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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 96: Poskein Exodus (7)



Mediasis village became noisy once again.

Roan ordered one centurion to go with each of the troops and lead them to the exact location.

‘A force of 30.000….. I really became a general.’

Roan looked at the troops scattering while being on top of a watchtower and put on a smile.
With this amount of soldiers, he would be able to plentily stop Poskein exodus.

‘It will be different to my past life.’

They suffered great losses because they couldn’t stop the monsters properly.


“A beacon.”

A beacon surged up from the south.

The drums and jings started to ring even before Roan laid the order.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Jing! Jing! Jing!

Amaranth troop took formations and prepared themselves as if they were waiting for it.

Roan also hurried to get down the watchtower and prepared to charge out.

“A beacon surged up from the south!”

A loud yell.
Roan looked at the faces of the troop members.

“Amaranth troop! Charge!”

The order was laid down.

It was a really majestic look.

“This troop is certainly well trained.”

Simon, that was looking at the troop marching out, got amazed in a low voice.
Io, that was at his side, put a bright smile at the proud feeling.

“Yes. It’s a strong army that’s rare to see nowadays.”

At Io’s words, Simon nodded.

‘Roan. Amaranth troop. Perhaps they may be of great strength for me in the future.’

His chest became hot.

He thought that perhaps he would be getting a big treasure he hadn’t thought of.

‘If Roan decides to follow me…….’

He couldn’t just leave him as a troop commander in this kind of region.

‘He will have to be of strength for me.’

A strange expression appeared in his face.
Simon wasn’t looking today or tomorrow, but a distant future.

The subjugation of the region of Tale was easier than thought.

It was certainly a really positive situation, but Roan didn’t get careless.

“Even if it’s easy, it’s just too easy.”

He looked at the map  spread in the table and frowned.
Austin and the other centurions were next to him.

“What do you mean?”

Carefully asking words.
Roan pointed the southern part of Tale with his stick.

“It feels like the number of monsters decreased.”

It wasn’t just his feeling.

At those words Austin smiled brightly and said.

“Isn’t it time for the exodus to slowly end?”

Several centurions nodded as if they agreed.
But Roan’s expression was still stiff and didn’t seem like it would loosen.

‘No, that’s not it. Poskein exodus occurs for 20 more days.’

He clearly remembered how long the exodus lasted.
Because it was a big case that made him do so.

‘In the last 3 days, about five times the normal amount of monsters pour out.’

What you call the final exodus.

And in the end, because of this carelessness, they suffered great damages at the last 3 days of the exodus.

‘It’s still not time for the exodus to end.’

There may be another reason on why the monsters decreased.

‘I told the information squad and the agency to search for the cause so there will soon be an answer.’

He couldn’t continue with the strategies while feeling like this.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A knocking sound was heard in the conference room.

“Come in.”

Right before he said that, a familiar face appeared from the open door.
It was Keep and the staff of the agency.

“I finished the thing you ordered us.”

An urgent expression and voice.

He looked at the map spread in the table and put an expression that it was nice that it was spread.

“Just you had told us, the movements of the monsters isn’t normal.”

The tip of his finger moved to a mountainous area ranging from the east to west of Tale.

“The monsters that were moving to the north until now are moving towards the mountain ranges.”

“Yes. We think so.”

Keep nodded with a serious expression.
The same went for Roan.

‘To think of crossing the mountains.’

The region of Tale was a perfect valley.

Because of that, there wasn’t a route in the mountains.
To go to the other regions, you could only use the plains in the north or the lake that was at the south.

“What’s the mountain they plan to cross over?”

At the shortly asking question, Keep pointed two mountains.
It was a far place from the current defensive lines.

‘I can’t let them cross over.’

They exterminate the monsters of the region of Tale inside of Tale.
That was Roan’s plans.

‘I will have to lower the defensive line to the south.’

He was planning to completely suppress the monsters so they couldn’t even ride the mountain.

“I will have to change my plans.”

Roan looked at the centurions and opened his mouth.

“Lower the actual defensive line to the south and then exterminate the monsters that get close.”

Roan’s orders continued to fall.

“Notify the nobles about the situation and make them move the camps to the south.”
“Yes. Understood.”

The centurions all nodded and replied in one voice.

The eyes of Roan and the centurions got interlocked hotly.

“A big battle may occur in these days. Everybody, be prepared for it.”
“Yes. We will take that into account.”

