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Chapter 268: Older Brother Will Be Unhappy Whenever He sees Yunyun Now

The man’s careless eyes landed on her. “Are you Yunyun’s friend?”

Yu Manran braced herself. “…Mm.”

She had gone too far.

If she knew that the person who had something on with Ge’er was Master Du, she wouldn’t dare to ask Pei Yunge out no matter what…


Before Huo Shidu could speak, Yu Manran took the initiative to admit her mistake. “I’m sorry, Master Du. I drank too much. I didn’t know… Yunyun’s relationship with you.”

After saying this, Yu Manran hurriedly picked up her high heels and ran out barefooted.

Everyone was bewildered.

This scene made the atmosphere even more oppressive in the eyes of the others.

Fortunately, Huo Shidu only glanced at them before his eyes landed on Pei Yunge.

There was a faint smile on his face. “Yunyun, do you still want to continue playing after she’s gone?”

Pei Yunge immediately shook her head. “I’m going home.”

She almost forgot that since Huo Shidu and Yu Hanran knew each other, he should also know Yu Manran.

On the way.

Pei Yunge followed behind Huo Shidu very quietly.

After all, she had just had her Parent-Teacher Conference last week and she was now caught in a bar…

Pei Yunge looked up and saw that the man in front of her was really ignoring her. She quickly walked forward. “Brother?”


Huo Shidu opened the car door. After Pei Yunge got into the car, he returned to the driver’s seat.

Although Pei Yunge saw that he looked calm, he did not say a word.

“Actually, I was just helping Manman win some money.” Pei Yunge tapped her index finger on the armrest of the car beside her and explained calmly.

Hearing this, Huo Shidu finally turned around and glanced at her neither too quickly nor too slowly, looking refined and languid. “Really? Then why did I see someone trying to hand you a cigarette too?”

Pei Yunge was perplexed.

When did this happen??

Suddenly, the image of Huo Shidu feeding her candy appeared in Pei Yunge’s mind.

At that time, the young man behind Huo Shidu seemed to have a cigarette in his hand.

“…” It was hard to explain.

After they got out of the car and arrived home, it was already nine o’clock. Meanwhile, Momo, who was still growing, had already been asked to sleep early.


Pei Yunge stood in front of Huo Shidu and looked up with her pretty face. She said with a smile, “Brother, I know my mistake. Can we have a discussion?”

“Why? How can Older Brother not be angry?”

The little girl seemed to be used to using this trick. As long as she pretended to be obedient, no one could bear to be fierce to her.

The man chuckled carelessly before he looked up. His appearance was light and charming.

He reached out lazily and pushed her forehead with his cold fingers. With a lazy and magnetic voice, he said frivolously, “Mm, Older Brother will be unhappy whenever he sees Yunyun now.”

Pei Yunge was perplexed.

As Pei Yunge was still processing what he had said, there was a commotion in the living room.

When he turned on the lights, he found that Alas was really tearing down the house.

Pei Yunge’s pretty eyes moved, before she glanced at the man beside her calmly.

A few minutes later, Pei Yunge held onto the rope and sat at the long corridor outside.

A human and a dog were being made to “stand still” as punishment. This was already a glorified way of putting it.

Pei Yunge couldn’t help but touch Alas’s head, before she rested her cheek on her hand and sighed.

This man was really hard to please.

However, less than five minutes after Pei Yunge sat down, a familiar voice sounded from not far away.

“Oh no, what’s going on, Miss Pei? Why are you outside?” Yu Hanran asked deliberately.

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