

The noble’s sights moved towards the west.
The high troop flag surged above the weeds.

Amaranth troop had appeared at the rear of the monsters.
At the same time.


Thousands of arrows split the dark sky.


The dry weeds caught fire.


The monsters got swept up in fire in an instant.


Roan charged the ground and entered the path of fire.
A valiant and overwhelming look.


Travias spear became longer with the sound of metal.

Flamdor mana technique exploded his body temperature.


The fire burning the plains made Roan stronger.


On top of that the red flames moved following Roan’s movements and spear as if it was dancing.


The nobles that were looking at that all opened their mouths with surprised looks.

That felt just like looking at the owner of fire, at the fire monarch.


Everyone gulped dry saliva.
As they saw Roan performing martial arts right before their eyes, one part of his heart became chilled.

‘Ri, right. The 1st prince wouldn’t have named an unsophisticated person as the responsible for a region.’
‘Outstanding insight, strategy, and tactics. On top of that martial arts!’

They got goosebumps.

The sound of the horn trumpet was heard as if it was waiting for it.


At the same time, Amaranth troop that was waiting at the rear ran in.
A charging look while holding a small shield in front of them!


The clash of Amaranth troop and the monsters.

The monsters weren’t an opponent for Roan and Amaranth troop.

The battle already ended with the complete victory for Amaranth troop.

Roan and the nobles returned to the HQ while leading their troops.


“Roan! Roan!”

The soldiers guarding the HQ cheered up at the returning troops.

And the nobles deployed in this battle followed his back.
Their expression was kind of awkward.

‘We did win, but I don’t know if we have to feel good or not.’

‘It feels like he just did everything alone.’

An uncomfortable feeling.

Then, Roan that sat up at the upper seat of the conference room, stood up and saluted.

“We could win this battle thanks to you.”

A polite and well mannered look.


At the sudden situation, the nobles put confused expressions.
One of them said with a bit blunt voice.

“Isn’t troop commander Roan that raised the biggest merits anyways?”

At those words Roan shook his head.

“It was thanks to you performing your roles perfectly. I have just taken care of the remaining things. The ones that raised the biggest merits this time……”

He paused for a moment and bowed once again.

“It’s you.”

Awkward coughs were heard everywhere.
They hadn’t expected to hear Roan complimenting them here.

‘He isn’t that bad of a guy.’

They slightly thought like that.

‘On top of that, his martial arts we saw in the battlefield is also outstanding.’

‘After the subjugation ends, he may be able to become a noble.’

Then, Roan’s voice was heard.

“I will record this well and report it when the merits awards happen.”
“Ahem. This wasn’t that much. Hahaha.”

Laugher that seemed they didn’t dislike it was heard.

Currently, Roan was receiving Simon’s support and recognition.
If that Roan reported the merits himself, there was a high possibility to get in Simon’s eyes.

‘It’s a good opportunity.’
‘Right. If it’s only for this, we can still pretend to be on good terms with Roan.’

The nobles smiled satisfiedly and nodded.
But of course, not all the nobles were thinking of the same thing.

‘Hmph! Insignificant bastard.’
‘Is he using the whip and carrot? Hmph!’

Displeasement was seen in some nobles.

Because it was still Roan the responsible one for Tale.

‘Anyways, some are showing goodwill.’

Roan looked at the expressions of the nobles and put a smile.

But the relationship of pulling and pushing the nobles had just started.

‘I will make you not able to get a hold of yourselves.’

A faint smile appeared in his face.
Roan stood up and slightly bowed.

“Everyone, you have done great today.”

THe after battle conference ended like that.

And some of them even approached Roan and shook hands.

Even when big and small battles were occurring, he didn’t neglect studying.

‘There are still a lot of lacking points.’

There were many things he couldn’t do just with talent and effort in his past life.

But in this life, he became  responsible for a region and became able to dream of something bigger.

‘I have to learn more, and put more effort.’

He needed to have all the groundings.
He didn’t want to become someone that only shone.

“Well, shall I organize the situation of the 2nd and 3rd princes for now?”

Roan grabbed a pen and took in a deep breath.

Scribble. Scribble.

For a while, only the sound of the pen rolling was heard in the conference room.


Simon laughed in a big way and nodded.

Even until the defensive line was greatly pushed to the south because of George Ant, he thought that the subjugation was going in a wrong way.

If this was notified to the political circle, several nobles could have repulsed him.

Simon soon contacted to his supporter, Bradley Webster.

He roamed among the society of Miller and spread George Ant’s self indulgence and incapability.

Thanks to that, Simon was rumored to be an insightful person that recognized someone with ability and also as a brave general.

Roan had started to spread his name even when he didn’t know that was happening.

‘The only problem left are my two brothers…….’

After the subjugation ends, Tommy and Kallum will probably bet on the case Roan cut off George’s head.

‘But by then it will already be too late. Huhuhu.’

He had a method he had thought of.
Simon’s eyes twisted scarily.

‘For them to grab hands.’

He hadn’t expected for his two brothers join forces.
Thanks to that, the difference between him and his brothers wasn’t that big.

‘Even so, it’s clear that i’m far ahead of the subjugation.’

Even if he didn’t get immediately named as the successor for the throne, he would be a lot farther in the competition.

‘I did well on entrusting Roan with Tale.’

This was all thanks to Roan.

Thanks to that, differently from the other regions, the monsters in Tale couldn’t even

The defensive line that got pushed to the north was set up again in the south, where Poskein lake was, and the monsters that wer stirring fiercely also started to reduce as more time passed.

‘It’s about time the subjugation ends.’

His chest swelled up.


Simon couldn’t endure it anymore and burst out of laughter.

Then, someone knocked on the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

At the same time, a welcoming voice was heard.

“Oh! Come in.”

Right after he permitted it, Roan entered the room.
Although he did seem tired because of the continued battles, his eyes were still shining brightly.

“Hahaha! Roan. It seems like the subjugation is starting to end! The number of monsters decreased a lot! Hahaha!”

He asked back after he laughed out loud.

“Right. What did you come for today?”

If he had a favour, he was planning to listen everything.

In the other side, Roan’s expression was quite dark.

“A strange information has entered us.”

Simon frowned.
Roan continued saying with a calm voice.

“Even so, we will have to make the defenses to be more solid.”
“Why that so suddenl……..”

Recently, the number of monsters had decreased by a lot.

But Roan had rather said that they should strengthen their defenses.

Roan took in a breath and slowly replied.

“It seems like the monsters are preparing for the last strike.”

A low voice.

He couldn’t say it honestly but it was now time for that to happen.

‘Now the final exodus will start.’

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