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Chapter 19 : The ghost of the battlefield (5)


The reason why Roan was roaming in the center and in the rear facing the goblins and the orcs.

Even while he had the clear objective of having to accumulate merits, the reason he didn’t go to the front lines.

‘It’s because there are those bastards.’

An existence triple the size of a human that has the strength to smash a rock with a punch.


Roan’s face froze stiff.

The guys that slowly appeared in the rear while the orcs and the goblins were facing the humans in the front lines.
The ogres splattered the soldiers with an overwhelming strength.

‘Will I be able to face them?’

Roan shook his head.

And because of that, he was planning to leave them to soldiers of the 7th special squads that were in the forefront.

‘But why are you there?’

Roan’s eyes chased Glenn that was still getting wiped to the forefront.

‘If that guy dies, Celine will get sad.’

He didn’t want to see her sad.
Roan’s feet became faster.


He yelled while charging through the front.
Only then did Glenn, that was looking at the front with an absent minded expression turn to look back.


That guy smiled brightly because of the relief he got when he saw someone he knew.
Roan smirked at that stupid and honest appearance and laughed.

‘Do you know the situation we currently are?’

When he was criticizing something that wasn’t a critic inwardly.
The cry he didn’t want to ever hear hits his ear.


The feeling of his flesh getting torn.
It was the ogres.


Roan bit his lower lips.

The huge green thing that surged upside of the warriors that were sweeping the frontline.

‘At least, they should be at least 50.’

Then, on ogre pierced through the special squad and charged forward.
A situation where Glenn was in front of them.


Roan shouted and flung his body.


A club cuts through the wind along with a cry.


Glenn froze while still holding his spear with his two big arms.


Roan’s arm barely grabs Glenn’s waist.


The both of them rolled in the floor.


At that moment, the huge club smashes the place where Glenn was just now.


Rock scraps bounce off.


Glenn had a scared white face.
Roan hit his cheek with a lot of strength.


A light sound.

“Glenn. Get ahold of yourself! We are going to die like this!”


Then, the ogre that hit the empty space raised his club.
Roan grabbed his collar and forcefully lifted him up.

“Run like you are going to die and only looked in front!”

An action like he was throwing him.

Roan yelled with all of his strength.


At that sound, Glenn nodded and ran towards the rear.
Then, a heavy noise rang in his ear.



Roan instinctively threw himself.


The club smashes the place he was just now.

‘I also have to es……..’

Roan that was about to run towards the rear flinched and gritted his teeth.
Because the orcs and the goblins were blocking his path.


Strength is applied in his hand by its own.
The orc that appeared out of nowhere and had his four canine teeth springing out said with a rough voice.

“Human. Your neck……. Grr.”


The spear pierces through the neck of the orc.

Roan forced his path in between the orcs and the goblins.

‘If I do this, that ogre won’t be able to attack me as it wishes.’

But unfortunately, that guess was wrong.


The ogre smashed down his club without caring at all that there were orcs and goblins.


Roan hit the goblins with the end of his spear and twisted his body.


The club smashes five goblins to the ground and makes them become a pulp.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Roan gritted his teeth and flung his spear.


The spear slices the wrist of the ogre.


That guy grabs his wrist along with a cry.

Then, a shadow appears over his head.
As he turned to look, a huge fist approached him while cutting through the air.


Roan gritted his teeth and flung his body to the right.


The fist smashes the place he was before.


The ogre cried as if it became enraged for having hit the empty ground and glared at Roan.

“Block them!”

Then, the special squad approached him while holding their weapons.
However, just because of that he couldn’t get relieved.

‘Annoying things.’

Roan looked at the orcs and goblin that already followed his back and bit his lower lip.


The spear shakes and the tip of it draws a flower in the air.

Stab. Slice. Stab.

At the blade and the tip of the spear, the orcs and the goblins become a cold corpse and fall to the ground.


As he forcefully made those spear skills continuously, his palm hurt.

Roan turned his body and cut the wrist of the ogre deeply.



It let out a cry that was filled with pain.


The ogre was trying to smash Roan with his huge foot.
Then, the special squad approached him and cut of it’s skin with blades and spears.


It stepped down along with a cry and made struggling movements.
The ogre couldn’t think straight at the attacks of the courageous soldiers.


Roan gritted his teeth and after he evaded the ogre’s foot, he went below its crotch.
He could see the big and precious thing of the ogre between the loose piece of leather.



Roan’s spear pierces the important part.


A different cry until now.
The ogre grabbed his crotch with both of his hands and kneeled down.


A heavy noise was heard and a dust cloud raises.
Roan quickly got out of its crotch and after he stabs its side, he raises it pointing the sky.


The spear gets stabbed in the nape of the ogre’s neck.


The ogre let out a cry and flung its fist.


Roan fell back while dropping the spear but attacked it again.
In the middle of that, the other soldiers shot arrows without stop.

Shoot shoot shoot shoot!

Arrows that get stuck in it’s hard skin.


The strength of the cry becomes weaker.

At the same time, the forced the spear in with all of his strength.


The spear that was stuck in its nape carves in between the hard flesh and skin.


The ogre didn’t even have the strength to fling his fist and was getting slower.


In the end, Roan’s spear perfectly pierces through the neck of the ogre.


A dying sound.
The huge body of the ogre falls.


Dust cloud raises along with a heavy sound.
Roan gripped the spear slippery blood of the ogre drenches his hands.


As he plucked out the spear, the body of the ogre flinches.
As he looked at the battlefield, the remaining ogres were already being dealt with.

‘I was lucky.’

Roan looked at the ogre that was fallen below his feet and took in a deep breath.

Then, a glad to hear voice was heard.

“We have come!”

The soldiers of the 13th squad including squad commander Tane and vice squad commander Lander.
They came charging through the goblins and the orcs with a fierce vigor.


The bastards that fall without having the chance to resist.

“Roan. Are you okay?”

Pete hit his shoulders and asked.

Tane that came a bit late smirked and hit his chest.

“You were the one that was going to die while saving Glenn.”

Roan smiled bitterly and asked.

“What happened with Glenn?”

At his words, Tane pointed to the back side of the squad with his chin.


Glenn was there.
And Oliver was defending the zone so as no one fell behind again.

“By the way…….”

Tane spoke after looking at the fallen ogre.

“Did you also kill an ogre?”

Roan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“No. I have just finished it when it was already done.”

At his words, Pete slapped his back.


“I saw everything while coming here! You piercing the ogre’s crotch and stabbing your spear in its nape! You were the one to catch this!”

Then, behind them, an unfamiliar voice was heard.

“He’s right. It is right that this ogre was killed by that soldier.”

The owner of the voice was from Richard, the one leading the special 7th squad. He looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“What’s your name?”
“It’s Roan.”

Richard nodded and asked with a voice full of strength.

“Roan. Don’t you want to move over to our special 7th squad?”

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