The centurions ground their teeth and nodded.
Heat roamed in the conference room.


George Ant threw the apple he was holding.

“This fuc……..”

Curses came up to the tip of his tongue.
He glared at the soldier that made the report while being inside a wooden tub with water.

“Say that once again.”
“Th, tha……”

The soldier staggered with a really nervous expression.

“Soldiers of Amaranth troop came from Mediasis village. Troop commander Roan said to move the defensive line to the south…….”

WHen he talked up to there.


An apple flew once again.

His swollen stomach and the stretched leg fat was seen.

George grabbed another apple.

“Roan. This bastard sure is having his fun. Real fun.”

A displeased expression.
George cursed for a while with an annoyed expression.

“How long has it been since we set up the camp that he tells us to lower it down again?”

The straight house has also been recently built.
He was planning to melt his body in warm water and have a hot night with the young maidens he had brought.

‘Son of a bitch. If I tell him I won’t follow his orders, he would pull out the dagger again.’

A fishy smile appeared in his face.
George shook his hand towards the soldier.

“Tell the members of Amaranth troop that brought the notices that I listened to it well.”
“Yes? Ah, yes. I understand.”

The soldier nodded with a surprised expression and then got out of the house.
George saw that and snorted.


As the order was laid, he was indeed planning to move the camp.
But even so, he wasn’t planning to do it immediately.

‘The soldiers are also really exhausted after setting up the camp. It’s impossible to make them move the camp right now.’

It was obviously a good excuse.

‘What will happen if only I get out of the defense line?’

A terrible mistake.
George took a bite of the apple and put a strange smile.

“Huhuhu. For a commoner to make a noble move here and there. Take a hit of this.”

His eyes became chilly.

Thanks to that, the situation began to flow to an unexpected direction.

“They are all a mess, is it?”

Roan checked the several documents and smiled bitterly.
Austin let out a short sigh.

“Yes. Excluding viscount Delph Blick and the nobles under his command, they are all at the worst.”

At those words, Roan moved the documents to a side and looked at Austin.

“They bring women and clowns to a battlefield and they open up a party everyday?”
“Yes. It’s all true.”

Austin smiled awkwardly and nodded.
Roan clicked his tongue with a stiff expression.

“They are all out of their minds.”

He wanted to clearly curse out once.

“What about the reactions of my orders?”

“I’m glad at least.”

Roan stood up and shook his head.

“The monsters will come out more fiercely when they realize that the roads to the mountains are blocked. Make everyone get a hold of yourselves.”
“Yes. I will certainly tell them that.”

Austin bowed and then got out of the conference room.

He felt his mouth bitter because of the nobles.

‘If I someday become a monarch, I will use people based on their abilities rather than ranks.’

A commoner from birth.

Because of that, Roan had realized the big disadvantage the title of nobility had.

‘I will give everyone a fair opportunity, regardless of ranks and titles.’

A world that everyone could realize their dreams.
That was the world Roan thought of.


A nork fell while making that sound.

Complete victory.
The monsters got exterminated without leaving even one.

“Retrieve the corpses of the fallen ones and treat the injured ones!”

A loud yell.

Roan looked at the south sky and let out a long sky.

‘Because I lowered the defensive line to the south, the monsters lost their direction and are wandering about.’

Because the road to enter the mountains got completely blocked.

‘If it’s like this, we will be able to perfectly cut them of……..’

When he thought up to there.
Roan frowned.


A beacon surged up at the end of the north.
But it wasn’t a normal one.

‘Two, three?’

There wasn’t black smoke, and three surged up consecutively.

He chased with Kalian’s tear and saw that the entire western region was a world of beacons.

“Troop commander! A beacon has surged up! And three at the same time at that!”

Austin discovered the beacon late and came running.
Roan aimed at the direction of the beacon and ground his teeth.

‘It’s the west. It’s a beacon surging from the end of the west. Then……..’

At that moment, the face of a person appeared in his head.

‘Baron George Ant!’

George was the one in charge of the defensive line of the west.
Roan hurriedly got on his horse.

“It seems like something happened in the defensive line of the west. Amaranth troop get ready to move!”
“Yes! Understood!”

Austin replied and then sent a sign to the troop members.

Flutter! Flutter!

As the flagman shook a small flag, the troop members that were ordering the battlefield took formations and lined up.
Roan looked at the beacon burning up blackly and gripped the reins strongly.

‘George Ant. What the hell did you do.’

Flames appeared in his eyes.

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