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“Did go down the wrong way?” (Mii)


“I didn’t even get to swallow it. It felt as if the carbonation set my throat on fire.” (Tsukasa)


I touch my sore throat with my hand as tears make my vision blurry. This… hurts... What the hell is this? It makes no sense. Why does it hurt to drink carbonated drinks? I sure hope that really isn’t the reason, I love the feel of them as they flow down my throat.


“Onee-chan, didn’t you like the carbonation?” (Mii)


“I should like it, but...” (Tsukasa)


I took another sip of the coke while looking at Miyuki as she wiped off the coffee table and floor.




Echoes in the room as I kick the front of the couch with my feet.


[Puha~!] (Tsukasa)


I didn’t want to spit it out again and make a mess, so I somehow managed to swallow it, even though it made me teary. This was so delicious to me, now I can't drink it without it making my throat sore.


“I’ve changed, so did my sense of taste change too?” (Tsukasa)


I ask thinking aloud, as Miyuki hands me a towel to clean myself up.


“Do you still like Uniprin?” (Mii)

(TN: Uniprin is a brand of premium pudding.)


“I don't think that is quite the same thing.” (Tsukasa)


Well, I’m convinced that is what it is. Although, it makes me sad to think it’s true, I really loved carbonated drinks. Now I have to find something else that is just as delicious to drink. Hmm… Speaking of delicious drinks, was my mother’s blood that I drank this morning delicious?


With that thought, my heart suddenly feels as if it will jump out of my chest. [Dokun] [Dokun] [Dokun] The sound is so loud I am sure Miyuki can clearly hear it. I grab my chest, as my heart pounds even stronger.




I gasp, thinking ‘No way! Not now! Mom isn’t here!’. This is like the first time, only worse. The day I became a girl, this same feeling over took me at the sight of my mom’s blood.


[Haa~!] [Haa~!]


My eyes fly open and I gasp even harder as if I’m unable to breathe. I trying taking deep breaths and push my hands even harder into my chest, but it seems as if it doesn’t help at all.


My mom’s warning floats into my mind, ‘…be careful when you use your vampiric powers, when you use them your eyes will glow red and you will want blood later.’ Ah, so that explains things.


“Onee-chan, what's wrong?” (Mii)


Miyuki asks with a concerned expression, while grabbing me by the shoulders and giving me a shake. I have no choice but to try and play cool.


“Mii-chan, I’m okay. Don’t worry about a thing.” (Tsukasa)


I say reassuringly, as I raise my face to look Miyuki in the eyes. I didn’t get that far………… My eyes are glued to the crook of her neck. ‘So white and lovely. The blood from there must be delicious,’ I catch myself thinking. This won’t do at all. I have to leave this room immediately.


“I - it - It's nothing. I - I’m alright.” (Tsukasa)


I tear my eyes away from Miyuki’s oh so tempting neck, pull her hands off me and put some distance between us.


“Onee-chan, you can’t do that, right?” (Mii)


Miyuki asks, as she immediately stands, following me, and grabs me by the shoulders again. She’s closer than before, scrutinizing my face with a very worried expression. I - I can’t… I just can’t hold myself back this time. My eyes glow even brighter as my body moves of its own accord.


[Kya!!!] (Mii)


Miyuki’s short scream reverberates in the room. When my vision cleared enough for me to see again, she’s lying under me with her back on the couch, while I’m on top of her pinning her in place. [Dokun!!] [Dokun!!] [Dokun!!] My heart beats so loudly it’s all I can hear.


While pressing both of Miyuki’s arms to the couch, I slowly bend down until my elbows touch the couch, while I bring my face closer to her. I’m staring at her eyes from a distance of a couple of cm. while her eyes are jittering with anxiety. ’I can’t do this to her,’ I tell myself as I raise myself back up into a sitting position. I let go of her arms and…


I take my hand and gently stroking her cheek. Miyuki winces, as I do so then she lays unmoving. Her small tongue peeks out from a slightly open mouth, touching her dry lips. I lick her lip, which tasted of salt. I lick her lips like a cat several times. I stopped when the taste of salt disappeared. When I pull back slightly, Miyuki’s lips were shining wetly with my saliva.


My breathing sounds absolutely horrid and it’s painful. Ah, the cause must be my ribbon tie. I remove my ribbon tie and undo the first and second buttons of my blouse. ‘Miyuki must be uncomfortable as well,’ I think to myself. I remove her ribbon tie then unbutton her blouse. With her collar undone, it exposes her lovely collarbone and the crook of her neck.


Miyuki’s neck… It’s all I can see. Fighting my instincts to bite her immediately, I meet her gaze.


“It's alright, if it’s you Onee-chan.” (Mii)


She tells me while smiling with her damp eyes shining. With that single word and her expression, instinct overtakes reason.


[Nnn~!!] (Mii)


Miyuki’s loud moans fill my ears. It makes the taste of her blood in my mouth just that much sweeter. My heart shivers with ecstasy.


Miyuki's arms wrap around me, holding me tight, crushing our chests together. It’s as pleasant as it is stifling and I respond to her by biting a little harder. My elongated canines sink deeply into Miyuki’s neck and her sweet blood gushes from there. Her blood flows smoothly down my throat without a single drop going to waste.


Mom’s blood was delicious, but Miyuki’s is simply sublime. It's so sweet. Dizzyingly sweet.


[Haa~!] (Mii)


Miyuki leaks out an impassioned sigh, which makes me feel relieved. She must no longer be in pain. The amount I drank from Miyuki far exceeds what I usually take from Mom. I release my hold on her neck and lick the area to staunch the flow of blood and heal her wounds.


“Good, this won’t leave a scar.” (Tsukasa)


After gently tracing the crook of her neck with my tongue for a few seconds, I have no idea where the wound was.


“Thank you, Mii-chan.” (Tsukasa)


“Well, you can always take my blood Onee-chan.” (Mii)


I’m happy to hear that from Miyuki. I stretch out my hand to stroke her hair gently and she narrows her eyes in pleasure.


“I’m home. Tsukasa, I hope you remembered to buy some mil…” (Mother)


Mom calls out as she enters the house. The door of the living room opens and mom comes in. Her question trails off when she catches sight of Miyuki and me.


I have a bad feeling about this. No, it is bad. No matter what I say, it looks like I'm attacking Miyuki. No, I really did attack her.


“Tsukasa… Miyuki… You two...” (Mother)


She drops her bag on the floor and starts to shake. ‘She is angry,’ I think. Although, immediately after that thought crosses my mind…


“You’re cheating! Play with your mother too!” (Mother)


“…Eh?” (Mii & Tsukasa)


Both Miyuki’s and my eyes open wide at mom’s remark.

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