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The troops that appeared in the front and back.

On the other side behind the Rain Troop, the troop that appeared at the end of the road was a completely new troop.

< Lancephil Guardian Army. >
< Pavor Academy Troop. >

Familiar name was written on the high-soaring flag.
Roan made a faint smile.

'So it's the troop made up of Pavor Academy's graduates and students.'

Already, he was well-informed of the information concerning the Lancephil Guardian Army through Agens and Tenebra Troop.

This legion began from the small-scale resistance made up of the fief's citizens of the northeastern region centered around the few nobles and influential countryside houses. 1

Especially, the joining of the Academy Knight School graduates and students had raised up their strength, which had been falling somewhat, by several degrees.

In other words, it meant that the Pavor Academy Troop that appeared at the Rain Troop's back, although their number of soldiers were small, were all skilled warriors who were learning the mana technique.

"We attack together!"

From the front and the back, resounding cheers exploded out.

"Damn it! Do not step back!"
"Attack! Attack!"

The Rain Troop too did not retreat and counterattacked.

There was also the fault of troop commander Viscount Rain's death paralyzing their reasons.


With a sound of an explosion, the battle began.

Roan and Pichio did not unnecessarily jumped in and retreated to the back.

'We will only make them needlessly confused.'

There was no need to make a crack in the well-organized group battle.

Although they had even formed a tie at first from Rain Troop's fierce attack, soon the tight situation of the battle began to collapse from the combined attacks from the front and the back.


The Rain Troop's soldiers, together with throes of death, fell in ones and twos.
Finally, only after the moment their numbers did not quite reach five hundred, the sound of a horn signaling their retreat echoed.

Vvuu! Vvuu! Vvuu!

"Retreat towards the west!"

With a loud sound, the few small number of soldiers who survived began to run.
Even during that while, they did not forget to collect Rust's corpse.

'It's a good troop.'

Beyond enemies and allies, them being a powerful troop was the truth.

It was because they too had received a great damage in a battle few days before.

If not careful, there was a concern of being ambushed or receiving an unexpected attack.

"Clean up the battlefield!"

A thunderous voice hit the ears.

Amongst them, two people who were standing the most ahead slightly lowered their heads.

"I'm Pavor Academy Troop's troop commander Aios Laden."
"I'm the 3rd Guardian Troop's troop commander Quals."

Aios Laden was, as a graduate of the Pavor Academy Knight School, a person of a countryside noble house within the Lancephil Fief.

Roan and Pichio did not carelessly spoke up.
No, there wasn't even a space to speak up.

"From seeing only two people trying to stop the Rain Troop, I thought that you were insane men."

Quals shook his head with a surprised expression.

"But not only did you stop the cavalry's charge, you even beat that highly infamous Viscount Rust Rain to death! That was really amazing!"

The elated story continued on longer for a while.
He greatly inflated Roan's actions and chattered as if to brag.

"I was so embarrassed from seeing the two sirs facing the Rain Troop. And because of that, I organized the soldiers again and have went out to counterattack."

The reason the 3rd Guardian Troop that had been running had returned again was because of that such reason.
At that moment.

"Troop commander Quals. The story is enough with that much. More than that……"

Aios, with a thinly opened eyes, stared at Roan.

"I'm curious of the sirs' identity. It doesn't seem that you are enemies, seeing how you blocked the Rain Troop, but……"

Even so, they couldn't hastily think of them as allies either.
Aios, who had momentarily hesitated the end of his words, asked in a low and quiet voice.

"What are your identities?"

At those words, Pichio cheerily smiled and answered first.

"I'm Pichio."

Aios tilted his head.

Understandably, Pichio, even in the Tale Barony, took charge of the Mediasis Castle's public order and had focused on inside activities than outside activities.

Aios and Quals' gazes headed towards Roan.
Roan, with two hands, grabbed the hood he had deeply worn.

"I am……"

It was a quiet but powerful voice.


The deeply worn hood fell down to his back.

Roan faintly smiled and added on.

"Baron Roan Tale, no……"

The end of his words slightly blurred.

The two people stared at Roan while goggling their eyes.

A heavy silence fell down.
At that moment, Roan's final words broke the silence and continued on.

"I am Count Roan Lancephil."

Landingham Region located at the Lancephil Fief's Northeast.

Because of that, the number of the residents and the soldiers were, despite being a rather remote place, on the large side compared to other regions.

Although the Landingham Region's base city, the Bert Castle, wasn't a castle with a large size like the capital, Pavor Castle, its walls were high and its reserved food were plenty as befitting a major border city.

Right now, that place burnt up even hotter due to a single news.

"Have you heard? They say Sir Baron Tale is coming!"

"Ah! Right. The messenger that arrived a step ahead did definitely been spreading such rumor around."

The news that made the Bert Castle jump.

And it was the news that the very Roan had inherited Io Lancephil's fief and title.

"It should be true, right?"

"Right. Since he isn't such a man. Anyhow, if it becomes like that……"

Suddenly, the people's voices became low.
They pointlessly looked around at nearby eyes and added on.

"What happens to the Guardian Army?"

"In truth, they have been aiming for the next seat of count after cleaning up this event."
"Right. Right."

Of course, these were the thoughts of the castle's ordinary citizens.
The voices became quieter.

"Then what happens to Sir Baron Landingham?"
"You're right. Even though Sir Baron Bernard Landingham was the sir who led the resistance and the Guardian Army to here……"

Although everyone had been keeping quiet, there were many opinions that Bernard Landingham would continue Io Lancephil's back in the case the fief war was sort out just like that.
At that moment.

