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Here is the second chapter of the web novel, Black Tea Specialist. Any advice is welcome. Enjoy !

Chapter 2: I will welcome you next time

“Why is the Shigel knight team!”

“Is not it due to the spirit !?” The headmaster’s spirit … …. “

“Run away anyway!”

One of the people who was talking about such a thing as he ran, suddenly noticed me.

“Hey, if you can do the underworld technique, you can use that girl as a sacrifice! Anyway I have secured another success example.”

“It’s a good idea.”

He suddenly come running to see me. And now he was saying sacrifice!

I want to run away, but I can only roll. At the very least, I attempted super-high-speed rotation.

…… I was caught quickly

Although I was released from the bindings, he put his feet on my stomach and pressed me against the ground. I hurt my back a while ago!

“Yaaaaaaa! Awful! Devil!”

I screamed but he got angry.

“Dammit, silence, failure work! Hurry!”

Along with a shouting voice, he begins to chant something with a voice without intonation at once.

Then thin and purple light began to emerge from the ground. Only around me and my surroundings.

I felt that I was really going to get killed if I stayed here, although I don't know the reason.

But I can not do anything in my current situation.

“Somebody…. help”

That was all I could do.

At that time, I felt that the wind was blowing and it was whispering “It's okay”.

Even though I thought I heard a hallucination because of the extreme fear.



Along with a scream the foot that was on top of me disappeared. In my sight, that was facing sideways, I saw the people who surrounded me fall down on the ground one after the other.

One of them is shedding blood from his neck.

I caught my breath

Dead……? When I thought of it, someone touched me.


“Are you alive?”

He raised my body while asking, so I could see the person’s face.

It was a young man with silver hair.

His hair down to the neck is swaying with a gentle breeze. I think that even such a thing is beautiful, because he himself was too beautiful.

Perhaps his age is about the early twenties.

He is tall and has a broad shoulder, so I thought for a moment that the God of winter was here.

His stare freezes you up and his eyes have a beautiful purple color as if he is wearing amethyst. Although he is slightly tanned, his white cheeks instead give the impression that they sculpted more and more to his facial features.

It may be because of his costume that it reminded me of the game. Because he was wearing silver shoulder rest and chest paddy on a blue coat.

….. I guess this is a dream. I felt like that.

Being kidnapped and seeing terrible things, I think that I was feeling somewhat tired and because of that am having a dream like game where I was helped by Mr. beauty.

By this time, I was convinced that my dream of the game was completely my memory.

“But it’s too much realistic and it’s going crazy.”

“… What is …?”

Mr. Beautiful makes a confused face.

Even when he makes a strange expression he is still beautiful. I will never meet such a person again. Oh, perhaps if he came from heaven to pick me up I may be able hear rumors about him.

Then, I decided to pray. Please at least let me go to heaven … please.

“Hey, why are you worshiping me?”

“I am thankful …… I want to be reborn as soon as possible. God, this time I don´t want to have social phobia, I ask for a life that will not get caught up in any accident”

“I am at a loss for being prayed to myself, and you were saved.”

A question mark appeared in my head saying “Yes?” and I became confused to the words spoken by Mr. Beautiful.

I was saved … I am alive. This handsome man is also alive.

Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable.

It seems like I’ve seen this person’s clothes somewhere …. No, I may have remembered a little seeing his face.

He said, looking down at me and groaning.

“It appears to be your memory is confused or so I think, but it seems to be ok, and you not seem to be a friend of them …….”

Friend. Perhaps he thought that those with the black long clothes are my friends! What?

I wanted to deny it by shaking the neck sideways, but suddenly I became somewhat unwell.

Well, why is this happening?

Somewhat recently, it seems something like this happened before ……

It was in the graveyard.

I got stuffy whenever I went to the grave of my grandmother.

After all, didn't I die of a heart attack because of overwork or something like that, and went to heaven? Because of that, I feel like I became like this, but I can not remember.


The other me seems to be surprised at what I suffered. But I can not reply, I feel somewhat disturbed … ….

“Lucien leader!”

I heard someone calling someone’s name.

In the next moment, I fainted.

To be continued in Chapter 3.

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