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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 16 : The ghost of the battlefield (2)


‘It’s not the best, but it should be the second best.’

The place the rose troop was heading to was a little to the southwest to the front lines.
Although it was unfortunate that he couldn’t know the battles against the monsters to the best, but even so, this place was much better compared to the east.

‘On top of that, this place seems to be safe, but actually it’s the same as the frontlines.’

The rose troop thinking that this place was separated to the frontlines would change in 4 days.
No one knew right now, but the monsters were charging to Pedian’s plain with the shape of a horse shoe.

‘The attack will start in the north.’

And quite a lot of numbers on top of that.

And thanks to that, the middle becomes weak.
The monsters charge to the center from the east and the west as if they were waiting for it.

‘From that moment, this place will also become the front line.’

Roan gripped his spear with strength.

‘First, it’s important to know if the monster subjugation tactics happen as my memories.’

It would be difficult if he came all the way here, and things happened differently to his memories.
His eyes calmly close.

Could he call it fortune?
The monster subjugation this time was exactly the same as his past life.

‘It has been 4 days since the main forces went to the north.’

If his memories didn’t fail him, tonight, the monsters would appear in the plain’s from the west and the east.

‘If I just leave it like this, the squad that’s the farthest to the east will get annihilated.’

It was important to accumulate merits, but it was also important to not let people die.

‘I have to announce the appearance of the monsters.’

The method was simple.

Roan gripped his spear and went out of his camp.

“Extra training?”

The voice of squad commander Tane.
Roan slightly nodded.


“I’m thinking to.”

At Roan’s reply, Tane nodded and shook his hand.

“I will be going then.”

After a short salute, he got out of the camp.


The smell of the battlefield tickles his nose.

He saw the plains in front of him.

‘It will also be the last I see this scene.’

Now, hell will unleash in this place.

He passed the camps of many squads and went to the south of the plains.


The trees and weeds that get shaken because of the west wind.
A refreshing aura is unleashed by the forest.

‘Those guys were hidden beyond this forest.’

Clever monsters.

His face was filled with anxiousness and urgency.

“Commander Gale!”

He didn’t even seek for the squad commanders, but he directly seeked the troop commander.

It wasn’t enough with directly calling him to speak, but even visited his squad.

Pete scolded him a little, but in Roan’s position, Gale’s interest was thankful.

“What happened?”

The soldiers that were guarding Gale’s tent, frowned.

“It’s an important thing.”

Roan still had an urgent face.
The guards also knew about the things Roan did until now, so they couldn’t just ignore him.

“Wait for a moment.”

One of the guards entered the tent and came back.

“Go in.”
“Thank you.”

Roan bent his head and got in the tent.

“Oh! Roan. There’s an important thing?”

Gale, that was working in his table, asked while smiling brightly.
In the other side, Roan still put on the urgent face act.

“It’s the monsters. There are monsters in the west side of the plains.”

Gale immediately stood up.


The wooden chair falls and rolls.
Gale looked at Roan while frowning.

“Monsters? There really are monsters in the west?”

Roan bit his lower lip and nodded.

“Yes. And it seems to be a large scale one.”
“Ma, maybe…….”

Gale’s face was still frowning.
Roan nodded and continued saying.

“They are probably planning to do a surprise attack, aiming the weak middle.”
“They sure will.”

Gale nodded and grabbed Roan’s shoulders.

“You have brought me a really important information. If we were careless, he would have taken a blow.

He believed in Roan.

And because of that, he couldn’t just ignore him.

“First, I will have to send the scout team and grasp their exact location. Can you go with them?”
“Of course.”

Roan nodded.
Gale smiled brightly and tapped his shoulders.

“Good. Then, make you in charge of the scout team.”

He called the adjutants and made them gather the scouts.

‘This guy again?’

‘How can he discover monsters everywhere he goes?’

The adjutants stared at Roan with surprise and jealousness.

‘My face will get pierced.’

Roan smiled bitterly and hanged down his head.

“We have finished gathering the scout team.”

The rescuing voice.
Roan bent towards Gale and the adjutants and went out of the tent.

‘Is a lucky guy. A lucky guy.’

Gale looked at Roan’s back and showed a gratified smile.

“Then, I will have to go to the commander of the corps.”
“Are you already going to make the report? Why don’t you wait until the scout team returns?”

The detaining of the adjutants.
Gale shook his head.

“It’s’ a simple report. I just have to tell them that I sent a scout team because there was suspicious movement.”

Victory and defeat of a battle could also be determined with these small reports.

The adjutants that were in the camp let out a sigh and shook their heads.

“Isn’t he trusting the words of only one soldier?”

“He was just lucky.”

Pouring complaints and discontent voices.
In the middle of that, Dosen was just there with his mouth shut.

‘That he was lucky? I wonder. I don’t think that’s the case.’

A faint smile appears in his mouth.


Roan hid in the weeds and put his finger on his lips.

As they passed through the forest, they saw the plains that was below the hill.


The weeds that were as tall as their waists get shaken because of the west wind.

However, Roan saw the monsters while hiding his body in the weeds.

“An amazing number.”

The oldest one among the scout soldiers, Benson, approached.
He had also discovered the monsters while hiding in the weeds.

“They will probably also be hiding until the end of the plains.”

Roan pointed to where the hill was elevated.
Benson nodded and vaguely finished counting.

“At least, there would be 5 thousand.”

Roan nodded instead of replying.

‘It’s true that there were only 5 thousand at the first night raid. But after that, the number increased.’

The monsters that were surrounding Pedian’s plain in the shape of a horse foot.
As time passes, the numbers of them skyrocket.

‘It’s because of those bastards from the Byron kingdom.’

Benson’s voice was heard.

“When will they attack?”
“It’s going to be tonight without a doubt.”

Roan said with a voice that was full of certainty.
Benson frowned.

“How so?”

“Then, they can attack immediately?”

Benson put on a preoccupied face.
Roan shook his head.

“They are too exhausted to do that.”

“Yes. They should have ran here without stop to make a surprise attack to the weakened center.”

It was the truth.
Just like the monsters that were making an uproar in the north, these monsters were also located in the north even a few days ago.

“Originally, they should have taken place in the north of the plain in this shape.

He brought both of his fingers to face each other and made a horizontal shape.
Continued by that, taking the point where each of the fingers touch, he bends his fingers to make a shape of a horse shoe.

“However, right now, it’s in this shape. The place where my fingers touch is the north that’s facing the main forces of our army, and the rest had surrounded us from west to east in the shape of a horse shoe.

Benson let out a low admiring exclamation.

“Ah! The guys that were in the north rushed to the east and the west.”
“Yes. Taking into account the time, they should have charged here without even having been able to sleep.”

At Roan’s words, Benson’s voice gets lower.

“Good. Then, it’s certain that they will attack tonight. We have to report this to the squad and prepare for the surprise attack.”

At his words, Roan didn’t say anything.

‘No, that’s not a good method.’

His eyes chase the monsters hiding in the weeds.
A chilly light can be seen in his eyes.

‘What we need right now is not defense, but attack.’

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Translator’s note:  Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak

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