"It's Sir Baron Landingham!"

One of the castle's resident shouted in a loud voice.
On the street that continued from the official mansion at the center of the castle to the west gate, the Lancephil Guardian Army's major commanders, including Bernard, showed themselves.

'Hhm. Everyone is being agitated.'

The middle-aged man standing most ahead amongst the group, Bernard, leaked a quiet groan.

However, his inner heart was truly complicated.

'To think Roan Tale would inherit the title of count together with the fief……'

As he was isolated at the Lancephil Fief's Northeast, he wasn't well-informed of the kingdom's news.

'What would happen to us, the Lancephil Guardian Army……'

It was a worry whether the ones who had risen up for Io Lancephil and the Lancephil County would obediently follow Roan.


The inside of Bernard's head became more and more complicated.

Although he was debated as the individual closest to the next seat of count, there was not a single moment when he himself had entertained such greed.

'If Roan Tale has the qualification as a count, I plan to follow him as much as possible.'

In any case, it was Io's judgment and Io's decision.

When his thought had reached about that point.

"It's Sir Baron Roan Tale!"

"Whatever! He has come over there!"

The Bert Castle's citizens made a fuss.
Everyone's gazes headed towards the west gate.

Clop. Clop.

Together with a sound of horse hooves, Roan and Pichio entered inside of the castle gate.

The manly looking face was clearly revealed.


It was an odd reaction mixed with cheers and groans.

At least the good thing was that even so, the side that supported and cheered him was much greater.

If he had acted haughty and arrogant after he had become a noble, there wouldn't have been cheers like now.

The small actions that had been done for the people without being tied down by status had gathered and created the situation right now.

It wasn't something he had earned because his luck was good.

Roan went down from his horse and slowly moved his feet.
Behind him, Pichio with slightly tense-expression followed.

'Somehow, the feeling is……'

It wasn't quite a good feeling.

The part that Pichio's instinct was greatly different than a sorcerer or a fortune-teller's power to predict.

Because the ability called the instinct was itself a type of sense, it received a large effect from the conditions of Pichio's mind and body.

If Pichio were to meet Kali Owells, who was Roan's biggest enemy, he would naturally be swept up in a pessimistic emotion.

The anger and annoyance towards Kali Owells.

However, from Pichio's position, there was no means to differentiate whether that was his instinct or his own emotion.

The incredible heat more than tens of thousands citizens were pouring out.

While the gazes of goodwill and hostility poured down simultaneously, the Guardian Army's commanders, including Bernard, was exuding out an incredible spirit.

And that was directly led.

'The feeling isn't good.'

To such a feeling.
Although it was an emotion that was felt quite ordinarily, the possibility of Pichio himself mistaking this as an instinct was plenty.

"My lord. The feeling isn't good, sir."

They were words passed in a small voice.

Thankfully, he didn't blindly trust Pichio's instinct.

With a distance of a single step left, Roan and Bernard stood facing each other.

The first sentence.

With this, Roan and Bernard, the two people's relationship would be decided and set.

The weight a single word had was incredibly heavy.

Like that, the two people wordlessly stared at each other for a long while.

'They're undecorated and clear eyes.'

Bernard looked into Roan's eyes and inwardly exclaimed.
They weren't eyes that anyone could have.

'They aren't eyes that oppresses and presses me down.'

The more he looked into them, he felt himself slowly falling in.
In the end, Bernard lowered his head first.

"I am a retainer of the Count Lancephil House and the one responsible for the Landingham Region's command, Bernard Landingham, sir."

He showed respect.
His manner and voice were polite.


Few amongst the commanders behind him clenched their teeth.

Roan did not mind them and slightly lowered his head.

"I am Roan Lancephil."

Through this brief greeting, Roan and Bernard's relationship was set.

Sure enough.
Few amongst the commanders whose uncomfortable looks were clear burst out in rage.

"I, I cannot acknowledge this, sir!"

"I cannot acknowledge this situation, sir!"

Most of them were young man who looked to be in the late twenties.
Roan quietly stared at them.

'Right. They wouldn't be able to simply step back.'

He understood the feelings of the young sons of the noble houses.

Of course, even though there was a more important reason.
Roan stared straight at the young nobles bursting with rage.


It was a small but powerful voice.

"Do not require your acknowledgements."

It was a resolute tone.


"Huh! I'm speechless!"

The young nobles' voices became much louder.
Roan made a faint smile as he quietly watched that sight.


His voice slowly became louder.

The smile hanging on Roan's mouth became slightly more thicker.

"I do need you."

I do not need your acknowledgements, but I do need you.

Roan looked around at everyone and spoke in a loud voice.

"No, I need everyone who is here."

From his entire body, a soft but powerful pressure exuded out.

The people unknowingly gulped back dry spit.

Roan fell silent for a moment, then slowly added on.

"I will receive your acknowledgements after the fief war ends."

His attitude and voice was overflowing with confidence.

Two people amongst the nobles who burst out in rage asked.

"If we do not acknowledge Sir. Ba. Ron. Until the end, what would you do, sir?"
"Are you not worried that we won't acknowledge the transfer of the title until the end?"

At those words, Roan cheerfully smiled and shook his head.


The soft and powerful voice spread throughout the entire Bert Castle.

"Do not worry of things that won't happen."

< Crimson Ghost (4) > End.

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Proofreader: Kuhaku

so… to clear up this sentence, "the legion began from the small-scale resistance", and the resistance was made up of "nobles and influential countryside houses" at the center, and "fief's citizens of the northeastern region" around them. ↩
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