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In two years at the earliest, and in five years at the latest, the world started to drastically change.

Emperors and kings as well as nobles, big-time merchants, and other such powerful people began to competitively focus on gathering talented people.

It was merely one of the methods to live a better life than others.
But the Great Warring Era began to sprout at that moment.

'As the time passed, factions with overwhelming strength and financial power appeared.'

Whether those factions were emperors, kings, or nobles wasn't important.

Of course, there were several big events and accidents besides that.
As the various circumstances tangled and became complicated, the world finally entered the Great Warring Era.

'I need to find the hidden geniuses who weren't found in the last life.'

The reason Roan came to this thought.
It was because of Clay, the small-eyed young man he met in Aran Alley.

'He definitely wasn't an ordinary man.'

The inexplicable prediction he left.

< When the owl brings a branch, there will be great danger to your body, so please be careful. >

Two days had already passed since he met Clay, but forget an owl, he didn't even see a common sparrow.

'Is an owl not the owl?' 1

If he could, he wanted to meet Clay again once more, but Clay simply couldn't be found anymore for some reason.

'Since I left the work to the guys in the information squad for now, the news will arrive soon.'

Roan forced the small thoughts out of his head and moved his feet.

At that moment, he heard a familiar voice from behind.

'Sir Baron.'

When Roan stopped and turned around, he saw Keep approaching from far away.

'Did they find him already?'

However excellent Keep and the information squad was, this was much faster than what he thought.

"Sir Baron. There is an important report."

Keep, who arrived in front of Roan by that time, glanced around the surroundings once and whispered in a quiet voice.

"Miller Castle is moving as we wished."

Because it wasn't the report he was expecting, Roan looked slightly surprised.

Keep took out a small paper from his chest.
Roan took it and placed it in his chest, and then slightly nodded his head.

"Then. I will go now."

Keep executed a short salute and then walked into a crowd.

A meeting finished in a literal instant.

The destination was no longer Aran Alley.

As much as he was good at exuding his presence, Roan was just as good at hiding it.

Roan, who was flitting through the crowd and following the busy road, entered a small alley formed between two stores that almost touched.

He moved his feet without pause and after turning multiple times in the complicated alleyways, he stopped at a rather dark and remote location.


When he took out and unfolded the paper from his chest, he saw small words tightly written on the paper.

< The movement of the Janis information agency, an information group working around Miller Castle, is unusual. >

The small paper was a type of report.

But it wasn't at a level where the content couldn't be understood.

< They finally took the bait. >

Words that brimmed with confidence.
A smile also formed on Roan's mouth.

'It didn't take as long as I had expected.'

Composed eyes and face.
In truth, Keep and the members of the Amaranth information squad operating loudly was all a planned move.

'Since I need to place groundwork in Miller Castle.'

Roan planned on gathering the information agencies that moved around Miller Castle.
And a part of that plan was provoking the Janis information agency.

'So, they are plan on attacking me and my information squad?'

Keep and the information squad had a complete grasp of the Janis information agency's moves.

< What sort of plan they are preparing is currently being investigated. >

They have yet to find out just how the Janis information agency planned on attacking.
But Roan trusted Keep and the information squad.

'Find out at your own pace.'

For now, he had to focus on something else.

'By now, I probably have spies on me.'

It was certainly possible.
Roan folded the paper and put it in his chest and then made a peculiar expression.

'Now, should I go and check?'

He exited the alleyway and once again headed to Aran Alley.

If he was a normal person it would be almost impossible to find the spies amongst the large number of people.
But Roan had Kalian's Tears.


When he focused his eyes, the movements of the people, who completely crowded the alley, moved slowly as if they were standing still.


Within that small instant, an incredible amount of visual information poured in.

Roan clenched his teeth and carefully observed every part of the alley.

A slow and tedious movement that makes one feel like yawning.


'There they are!'

The tips of Roan's mouth slowly went up.

From a glance, they looked like completely ordinary middle-aged men.
Pretending to be complete strangers from one another, each of them was concentrating on their own work.

'Four people……'

The smile on his mouth became deeper.
Pleasant plans passed through his head.

'It's the perfect number to play around with.'

Roan then shook his head and blinked his eyes.

The murmuring noises turned back to clear voices in conversation.

As expected, the four spies subtly glanced at Roan several times.
Tragically, they hadn't realized the fact that their identities were compromised.

"Yes. Princess. Please speak."

Margaret brightly smiled and stopped the work she was doing.

A look as if she had completely finished the thought she had for the last few days.

"I have decided. I plan on investing in the Tale Barony."

Margaret put down the cleaning supplies she was holding and moved towards Aily.

"Certainly, Baron Tale is the most famous person these days, but he is someone who just became a noble. I don't think he is such a good target to invest in."

Aily nodded at those words.

"If we only consider the current situation, you're right."

Soon as she finished her words, Margaret made a strange expression.

"But you're going to invest in him? It's not perhaps because there's a different feeling, no?"

Until now, Aily's investments were extremely cold and calculated.
Thanks to that, there was not a single failure.

"What do you mean a different feeling?"

