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He didn’t get badly surprised.

‘Even at Int’s forest battle and Prely river’s inundation tactic, the future changed to what I knew.’

But even so, there was a clear difference now.

‘It’s an opportunity to know how much the future I knew has changed.’

How would the chasing of JoyLuce’s group have affected Chris’s life?

Then, Chris’s voice was heard.

“According to the information I gathered, JoyLuce’s group got caught by the kingdoms men.”

Roan slowly nodded.

Chris continued talking.

“But there were guys that were acting separately. Because of that, they could be safe. However they couldn’t stay at Rinse kingdom anymore because they were wanted by the kingdom.”

Roan and Pierce let out low exclamations.
This was the first time they got to know that JoyLuce’s group had gotten a bounty.

“In the end, they planned to secretly cross the borders and go to Istel kingdom. But as the main group got caught, they lost a lot of money. And to gain money to escape……”
“They would have started to capture slaves again.”

At Roan’s words, Chris nodded.

“Yes. That’s right. They kidnapped young women or children from countryside villages and sold them at a reasonable price.”
“Trash like bastards.”

Pierce mumbled in a low voice.

There was displeasement and rage in his eyes.
However, the sins of those guys wasn’t only that.

“That’s not all. They killed people that disturbed them in their work or mutilated their legs and arms and kept them in barns. There were also cases where there were a lot of crazy perverted bastards and personally raped young girls and also made families kill each other.”

Roan and Pierce got a loss for words.

Chris let out a sigh.

“Hearing that the daughter of a countryside old couple got kidnapped, I started to chase them.”

The reason why Chris, who originally had to be at Hiller kingdom running errands until he met Ian, appeared on the borders of Rinse kingdom.

Chris’s expression became dark.

“The results of my investigation state that the daughter was sold somewhere. The moment I was about to give up I found out that they had a sales record.”
“So the thing that crooked nose grabbed and escaped with was the account book.”

As Roan spoke, Chris nodded.

“Yes. That’s right.”

Roan took in a deep breath.

‘As I caught the main group of JoyLuce, the other slave merchants that were separated started to kidnap young girls and kids to get money to escape. In that process, Chris started to look for a daughter of an old couple that got kidnapped in Miller kingdom. When he coincidentally heard of the situation, he started to chase the slave merchants until the kingdom’s boundaries.’

The future he knew clearly changed.


With only a little case, it was followed by completely different results.

‘Even so, it isn’t that the experience, intelligence and information I gathered for 20 years will disappear. Most of all…….’

A chill appears on his eyes.
Roan looked at Chris.

“How many are they?”

Chris raised two fingers.
Roan asked in a careful voice.

“Are you able to move?”

Chris touched his chin and sides and nodded.

“Yes, there’s no problem on moving.”

At those words, Roan looked to where Norman fled.

“Then, let’s chase them.”

At that moment, his eyes became round wide.
Unexpected words.

“Are, are you helping me?”

Surprise could be felt in his words.
Roan nodded.

“I can’t just let those trash like bastards cross the boundary. Let’s catch them and take the account book.”
“Wouldn’t it be better to let this be known to the headquarters and ask for help?”

Chris asked with a worried expression.

And compared to them, they were only 3.

“If we go there, we will be late.”

Roan shook his head.

If this news became known, the slave merchants would try to cross the boundary.

‘If they cross the boundary, there’s nothing I can do.’

He had to chase them right now.
Chris still had an uneasy expression.

“Won’t it be dangerous?”

At those words, Roan smiled faintly and shook his head.

“It’s not important if it’s dangerous or not.”

A calm voice but with strength.

“The important thing is to catch them to search for the sold villagers.”

Chris lets a low exclamation.

‘He wasn’t going for the reward?’

Actually, he thought that Roan was trying to do the impossible because of the reward.
But Roan didn’t think about money, but about the villagers.

“Let’s return the kidnapped villagers to their homes.”

He thought that it was something a kingdom’s man had to do.
Chris received a big shock.

‘Was there a kingdom’s man like this?’

Was there someone that wasn’t a normal soldier and was above the rank of adjutant that thought like this?

At least, he had never seen one like that.

‘They are all selfish bastards that worry about filling their bellies.’

The old country couple that complained to look for her daughter.
The reason why they left their hometown and came all the way to Miller capital was because the kingdom’s men of the region all acted as if it wasn’t their business.

‘But Miller kingdom was also the same.’

In the end he, who was only an errand runner, chased after the slave merchants.

They didn’t show that big of an interest towards normal villagers.

However, Roan that was in front of his eyes, was different.

‘It’s somewhat weird.’

A feeling of his heart getting numb.

Then, Roan’s voice was heard.

“But for that……”

Roan looked at Chris’s eyes fixedly.

“I need your help. Will you able to chase after them?”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Chris smiled brightly and replied.

“Of course. I’m confident on being able to chase them. It’s already been 15 days that I’ve been ontheir tails.”

He spoke with a confident voice and expression.

‘I want to help. I want to help as much as I can.’

He liked Roan.
Roan gripped his spear and looked at Pierce.

“Pierce. There are 11 slave merchants. You are confident, right?”

At those words, Pierce smiled faintly and asked back.

“Do you mean with my eyes closed?”

He bragged regardless like usual.

Roan and Pierce tied down Steve on a tree for now.
He had completely lost consciousness and wouldn’t get up for a while.

“Then, shall we go?”

At Roan’s words, Chris nodded and started to run at the front.
His chin and sides hurt, but it was endurable.


The three people that left the forest started to run on the plains while cutting through the air.

A bright scene and the sweet spring wind.

Roan, Pierce and Chris drew a long line on that scenery and ran without stopping.
Their relationship started like this.

