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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 88: Establishing a base (3)

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Although the region of Tale was one of the most dangerous places, just looking at its size it wasn’t that big.

Because of that, if they could only grasp the appearance and movement of the monsters quickly, they could subjugate them perfectly without suffering that much loss.

With the HQ at the center, the beacons were lined up in a long way in the four cardinal points, and thanks to that they could quickly realize that monsters had appeared.

‘Not the east, west and south but the north?’

Roan kicked his horse and frowned.

Because of that, it was the place where they had to subjugate it more perfectly than other places.

But even so they got perfectly annihilated before they reached near the village.


Sound of horse steps was heard clearly.

The entrance, that was closed stiff, opened up as if they were waiting for them.
The guard had discovered Roan coming closer.

“What happened!”

Roan yelled with all his strength as soon as he entered the camp.
One of the centurions, Ant, came running quickly.

“Looking at the order the beacons were fired off, it seems like monsters are moving from the southeast to the northwest.”

An urgent voice and expression.

‘Monsters from the south going to the north?’

Roan frowned.
There was no reason for the monsters to move to the north, that was well guarded.

‘Has it already started?’

Roan could think of a reason for it.
He put more strength in his hands that were grabbing the reins.

“And the centurions?”

“Good. Then, I’m entrusting the HQ to you!”
“Yes. Don’t worry!”

Ant made a short salute.

And soon, the cavalry appeared.

However, they were the best among the best in Amaranth troop.

“We are moving quickly towards the village in the north! Don’t fall behind!”
“Yes! Understood!”

At Roan’s orders, the cavalrymen replied in one voice and kicked their horses.

The fifty cavalrymen ran while splitting the air with Roan at the front.

It was the place that still hadn’t fired up the beacon.


The stories tell that he was born as a vassal of a wicked and stupid noble family, lived on while getting pressured and exploited and became a vagabond at the age of 49.

He was placed in a barren land on a region in the north with people with similar circumstances as him, but he couldn’t live calmly at all because people of Byron kingdom invaded without stop.

On top of that, he even heard that they were going to exempt them from taxes provide them some money for the settlement.

That was when he was 53 years old.

Only then did he realize that the region of Tale was heaven for monsters, but he believed in the territory guards that got settled in together with them.

The region of Tale was really heaven for monsters and hell for humans.

However, Hans stayed in the place until the end.
Becuase the support and the tax exemption was too sweet.

‘Even if I return to where I originally lived, it’s obvious that I will die at the hands of the Byron bastards.’

If he was going to die like this and like that, it was more profitable to stay in the region of Tale.

They even sent knights and soldiers to the north of Tale and subjugated the monsters.

The number of the residents repeated increasing and decreasing and now they maintained a number of 2.000.

Monsters didn’t appear that much and even if they did, they were close to the troop’s HQ so it didn’t turn to become a dangerous situation.

And the village that got created first and had the most number of people  was this place, that was called the village of the north.
Hans was now enjoying his old and stable life as the chief of the village.


Hans, that was taking some air at the high watchtower, frowned.
The middle aged man running towards him in an urgent manner.

‘Liss the herbman?’

Liss was someone that wandered around the safe places of the village and harvested good quality herbs.
He shook his arms with an urgent expression and movements.

‘What’s happening?’

As he paid more attention he thought that he was yelling something, but he couldn’t hear well because of the distance.
Only after the distance got closed did Liss’s words get heard clearly.

“Monster group! Monsters appeared!”

At that moment, Hans’s expression stiffened.

‘Monster?! Why monsters so suddenly…….’

He almost hadn’t seen any monsters recently.
He first calmed down his surprised heart and then yelled towards the guards that were at the watch tower.

“Ring the bell! They are monsters!”
“Ye, yes! Understood!”

The guards nodded with a surprised expression.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Soon, the sound of the bell was heard clearly.

Soon, Hans that got down the watchtower asked with an urgent expression.

“You said monsters? Is that true?”
“Pant. Pant. It’s true. It is.”

Liss calmed down his breath and barely started talking.

“I was harvesting some herbs near the village and then saw a dust cloud surging up.”

His voice trembled.

“I wondered what was happening and climbed to the peak of a mountain and then saw a group of monsters that were approaching with a black colour.”

Hans asked back after he gulped dry saliva.

Meanwhile, the villages people gathered around.

“Wh, whats happening?”
“Chief. Did something happen?”

Everyone had expressions filled with worry.
Hans frowned.

‘Monsters are coming in a black group?’

His sight moved over the high fences covering the village.

‘They were called Amaranth troop.’

The troop that was working instead of Sollum troop to guard the region and subjugate the monsters.
5 months ago, the members of Amaranth troop sought the village and built an even higher fence and a watch tower inside of it.

