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The Quiet Gossip. The Second Sister's Real Feelings

I am placing the daughters + brother here for me honestly but also a reminder, I guess.

Nishi Yotsutsuji daughters.

The first daughter is Asahi (朝日)(Morning sun)

The second daughter is Mahiru (真昼)(Mid day)

third daughter named Yuudachi(夕立)(Evening Shower)Protagonist.(Yuu-chan)

The fourth daughter is Yoru.(夜留)(Night)

The older brother Souji.(奏時)

This is from Mahiru's Pov

I don't Remember much from when I was young.

But I knew that all four of us were of 1 heart.

The four of us sisters were really similar.

Everybody who meets us,tell us that.

In fact it was hard to find parts that weren't similar.

Appearance wise though.

Our content were not exactly the same.

It was the first day of entering kindergarten that it became clear.

That day was the first day we were meeting somebody other than our family.

The gazes of curiosity were fully on us.

I felt true terror.

Asahi and Yoru had a similar feeling. And once "Please introduce yourself" we couldn't say a thing.

. . .The only exception was Yuu-chan.

She was not intimidated by the gazes. She introduced herself with a steadfast expression.

(I was amazed at her indifferent attitude. . . . I longed for that). I thought that without thinking.

I wonder?

From that day on I did not consider Yuu-chan as merely my sister. I became aware of her.

The next time I thought Yuu-chan was amazing was when we started are interview exercise for elementary school.

During the first exercise my partner was my father. I became so nervous I repeated my sentences a lot.

Meanwhile Yuu-chan passed with her first shot.

Until then we practiced with the same interview and passed.(それまで、わたしたちと同じで面接など一度もやってこなかったはずなのに。)(TN:I know it isn't right.)

Amazing!. . . .

I adored Yuu-chan more and more.

We are quadruplets. Our basic abilities should be the same.

But Yuu-chan is amazing.Because she hides her great efforts. I thought if I tried hard I could catch up.

We're too different.

The reality was not so sweet.

Even though I tried so hard. I was too far away, I could not catch up.

Although I was aware of this thinly,I didn't want to acknowledge that. So I started to run, run from that reality.

If I could not catch up I thought I could not stand side by side with her.

I stopped chasing. I had to acknowledge that me and Yuu-chan are different.

And then our first overnight field trip in primary school happened.

What's the best way for Yoru-chan and Asahi-chan be able to enjoy themselves in different classes?

I couldn't think of anything to do.It reminded me of that first day.

But then, Yuu-chan thought of a solution instantly.

Here plan was to swap places occasionally. It's a fantastic idea that helps and involves all of the us sisters.

Though at that time I fully understood.

I can't catch up. Nor could I stand side by side.

Our story was different from the very beginning.

But where. . . .where are we different.

I looked at her face while embracing my feelings of inferiority, I smiled to try and hide those feelings.

I felt my smile stiffen a little. But luckily Yuu-chan did not noticed.

As a result of her plan it was a huge success. Aschan and Yoru-chan seemed to have enjoyed it with bright smiles.

The fact of it being a huge success hurt me for some reason. That night I unintentionally almost blurted out my true feelings.

"- – – -As I thought Yuu-chan is amazing. Really. . . .Unlike me. . . ."

"Mahiru?. . . ."

I was about to say that last part but mumbled it.I choked on my word.

She called out to me with a worried voice and a concerned look.

That's right. These emotions I hold are arbitrarily. It is not Yuu-chan’s fault. . . .

. . . . I am such a terrible child.

". . . Sorry. It was nothing. Good night Yuu-chan!"

I don't want her to worry anymore.

I hurriedly stuck a smile and closed my eyes.

Well it was the second thing. Sorry sis-con people.We’ll I guess this a warped kind of it. It’s sad to see a 5 year old feel so inferior already. Usually you have these feelings later  😀 .  Hope Yuu-chan fixes her feelings.

Next chapter in 1 or 2 days.

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