“Sir commander, we have arrived.”

Mendel lent a long cylinder.
Aaron put aside the documents he was reviewing without ahold of himself and received the cylinder.


As he twisted the cylinder, the top part of it separated along with a noise.
Aaron put his index finger on the cylinder and took out the rolled piece of paper.

As he spread the rolled paper, he saw the words written on it.
Aaron kept checking the piece of paper that only had three paragraphs.


A satisfied expression.

This time, Mendel was the one to read the contents of the paper.

“It wasn’t a lie.”

Mendel smacked his lips and put back the piece of paper.
At those words, Aaron nodded.

“It’s true that he’s from Grain’s mountainside, and it’s also true that he comes from Peton’s training camp. And the relationship he has with his family is all true. It’s been revealed that everything he has told us is true.”

The corner of his mouth kept rising up and down.

Mendel asked with a dissatisfaction face.

“Even so, he’s only a rank 5 adjutant. I think that there’s no need to ask a request to the information guild.”
“I wonder. He’s only a class 5 adjutant now…..”

Aaron paused for a moment and touched his lips with his fingers.
A weird light shone on his eyes.

“That guy’s talent won’t end there.”

He looked at Mende’s two eyes fixedly.

“Roan certainly has talent to become someone big.”

At those words, Mendel shook his head.

“Just because he has talent doesn’t mean that he will succeed. Don’t you also know that well?”
“True. You also need many things aside of talent.”

Aaron slowly nodded.

A strange smile.

“That’s why i’m going to fill everything excluding talent.”

Quite an exceptional declaration.
Mendel frowned, having forgotten that Aaron was a commander of an army corps and a noble.

“Just what is the reason you are doing that?”

It was quite a provocative way of speaking, but Aaron didn’t show particular reactions.
He leaned back on the chair and replied shortly.

“I don’t want to end my life with only being a commander of the 7th corps and a baron.”

An extravagant reply.

It was because laughter disappeared from Aaron’s face.
He covered his face with his two hands.

‘Anyways, there won’t be a problem unless he is a spy.’

Countless plans appeared and crumbled in his head repeatedly.

‘What I need for now……’

The tip of Aaron’s finger trembled.
One of the countless plans was resting on the tip of his finger.

‘He is a genius in a completely different meaning.’

Roan looked at Chris moving ahead of him and was astounded.

But that was 10 years from now on.
Most of all, he learned to genuinely gather information after having met Ian.

‘Now, it would be before even having learnt pursuing skills……..’

Right now, Chris was no different to an errand runner of Miller kingdom.

“It’s this way.”

But regardless of that, he knew how to instinctively hunt.

Faint footsteps, the places where the grass was stepped on, the direction the branch got twisted, and a sense you couldn’t even express with words.

Thanks to that, they could catch up to them even before the sun completely set.

“Fuck. To meet the kingdom’s men in a place like this.”

“Yeah. I was watching until he got hit by the spear and lost consciousness.”

A really dispirited voice.
It was Norman.

“Damn. He acted intelligent all alone.”
“Stupid bastard. I knew it since he always acted great.”

The guys surrounding Norman made cynical remarks.

No, they thought that even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t be able to.
They moved that fast and tried to leave the least amount of traces.

“Even so, we got the account book back. After the sun sets and it gets dark we will cross the boundary.”

“Finally, our life of escaping is coming to an end!”

A bit excited voices.

“Whew. Even so, now that we have some leisure, I’m yearning for some alcohol.”

“Women? Women are good. Now that I see it, the girl in that country side village really killed it.”

“I still remember that 10 year old kid. Kugh!”

Evil deeds come flowing out of their mouths.

‘Trash like bastards.’

Roan, Pierce and Chris looked at the slave merchants and bit their lips.

“Mister Chris, you should wait over here.”
“I, I can also help.”

At Roan’s words, Chris replied back with a low voice but with strength.
Roan smiled faintly and shook his head.

“If your role was up to here, from now on we will have to take care of it. Give an opportunity to us too.”
“Leave it to us.”

Pierce stood in front.

In the end, Chris slowly nodded and fell back.

The signals they had repeated without stop and had memorized.


Roan and Pierce lowered their posture and flung their bodies towards the grass.

Worry appeared on the face of Chris, that was checking on them.

‘Will they really be able to face 11 people? They seem really young even at first glance.’

However you thought of it, 2 vs 11 was a really disadvantageous fight.

However it didn’t take long until Chris’s worries disappeared.

‘What is it?’
‘What is this greenhorn?’

The slave merchants that were waiting for the sun to set glared at Roan and Pierce, who that appeared suddenly from the grass, and frowned.

“Uoh? Huh?”

Only Norman’s face, that remembered Roan’s and Pierce’s face, turned pale and stammered.
The slave merchants were looking at that Norman in a weird way.

“Trash like bastards.”

Roan’s voice, that was cold and low, rang with strength.
At that moment, the faces of the slave merchants contorted.

“Is this bastard crazy!”
“Just from where did this crazy bastard appear from?”

Then, the light of the sunset shined on Roan’s and Pierce’s armor.
Only then could their armor, troop badge and rank be seen clearly.


“Wha, the kingdom’s men?”

Only then did the slave merchants flinch and fall back.
Roan pointed at them with the point of his spear.

“I’m class 5 adjutant Roan of rose troop from the 7th corps.”

He looked at the eyes of the slave merchants fixedly.

Continued by that, the even colder west wind blew.

“If you don’t want to die, simply surrender.”

A chilly smile appears on his face.

“But personally……”

His spear did the talking.

“I would like it if you opposed us fiercely.”

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