‘Will we be able to hold on?’

There were about 100 guards inside the village.

‘No. It’s impossible.’

Although they had the newly build fence and the watch tower, it was impossible to handle the black group of monsters approaching them.

‘To the south, it was better to escape to the south.’

WHen he thought up to there.


The guards in the watchtower yelled in one voice.

Hans frowned and then got up the watchtower.


A low exclamation came out of his lips.
And that was an exclamation mixed with fear and discouragement.

“What happened?”
“What is happening!”

The villages people yelled.
Hans looked outside the village while gritting his teeth.

‘They are at least 2.000.’

Just like Liss’s words, the group was pitch black.

White dust surged over them.

‘It’s impossible to escape.’

Going out of the village now was no different to suicide.

‘A fortress!’

They could only face the monsters inside the village.
He remembered the young troop commander of Amaranth troop he met quite some time ago.

‘Was he called Roan.’

A really well mannered and confident youth.

‘Did he say that the defensive system of the north was perfect…..’

Expression and attitude filled with confidence.
That look was still fresh.

‘In the end, we can only wait and believe in Amaranth troop.’

They could only hope for that perfect defense system to be of great strength for them.
Hans yelled below the watchtower.

“Prepare for battle! Refuge the women and kids to the inner parts of the village and the guards and men all come up to the watchtower!”

He took in a breath for a moment and then continued saying.

“Monsters are charging in.”

At that moment, a heavy silence fell on the villagemen.

They were kind of relaxed because monsters hadn’t appeared until now.


The yell of a young girl broke the silence.

“Ah! Hu, hurry!”

That was the start.

Although there was no control, they were residents of Tale.
Hans also hurriedly sent the order.

“Gather rocks and prepare hot water.”
“Yes? Ah, yes!”

The vice chief and the head of the guards, Carl, replied with an urgent expression and got down the watchtower.

The bastards that were just lining up without any formations.


A cry was heard following the wind.

Meanwhile, the guards and the men took place in the watch tower.
They raised the bows and arrows Amaranth troop provided them with and aimed at the monsters.


Their apple of adam shook severely.

As they saw the 2.000 monsters, their knees shook and got short of breath.
But even so, they couldn’t escape.

‘We protect our village ourselves.’

Everyone ground their teeth.


The monsters let out cries and started to charge.

They closed the distance in an instant.
At that moment, several arrows were poured down from the watchtower.


A sharp sound.
But they, that didn’t have proper training in the bow, couldn’t put in strength behind it.


Most of the arrows got stuck in the ground.


Monsters charged to the fences along with cries.

“Fire arrows! Throw the rocks!”

Hans yelled with all his strength.

However, they couldn’t stop the advance of the monsters.
They soon got closer to the fences.

‘Ca, can’t we block them?’
‘Is it the end?’

Everyone were thinking with expressions full of despair.



Sharp sounds were heard.

A darkness that seemed to cover the clouds.
Hans and the villagesmen raised their heads to look at the sky.


A low exclamation came out of everyone’s mouths.


At that moment.


A rain of arrows poured over the monsters.


They, who were running towards the village with good spirit started to fall.

At the same time, the sound of the horn trumpet was heard beyond the monsters.


A sound that made their chest boil.

A troop flag surged up from the back of the monsters.

Hans saw that and said with a moved expression.

“It’s Amaranth! Amaranth troop appeared!”

Despair filled wih joy.
The villagesmen that were half absentminded at the sudden situation yelled only then.

“Amaranth troop! Hooray!”

An amazing shout.

As his nervousness disappeared, his two legs trembled and tears started to pour out.

‘Ho, how could they come this fast?’

The herbman Liss had discovered the monsters and came running just now.

Hans wiped off his tears with the back of his hand and looked at the troop flag.

‘There really was the perfect defense system troop commander Roan talked about.’

He got excited for nothing.

A really fierce charge.

Behind him, the infantry company followed him.

Tung! Tudung! Tung!


At the charge of the warhorse, the small sized monsters got bounced off to the sides.
The cavalrymen and infantry took that opportunity and they made their spears dance.

Slash! Spat!

Horrible sounds were heard with the heads of the monsters falling to the ground.


Finally, Roan and the troop members perfectly pierced through the monsters and stood at the entrance of the village.

He raised his head for a moment and looked at the people on the watch tower.


The villagesmen let out a low exclamation.

The faint smile in Roan’s mouth.

Roan turned the head of the horse again and looked at the monsters.

The shut lips.

Roan took in a deep breath.

The lips that were closely shut started to move.
Soon, a rather low and strong order fell.


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