Aily shyly smiled as she asked back.

"That, that is……"

Margaret panicked and stuttered her words.
Aily cheerfully smiled and shook her head.

"I"m investing while looking at the future value of Sir Baron Tale."


Aily slowly nodded her head and continued speaking.

"Sir Baron Tale will definitely become a great person. The Tale Barony too would become much larger and a brilliant land. That is definite."

Her gaze turned to Margaret's eyes.

"If I invest then, it will be too late. If I'm going to invest, this is the perfect time. While no one has invested, I'll invest faster than anyone else."

The expression that was always gentle and shy became confident and assured.

"Hhm. If princess says so, it should be right."

Until now, Aily's eyes for people were never wrong.
But, there was one thing that Margaret was worried about.

'She didn't perhaps become completely smitten during that time, right?'

Margaret was worried that Aily's eyes for people may have been blinded by the unfamiliar feeling she felt for the first time in her life.
But Aily had even noticed Margaret's doubt already.

'Nanny. Don't worry too much.'

She inwardly made a smile.

'My eyes are clearer and more precise than ever before.'

Such a strong certainty was a first.
Aily's two cheeks blushed red.

'That person is special.'

She wasn't sure exactly what it was, but she felt so.
As if.

'Like that person.'

Aran Alley was receiving unexpected attention.

It was because a few nobles envied Roan and also went on poverty-relief projects when Roan received passionate cheers from the residents of Miller as he emptied his personal funds to clean the entirety of Aran Alley and Rott Creek and provided water and food.

When the situation progressed to this point, Roan left only a few information squad members in the Aran Alley and pull out the Amaranth troop.

When they cleaned up their temporary lodgings and were preparing to leave, the people of Aran Alley gathered one by one.
The people, who were greatly guarded when Roan and Amaranth troop first visited, now had a close enough relationship where they boldly walked up and shook hands.

"Sir Baron Tale. And everyone of the Amaranth troop. Truly, thank you very much."

"Really, thank you very much."

Toward Roan and Amaranth troop, the people bowed.

"I'm glad we could be of help."

Roan and the Amaranth troop quickly saluted.

The people of Aran Alley even came out to the main street to see Roan and Amaranth troop off.
Several residents of Miller also came out to the street to clapped and cheered.

'How reliable.'

The support of the people of Aran Alley and the residents of the surroundings.
It may look like a seemingly meaningless relation, but this would become a great asset to him in the future.

'This is the scene I want. A scene where everyone comes and lives together.'

Roan smiled at the sound of claps that poured down.

When he looked back, the members of the Amaranth troop also wore proud expressions.

'Even if it takes a little bit longer, we'll go on our own way.'

He believed that the means were just as important as the final result.

His steps became slightly faster.

It look longer than expected for Katy to issue the pass to the palace library.

Thanks to that, Roan was able to focus on the training he had been slightly neglecting.
Of course, he didn't only train.

'They peeked again.'

Roan noticed that the small bag he left below a tree was slightly disheveled.
But with no sign of caring, he turned his shoulder and sat down on the ground.

'Those guys from the Janis information agency. They didn't even realize that what they've been peeking at are all false informations……'

A laughter came out again and again.

That wasn't all.

And each time, the spies secretly checked the false information and reported to the Janis information agency's headquarters.

Thanks to that, the spies of the Janis information agency believe that the information that Roan was poorly guarded was all true.

'Then should I start training again?'

Various plans were progressing calmly and well.

At that moment.

"Sir Baron!"

Austin's voice was heard.
He hurriedly ran over and gave a short salute.

"What is it?

At the lightly asked question, Austin calmed his breath and answered.

"Someone from Viscount Holten's house came."

Roan creased his forehead.

Austin nodded his head.

"Yes. They brought an invitation."
"An invitation? An invitation for what?"

Roan tilted his head.

"It seems you'll have to personally check it."

At Austin's words, Roan placed the Travias Spear at his waist and moved his feet.

'Viscount Holten……'

Even if he searched his memories, nothing really came up.

Roan widely shook his head and hastened his steps.
After exiting the training hall and going through two buildings, a young man in a clean suit was seen.

"It is an honor to meet you."

The young man greeted very politely.

From his chest, he took out a stiff invitation.

"Sir Viscount Anthony Holten plans on hosting a hunting competition. He wishes for Sir Baron Tale to participate."

A hunting competition.

But Roan didn't show his emotion and received the invitation while smiling faintly.

At that moment.


Roan's eyes slightly trembled.

Usually, the wax seal represented the seal or the symbol of the house sending an invitation.
Roan looked at the young man that handed him the invitation and asked with a soft voice.

"This symbol on the wax seal is rather unique."

The young man cheerfully smiled at those words.

"Yes. It seems Sir Viscount Holten likes to use as an addition to the house's seal."
"I see."

Roan slowly nodded his head.

The light in his eyes slowly became composed.

'The symbol of the wax seal is……'

His heart sped up.

'A tree branch……'

Was it a simple coincidence?
Clay's face appeared in his head.

< A Good Person 2 > End.

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