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Published at 25th of October 2020 08:37:44 AM
Chapter 354.2: - Divine Blacksmith II
After quickly getting ready to leave, we headed straight for the dungeon’s exit, with Fran and Urushi in the lead.

It took longer than I thought it would because everyone was still worn out, but it wasn’t as particularly dangerous due to the lack of monsters.

I’ve tried it lightly on the road, but apparently Fran’s and my skill sharing was already starting to work well. That was the only blessing I received in this whole bundle of misery. However, since my magic power was empty, I had to make do with just Fran’s magic power for now. We will have to be very careful about that.

While we were going through the labyrinth part of the dungeon, the dungeon started trembling greatly. It’s likely that Mea and her team have succeeded in destroying the dungeon core.

Then, just before escaping the dungeon, Mea and the others caught up with us. Then, they reported that the core was destroyed and the dungeon was on its way to collapsing. Thus, from now on, this place will be nothing more than an ordinary underground structure.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye for now.”


“A lot of things happened, but let’s meet each other again in the future.”

“……Good luck.”

“Thank you. We will also pray for Master’s recovery, and hope that he will be able to heal properly. Also, can I leave Master Kiara with you for a little while longer? Once we get settled in, we will arrange a funeral for her, after all we want to make sure the funeral service goes off without a hitch.”

“Leave it to me.”

After escaping the dungeon, Mea and Fran gave each other a firm handshake and encouraged each other onwards.

We are supposed to still be at war with the Kingdom of Bashar. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I’m sure they won’t lose now that the threat from the North has disappeared. They should be able to repel the kingdom of Bashar.

No, they have to… otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it for Kiara to risk her life. And I am sure that Mea understood it as well. With one last emphatic nod, Mea left with Quina, Guendalfa, and Mianoa.

As Kiara’s apprentice and a princess, I am sure that she has a lot of responsibilities, especially now that Kiara is no longer here, she will surely bear more responsibilities. Though thinking how much that small back of her has to endure from now on I can’t help but want to root for her.

Fran stared off at Mea’s back and the others as they climbed into the carriage.

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“We’ll see each other again soon.”


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After the golem carriage which Mea and the others were in rode off, Alistair spoke to a lonely-looking Fran.

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“…..Should we get going now too? But first, you may have an idea who I am by now, but I’ll tell you who I am anyway.”


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“My name is Alistair. My occupation is a divine blacksmith. A pleasure to meet you, Black Thunder Princess and….Mr . Intelligent Weapon?”

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I knew it. I got found out. But still, a divine blacksmith? I thought it was possible that she was in charge of taking care of the divine sword, but I didn’t think it was really true………

There was just so much going on that I didn’t have the energy left to be surprised anymore. Fran looked to be the same. She opened her eyes lightly and introduced herself normally.

“I am a rank C adventurer. Fran, the Black Heavenly Tiger.”

“…I am Master”

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“And this is Urushi”

“By the way, is Fran the one that gave you the name master?”


“So it’s not named……..How is it possible to not be named at this level?”

Wasn’t the Named system supposed to be a way for gods to name their great equipment? I’d be honored to be compared to an item in that class, but what about it? I’m aware that I’m a good sword, but I’m not overconfident enough to say, “I’m a sword accepted by God! Now bow before me you fool!”

“For now, we’re going to my house. Once we get there, I should be able to analyze and repair your master.”

“I look forward to working with you.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s the same for me, I get to touch a great sword, thanks to you. Alright, now get in this one.”

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What Alistair took out of the item bag was a golem carriage that looked exactly like the one Quina had in her possession.

Fran climbed into the carriage as prompted. Alistair threw Asura onto the floor of the carriage.

“Is that okay?”

“Serves him right! How could this idiot demon get out of control until like this anyway? I bet he’ll wake up with a stupid look on his face.”

That’s a bitter pill to swallow for Asura. What happened between them in the past anyway? Well, we can ask him about that too when he wakes up.

“Well then, let’s depart!”

Then we got into the golem carriage and left for the divine blacksmith’s house.


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