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Chapter 115: The Sect’s Grand Array Has Been Affected. Everyone Was Shocked!

The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array was based on the Million Miles Immortal Mountains. Countless precious Heavenly materials and Earthly treasures were used before it was finally formed!

It could be said that even if the current Danxia Holy Land were to set up a new Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array, it would be impossible if they couldn’t find a natural grand array foundation like the Million Miles Immortal Mountains!

It was precisely because of the Million Miles Immortal Mountains that the potential of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array was extremely high!

Correspondingly, the development potential of the formation spirit was even more difficult to predict!

At this moment, the situation behind the formation spirit was precisely the situation where the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array automatically advanced under the influence of Liu Changgong’s painting!

Clouds churned, and countless chains of order explored the void. There were even endless Dao rhythms emerging from the formation!

This evolution could be said to be based on the automatic evolution of Liu Changgong’s painting, or it could also be said that the formation spirit took the initiative to evolve after understanding the Dao rhythms in Liu Changgong’s painting!

Of course, regardless of the situation, the advancement of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths formation was a fact!

At this moment, the young girl’s appearance was also gradually changing. Every once in a while, there would be a slight change!

When Liu Changgong’s second painting was finished, the young lady’s body suddenly jolted. She had already turned into an extremely beautiful woman in her twenties!

The woman looked charming and moving. There was a languid and mischievous look in her eyes. She was so beautiful that she did not seem like anything in the mortal world!

“Today should be considered my greatest fortune!”

The woman looked at Liu Changgong’s figure in the painting and bit her lips. A gentle smile appeared on her face!

To her, the person who had created her was naturally the Senior of the Danxia Holy Land who had already ascended. However, Liu Changgong had given her the opportunity to advance!

If the formation spirit had a level, then the previous her was only at the initial stage of life. Moreover, she had never changed for over ten thousand years!

However, under the two paintings by Liu Changgong, the formation spirit had directly crossed over from a youth to an adult!

This kind of terrifying assistance had definitely not only brought about changes to the formation spirit’s appearance!

The mind, strength, control over the Grand Array, as well as the changes that the Grand Array could undergo, all had a huge increase!

Although the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array was the formation spirit’s main body, at this moment, the formation spirit was no longer just relying on the Grand Array to exist!

If there was a treasure of the same level as the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array, then the formation spirit would be able to break away from the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array and place itself on that treasure!

And at this moment, the formation spirit woman was thinking about whether it was possible to follow Liu Changgong by his side!

This kind of improvement in strength made her, even though she was only a formation spirit, feel an incomparable thirst!

And just as the formation spirit was staring fixedly at Liu Changgong, he had already begun to draw the third painting!

This painting was different from the first two!

The first two paintings were just Liu Changgong’s sudden inspiration to draw the scene of a Million Miles Immortal Mountains. There was only its shape, not much charm!

Liu Changgong did not add much of his own thoughts into the paintings. At most, he changed some of the positions that he felt uncomfortable in.

However, in the third painting, Liu Changgong wanted to completely depict the real Million Miles Immortal Mountains in his mind!

He took a deep breath and his eyes were extremely serious.

It was extremely difficult to depict the Million Miles Immortal Mountains!

Moreover, what Liu Changgong wanted to do was not a simple description, but to truly draw the appearance of the Million Miles Immortal Mountains in his mind!

The difficulty of this kind of painting even surpassed the ‘Heavenly Palace painting’ that he had drawn for Yu Hongye previously!

The paper was pure white. Liu Changgong brewed for a few seconds and directly touched the paper with his brush!


A terrifying fluctuation that even Wang Yuyan and the others didn’t notice was instantly emitted from this small pavilion!

The formation spirit woman who was watching in the dark had a drastic change in expression!

“What’s going on? This person… What does he want?”

At this moment, she felt as if she had been separated from the Million Miles Immortal Mountains by Liu Changgong!

A new array spirit seemed to be snatching her position!

The formation spirit woman’s expression changed drastically!

If this continued, then the moment the new formation spirit was born, she would definitely be pushed out of the array!

Without a corresponding level of treasure for her to stay in, no matter how powerful a mere formation spirit was, it would still be cut into pieces by the invisible squall between Heaven and Earth because it did not have a physical body!

At that time, she would really be unable to cry out every day!

“No! I have to think of a way…”

The formation spirit gritted her silver teeth and muttered to herself.

At this moment, she could naturally control the Great Array and directly affect Liu Changgong, preventing him from continuing to paint.

However, this was also a good opportunity for the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array to advance!

Although there was a certain chance that she would die and her Dao would vanish, there was also a chance for her to directly advance to a higher level array spirit!

This kind of temptation was comparable to the ascension of the human race. No one could control their greed!

In other words, this wasn’t greed at all, but the thirst of an intelligent creature for strength!

“Forget it. If this continues, I don’t believe that I won’t be able to suppress a tiny new formation spirit!”

“If this really doesn’t work…”

The woman’s gaze was fixated on the painting that Liu Changgong was currently drawing!

From her perspective, once this painting was completed, it would immediately evolve into a treasure that wasn’t inferior to the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array!

Such a treasure was enough for her to take possession of!

At that time, she would pretend to be the newly born artifact spirit of the painting…

With this Senior’s terrifying cultivation, surely he would not reject the pursuit of a formation spirit!

With this thought in mind, the woman smoothed her hair by her ear.

“Moreover, I am a great beauty!”

The corners of the woman’s mouth curled up in a seductive arc, but in the next second, she stuck out her tongue. It was naughty, cute, and sexy. When it appeared on her body at the same time, it immediately burst out with a shocking sense of beauty!

Liu Changgong was completely focused. Naturally, he did not realize that his painting had already affected the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Grand Array!

His entire mind was focused on the painting!

What he wanted to do was to draw all the Million Miles Immortal Mountains into his painting!

He wanted to adjust their positions and heights according to his own thoughts, so that the Million Miles Immortal Mountains would truly become the most perfect existence in his heart!


Another wave of terrifying fluctuations!

The formation spirit’s heart trembled, and a feeling of being repelled by the Grand Array appeared. She gritted her silver teeth and controlled her figure with all her might!

At the main peak of the Danxia Holy Land, the white-bearded old man also came to the main hall on the main peak.

And in this magnificent and majestic hall, he saw the sect master of the Danxia Holy Land!

The leader of the Danxia Holy Land was quite powerful, close to the Tribulation Transcension stage.

In fact, the strength structure of the Holy Land had always been like this. Although the leader of the Danxia Holy Land had a lot of power, his strength was usually not as powerful as the Grand Elder.

The leader of the Danxia Holy Land, who was at the peak of the Soul Formation realm, was already considered to be the most powerful among all the Holy Lands.

“Greetings, Sect Master!”

The white-bearded elder cupped his hands and smiled.

“Congratulations, Sect Master, your strength has increased by another level!”

“Elder Liu, please take a seat!”

The Sect Master of the Danxia Holy Land was a refined-looking middle-aged man in a long robe.

Seeing that the Grand Elder who had been guarding the array eye for decades had come, he quickly stood up from the Sect Master’s seat and invited him to sit at the side.

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