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Published at 7th of February 2021 08:34:19 PM

Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Ange’s point of view

Editor: Cherish

“Hmmm, ah, that feels good! The depressing and annoying Cosette who scurries around my Leonhardt is finally gone!”

I stretched out as far as I could on the couch .

It felt really good to be rid of Cosette, the source of my recent frustration .

That weird bug disguised as a lady was the reason why my intimacy with Leonhardt hadn’t been able to rise to the level it should have been!

“I’m glad you’re pleased . It won’t be long before it will be discovered that Remias was involved with kidnapping Miss Cosette . This will retire Remy from the Queen’s race . Are you satisfied?”

Alfred, sitting on the couch opposite me, smiled at me .

I’m glad that Alfred wasn’t affected by the Cosette bug .

I easily increased my intimacy with Alfred just by taking advantage of his past trauma and comforting him .

Maybe it’s because of my high performance ability .

I even learned some dancing and other stuff before the game started .

It’s easy for me, I’ve already cleared many rounds in my previous life .

I gave Alfred a big smile .

“Of course they’re going to figure out he had a hand in kidnapping Cosette! There’s no way Remy can become Leonhardt’s consort . I feel like an idiot for taking such a lie to heart . ”

“Yes . It really is a shame, considering you’re the rightful heir to the throne and of noble blood . ”

“But the search won’t really find out that we did it, right?”

I don’t think they’ll catch me, the main character, but we should still be careful .

It’s all about prudence, like carefully building a stone bridge and crossing it .

“The story now is that Remias received a suspicious letter and took Cosette to the duke’s house . One of our men took Cosette away from there, and Remias did not ever meet the man . The servants have agreed to pretend they never saw him ‘under the lady’s command,’ so it’s all right . ”Alfred continued, “Some people ‘accidentally’ witnessed the carriage going into the duke’s house . ”

“So, it will all be Remias’s fault! Hha! Amazing!”

Apparently Remias himself was only trying to punish Cosette a bit, so he must be very worried now that this has happened .

But it’s too late now . Silly!

Now all we have to do is to take our time with Leonhardt .

But as I let out a sigh of satisfaction, Alfred shook his head apologetically .

“I’m sorry, but our base points aren’t enough at this point . It would have been enough to beat Remy, but because of this, she can’t participate in the queen’s race anymore . ”

“What? What are you going to do then? Oh, come to think of it! I’m of noble status, so if I reveal it, my base score will jump!”

“That’s a tough one . If you reveal your identity now, you’ll be dropped from the race for lying about your identity when you first entered . It’s the ‘rules’ of the game . ”

“Is that so?”

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But I don’t think Alfred, who’s already been won over, would lie to me and…

Even in the game, my origins were revealed after the ending with Leonhardt .

It must be a specification of the game .

“Yes, but then I wouldn’t be able to marry Leonhardt . It wouldn’t mean anything to me . ”

I looked up at Alfred with sad eyes .

“You can take over the throne, you know . And then you can name Leonhardt as your consort . ”

“Me? What do you mean?”

“You are the rightful heir to the throne . All you have to do is overthrow the current king who usurped the throne and take back the throne . When you become king, everything will be at your mercy . You can have Leonhardt, too . ”

“Why, of course! I can be the tragic princess who fights to regain her rightful place on the throne . During that fight, I’ll fall in love with Leonhardt . How wonderful!”

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This must be a hidden narrative .

Because it’s so romantic!

Enemies who, in the midst of battle, fall victim to forbidden love .

“It’s wonderful . I want to help you be happy . Together, let’s overthrow the current king . ”

“Yes! That’s right!”

Alfred said he is going to gather his troops and start a rebellion .

He told me that I was weak, so I should just be the flag-bearer .

This all sounds like Jeanne d’Arc! And I’m the hero, so everything will be fine .

Oh, Leonhardt, wherefore art thou Leonhardt?


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