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(TN: I know you guys know who Miyuki, Mii, Mii-chan, is, but I’m going to use Mii most of the time. Oh and get ready for some more nonsensical, strange things again. I’m beginning to think the author is a heavy drug user or a Lit. Major…)


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I was walking in the shopping district. I’m smiling, so I look very happy. Next to me is a girl with large breasts, a little taller than me, and wearing a brown jacket over a white, one-piece dress. I can’t see her face very well because I’m wearing a hat, but I know that she is very cute for some reason.


I stroll over to the park near the shopping district and wander around the lake. The lake is quite beautiful and the blue sky is perfectly copied on the surface of the water. I decide to look a little closer to so I walk out to the end of the pier jutting out into the lake. The girl kneels down and gently dips her hand into the water.


She says the water is cold, but feels great and I respond with a smile. Oh, it that what this is? I figured it out. She’s my girlfriend and we are on a date. That’s has to be what this is. This is my daily life as a university student.


Although, why can’t I think of her name? No matter hard I try to remember it, it’s always just out of reach. What kind of terrible person forgets his girlfriends name?


I hold my head and feel foolish…


“Onii-chan!!” (Mii)


I hear the Mii’s voice from out of nowhere. I look around and see Mii running towards me.


“Onii-chan’s dangerous!” (Mii)


Mii shouts running at the girl and drop kicking her. The girl flies into the lake with a huge splash of water and sinks immediately.


“Mii-chan, what do you think you’re doing?” (Tsutomu)


"Whew! The sea urchins shelf life was about to expire. Yes, onii-chan that was direct delivery to the production area.” (Mii)


Mii says while wiping the sparkling sweat off her forehead and she holds out a basket. I look inside and it contains a large amount of Bafun sea urchin.

(TN: Bafun is a species of sea urchin; turns out there are more than 1000 different species of the critters, although the Japanese mainly eat two, Murasaki and Bafun.)


“Please, eat it as soon as possible.” (Mii)


Mii tells me then she dives into the lake, trying to follow the girl. It was a head first, no-splash, splendid entry.


Just where is this production area? Hokkaido? Why did Mii bring me sea urchin? Rather, why did she have it? Even so, this looks delicious. It’s different. I'm worried that she won’t come back. It’s sea urchin after all. Can I eat some? There’s nothing to worry about, is there? It's just a taste, I can feed her delicious sea urchin when she gets back.


I reach into the basket to get one.


“Onii-chan stop there!”


“Who? Mii-chan!?” (Tsutomu)


Mii, who had jumped into the lake, suddenly appeared. Her body was shining for some reason and she was floating on the surface of the water. Beside her, there were two other girls, who looked to have fallen into the lake.


“No, I’m not Mii-chan. I’m the fairy of the lake, a Clione.” (Fairy Mii)


“Clione’s are sea angels, not a fairies. Well, it doesn't matter, I’m just an onii-chan—“ (Tsutomu)


“I didn’t catch all of that. Onii-chan in the language of the Gods means, ‘happy boy.’ So, don't worry about it.” (Fairy Mii)


“What does ‘lucky’ mean?” (Tsutomu)


“Well it’s ‘boy it’s possible to be’.” (Fairy Mii)


My eyes are swimming. What the hell do you want? After I cleared my throat, the fairy began to talk again.


“Is it this blonde-haired, big breasted girl or this silver-haired,  big breasted girl that you dropped into the lake?” (Fairy Mii)


What is this, Aesop’s tales? That’s strange, why did she emphasized the size of their breasts? What does that have to do with the story?


“It isn’t blonde or silver, but black and I didn’t drop anything—“ (Tsutomu)


“I’m impressed. You are a very honest person.” (Fairy Mii)


“Yes, this story is at an end.” (Tsutomu)


“I'll give this special silver-haired girl to you.” (Fairy Mii)


Does she even listen? Both of the girls disappeared and small-breasted girl with silver hair and heterochromatic eyes appeared in their place.


