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Chapter 382

As we entered the city, the venue of the Six Kings Festival, Kuro came running to our…… no, my direction with the smile of an angel .

With her approach, I could feel two kinds of piercing gazes from the people around me . Those gazes who ask “Who the heck is that guy?” and those who realized “Ahh, so it’s that rumored guy……” . This is bad . There were a lot of people here, right near the gate, so there were a lot of eyes on us .

……I feel like some kind of rare panda in a zoo .



Feeling like escaping from reality, I wave back at Kuro who runs up to me, while the nearby Lunamarisan crouches down .



[……How precious . ]



……Can someone please take this useless maid to the hospital? She’s holding her nose while crying, you know……

Kuro didn’t care about Lunamarisan’s reaction though, as after slowing down a bit when she got close, she hugged me .



[Ehehe, I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I came to see you . Welcome, Kaito-kun!]

[U- Unnn . ]



……Cute . She’s just too spectacularly cute .

She’s so cute that it erases the massive amount of stares I received into oblivion . Ah, no, that’s a lie . I’m still really worried about the stares . Or rather, I can’t endure this embarrassment I’m feeling anymore .



[……W- Well then, it seems like Kaito-san still has to talk with Underworld King-sama, so we’ll go ahead……]

[Lilisan!? You’re abandoning me? Aren’t you just trying to escape from all this attention by sacrificing me!?]

[……I- It must just be your imagination, you know?]



As her gaze was swimming away from me, Lilisan tried to flee .

The others, perhaps thinking that their lives were in danger if Kuro, who looked really excited,  thought that they were a hindrance, quickly began to move away while I was complaining to Lilisan .



But then, Kuro unexpectedly let go of me and spoke to Lilisan .



[Ahh, Lilisan . Hold on, there’s something I need to tell you . ]

[Eh? S- Something you need to tell me?]

[Unnn . Well, I could have asked Sha…… No Face to tell you this, but since I’m meeting Kaito-kun here, I’ll just tell you myself . ]



When Kuro called her to a halt, Lilia timidly asked her back, to which Kuro smiled and pulled out a card about the size of a letter out of nowhere .



[Lilichan and the others all have different ranks of invitations, right?]

[Eh, ah, yes . ]

[I’m sure you’ve heard that normally, the accommodation changes were different with each rank…… We, the Six Kings, have discussed it, and it was unanimously decided that we would give you all “special treatment because you know Kaito-kun” . ]

[……I- I- It’s an h- h- h- honor . ]

[Unnn . So, I’ve made an accommodation for Lilisan and the others at the place written on the card, so everyone can stay there . ]




When Lilisan heard Kuro’s words, her confusion could be clearly seen on her face .

I guess that’s to be expected . The Six Kings just went out of their way to build a new accommodation facility for everyone……



[Ahh, incidentally, I’ve “arranged about 300 of my personal servants”, but if they’re not enough, just let me know, okay?]


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[I’ve assigned a skilled chef and prepared the “finest” ingredients, so just enjoy your time, okay?]

[………………… . ]



This is bad, Lilisan’s mind was on the verge of short-circuiting . I don’t think she expected to be given such VIP treatment by the Six Kings .

Stiffening in place, Lilisan’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of the water .

I mean, everyone’s staying over there? What about me……?



[……K- Kuro . Can I also stay over the……]

[No . ]

[……Okay . ]



It was a strong and unhesitating NO .

My shoulders slumped in disappointment, but words of support came from somewhere unexpected .



[U- Underworld King-sama, with all due respect…… Wouldn’t Miyamkun be comfortable being together with the others?]

[……E- Even if it’s just for one day or so……]

[……Rei-san, Fisan……]



Although they were feeling dwarfed trying to talk to Kuro, they still advised Kuro that it would be better if I stayed where everyone else was for the day .

W- What kind people they are . It seems like I had misunderstood Rei-san and Fisan until now .



[Hmmm . I’m okay with it, but would everyone really be okay with it?]

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[E- Errr, what do you mean by asking if we were okay with it?]



Kuro said she was fine with it, but she had a complicated expression on her face for some reason .

When Rei-san questioned this, Kuro looked over at Lilisan and the others before speaking .



[……The place Kaito-kun is staying…… “Isis” would also stay over there, you know?]

[Come on, everyone! The Six Kings have prepared a place for us to stay . Let’s head over there as soon as possible!]

[Yes, let’s do that!]



……What a brilliant attitude turnover that is . They’re that afraid of Isis-san huh…… wait, thinking about it now, I realized that many of the members here were the ones who watched “Isis-san exterminate Black Bears”……

Lilisan and the others also nodded like bobbleheads…… U- Unnn . As expected, if they’re this afraid…… I guess I don’t have any choice but to give up on staying where Lilisan and the others are staying .








After everyone finished greeting Kuro, they headed for their accommodations, while I was heading to the Central Tower with Kuro, who had taken over guiding me from Caraway-san .

Well, putting aside everyone else, I would be staying in that humongous Central Tower, so I could probably get there without a guide .



[……B- By the way, Kuro? Lilisan and the other’s accommodations sound amazing but…… Will there also be lots of servants at the place I’m staying at?]



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I asked Kuro, who was happily holding my hand and walking with a big smile on her face .

Lilisan and the other’s accommodation was large enough to house 300 servants…… That sounds tremendous enough already, I was afraid that the place I would be staying at would be even more outrageous than that .

As expected, staying alone in a place where there are lots of unfamiliar servants was mentally taxing for a small commoner like me .



[No . Kaito-kun, the place you’re staying is looked after by just one person . ]

[Eh? Really? That’s a relief but…… that’s kinda surprising . ]

[It’s just that we wouldn’t need anyone else . “Ein” is exclusively looking after you after all . ]

[Ahhh, unnn . I guess it makes sense now . ]



I see, Ein-san would be there huh…… With her there, she would certainly not need any other servants . After all, we’re talking about Ein-san here . Just Ein-san’s presence over there already guarantees the best treatment in the world……



[Hey, Kaito-kun . ]


[After I show you where you’re staying…… Do you want to go out with me for a bit?]

[That’s fine with me, but where are we going?]

[That’s for when we get there!]



Saying that, Kuro smiled like a child who had successfully pulled off a prank, making her look irresistibly cute .

Kuro had been busy preparing for the Six Kings Festival lately, so to be honest, I was really looking forward to leisurely hanging out with Kuro .

But, well, if it’s possible, I’d prefer a place where I don’t attract too much attention……



Dear Mom, Dad———— Parting ways with Lilisan and the others, Kuro began guiding me to the Central Tower . I still don’t know the details of what kind of place I’ll be staying at, but…… Well, thinking about having a certain supermaid exclusively looking after me———— I’m pretty sure I’ll be receiving a really outrageous VIP treatment .


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