…where’s my girlfriend?


“It’s time for my last service. Let's make onii-chan this girl!” (Fairy Mii)


“What? No, I’m fine!” (Tsutomu)


“That’s it. Don’t be shy!” (Fairy Mii)


"Hey, come on, stop this! [Ugh] Wow!” (Tsutomu)


 ◇  ◆ ◇  ◆ ◇ ◆  ◇


Thank God! It was just a dream. Well, I figured it out in the middle of it. OK, that was a lie, I didn’t know until just now. Hey! What about my girlfriend?


“Tsukasa, are you awake?” (Mother)


My mother inquires from another room. My mother normally works from dawn to dusk, so does that mean it’s night time already?


I was laying down on the sofa in the living room. It looks as if someone carried me here. Was it Mii or my mother? Although, I don’t see how since they shouldn’t be able to pick me up. It had to be the both of them that carried me here. Did I faint? Fall asleep? Hit my head? Or was it something else?


My chest feels somewhat heavier than usual, so I look down and notice the pair of moderate bulges pushing out my white t-shirt. Time seems to stop for a few moments as I remember that I actually became a girl. Oh, that’s right, Mii would have little trouble carrying me now. Anyway, in my dream, I was turned into a girl at the end and even though I’m now awake, I’m still a girl. Better yet, it occurs to me that I wish this was still a dream.


Sorry, I seem to have gotten distracted for a moment. I just don’t want to accept that this is really real. Regardless, fainting again isn’t going to help. Somehow, I feel that I’m going to see the continuation of my dream.


“Tsukasa! Hey, Tsukasa!” (Mother)


Mom seems to be calling someone, but who is this Tsukasa? Does my mother have a relative or friend by that name?


“I don't know mom. Onii-chan are you awake? Are you okay now?” (Mii)


"Yes Mii-chan, I’m awake. I feel fine.” (Tsutomu)


“Mentally?” (Mii)


“I feel depressed.” (Tsutomu)


"Lunch is ready." (Mother)


“I thought she was a stranger.” (Mother)


I roll off the sofa and stand up. Mii and mom are sitting at the table staring at me.


I look at the clock on the wall, the time was a little after 11am. What, only about three hours passed from when I fainted? I was out for three hours!? So that’s why I had that dream!


“It's unusual for you (mother) to be here now.” (Tsutomu)


“Miyuki called me at work to tell me I needed to come home. She told me what happened. This must be hard for you.” (Mother)


My mother told me while smiling tenderly.


Huh? Who is this woman? Where is my mother? What is with this compassionate expression? How can she look happy that I turned into a girl? This is ridiculous. She’s acting like a different person. Well, I know it’s my mother, who is looking at me with such an anxious, yet loving expression. The fact that she left work early for me makes me a little happy. Oddly, I feel a bit better now.


“Why didn't you answer me earlier?” (Mother)


“How would onii-chan know who Tsukasa is?” (Mii)


“Hmm? What, Tsukasa is my name!?” (Tsutomu)


My mother and Mii both nodded at me. So, mother had been talking to me?


“Why Tsukasa? Damn it! I’m a man!” (Tsutomu)


I protest loudly as I sit down next to Mii


“Well, Tsutomu, Tsukasa. Get it?” (Mother)

(TN: This is kind of playing with meanings. Tsutomu is a male name generally meaning worker. Tsukasa is a unisex name meaning leader or chief. So worker and chief/leader.)


“What?” (Tsutomu)


Only one character is the same.


“You can’t use Tsutomu as a girl, right?” (Mother)


What the hell! It's not cool to just change people's names without permission. When I looked at my mother, she was somehow glowing.


“It was decided after talking with your father and Miyuki. By the way, I’m the one who proposed Tsukasa.” (Mother)


“I've been thinking about it. Tsukasa's no longer my onii-chan.” (Mii)


"I can’t believe you arbitrarily changed my name. Umm? Dad is home?” (Tsukasa)


“No, he isn’t here, but I got in touch with him.” (Mother)


My mother placed her laptop on the table, turning the screen to face me. There is chat software running on the desktop, so I could follow the thread of the conversation.


“I’m too busy right now to leave work early, but we can talk here.” (Father)


“Has to work...” (Tsukasa)


I mutter at the computer irritably.


“By the way, I had some other suggestions, would you like to hear them?” (Mother)


She’s using the past tense, so it seems I’m going to be ‘Tsukasa’. The other names… Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind hearing them.


“For example?” (Tsukasa)


“Charlotte.” (Mother)


“A foreign name? Isn’t that a little too strange?” (Tsukasa)


“Your great-grandmother was named was Charlotte. She had the same gorgeous silver hair as my Tsukasa.” (Mother)


“So that’s why that name…” (Tsukasa)


“Oh, that name was your father’s idea.” (Mother)


Mother told me while using the touchpad to scroll the conversation to that section.


“Here it is, read it for yourself.” (Mother)


She says while pointing at a sentence.


‘Yes! Yes! Charlotte is a good name! Charlotte! Charlotte!’


Dad seems rather excited by the name. The sentence is followed by an ‘arm pumping’ emoji. This is too much for me to deal with, so I pressed the power button. Have fun at work Dad.


“Mii-chan what did you suggest?” (Tsukasa)


“Kirara, how’s that? Good isn’t it?” (Mii)


“Which means?” (Tsukasa)


"It's ‘Beautiful Silk” (Mii)

(TN: Japanese names have any of a 1000 different meanings depending on the combination of Kanji used, even then it’s still subject to interpretation a lot of times. In this instance Mii used the ones that sounds as if she was using it to describe Tsukasa hair.)


“I wouldn’t want to go job hunting with a name like that.” (Tsukasa)


Doesn’t she understand that a name stays with you until you die?


“What? I think it’s a cute name.” (Mii)


“Then I'll use that name just for Mii-chan.” (Tsukasa)


“I don’t want you to be embarrassed.” (Mii)


“Hey, hold on.” (Mother)


Mii, can't you take this seriously? I sigh and look at my mother. She has a rather smug expression. Yes.Yes, I’m fine with Tsukasa. Otherwise, I’m likely to end up with a strange name, whether it’s Kirara, Charlotte, or something truly awful. Well, I don't think Tsukasa is all that bad.


“Mother’s choice it is then.” (Tsukasa)


“Okay. What?” (Mother)


"Come to think of it, Mii-chan was so surprised, but Mom, you don’t seem to be all that upset. Umm… Do you know why this happened to me?” (Tsukasa)


“Yes. Of course I know.” (Mother)


“Yes, of course, that's right. You wouldn’t know. I was just asking, so don't worry about it… WHAT!?!??!” (Tsukasa)


I jump up from my seat and step back astonished, startled, confused, and a little afraid while mother looks at me smiling as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary.


What? How could you know? Hmm…Thinking back to when I had my fever Dad and Miyuki were worried, but you were strangely calm about the whole thing. Of course, I thought I was just imagining things at the time.


“Tsukasa, you're all sticky and sweaty right? Go take a bath, we can talk about it after that. I’ll warm up lunch.” (Mother)


“Okay, I understand.” (Tsukasa)


I really want to talk about this now, but she’s right. I really am all sticky and it feels absolutely disgusting to be honest. Besides, it’s not like mother is going to run away, so let’s take a bath and then I can listen to her comfortable and refreshed.


“Umm, onii-chan?” (Mii)


“Hmm?” (Tsukasa)


I have my hand on the doorknob and look back at Miyuki questioningly. Her eyes are shining as bright as the sun.


“Can I come as well to check whether A or B?” (Mii)


“A or B? Huh? Oh! Hell no!” (Tsukasa)


“Eh? Why not?” (Mii)


“No! Unacceptable! Absolutely not!” (Tsukasa)


I feel my cheeks start burning and decide to run away to the bathroom to avoid this ever so embarrassing conversation.


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