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Chapter 207: Everyone’s Admiration And Envy

Even after two lifetimes, Gu Yan never forgot how things were during the New Year at Zhang Lan’s home.

That was when she was forcefully asked to render labor several times than usual.

She had to finished general cleaning, wipe the dust on the ceiling, polish the glass and mirrors, as well as wash all the blankets and quilts.

The blanket covers in the villages back then were all sewn with cloth and rugs.

When it came to washing them, they had to be taken apart, washed, and dried. By then, they would harden to the point you could beat someone with them. Following such, you had to sew everything back together.

This all had to be done by Gu Yan. Only Gu Dagang would help sometimes when he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Even still, he would get abused by Zhang Lan.

As a consequence, the frostbite on Gu Yan’s hand never recovered. The thick calluses on her hand ached.

If Gu Yan didn’t do the work, Zhang Lan would beat and curse at her even more. She even threatened to not let her attend school.

Although eventually, Zhang Lan still didn’t allow her to enter the Primary Academy.

Gu Yan soon stopped reminiscing. She ended up cleaning Lu Ye’s room entirely. She wiped until the windows were spotless.

Her diligent work made the other soldiers curious and envious.

They were confused about where Captain Lu found his beautiful and diligent wife.

Now that people called her sister-in-law, Gu Yan felt much calmer. She would often return a generous smile.

Beautiful girls would always get preferential treatment, not to mention, this beauty had a good temperament, diligent disposition, and an astounding intellectual capacity.

When people learned her results in the competition, the news quickly spread like wildfire. The crowd soon admired Captain Lu’s luck while some felt envious.

A female sharpshooter!

This was extremely rare.

Yet, this goddess of sharpshooting was so beautiful and …

Everyone unanimously thought Captain Lu was outstanding. But at this very moment, they all felt the dog had taken away the good meat.

Of course, they could only think about it. After all, if they dared to challenge him, no one would beat Captain Lu.

As for Gu Yan, she accepted Lu Ye’s keys. First of all, it was due to the environment of the room, which was better for reviewing.

The second reason was to mark Lu Ye as hers.

That was right. She used this crafty tactic to let everyone know Lu Ye had a girlfriend.

Ever since her rebirth, Gu Yan was very clear on her goal when it came to the relationship.

Lu Ye liked her, and she liked Lu Ye. Hence, the man was hers. No one was allowed to touch him.

Finally, she finished cleaning the dorm inside out. Gu Yan cooked some dumplings for herself.

In the Northern Star Region, people were used to cooking steamed dumplings. However, if Gu Yan wanted to steam it, she would have to go to the small kitchen. Accordingly, she decided to simply boil them in the cauldron.

The dumplings were brought over by Bai Changle. The filling was preserved vegetables and pork. It was quite nice.

After eating the dumplings, she washed a few fruits and packed everything. She sat before the study table and opened a practice test.

Gu Yan felt this way of spending the New Year wasn’t awful.

In the afternoon, the sun shone through the glass, making Gu Yan feel warm.

She laid her head on the table and fell asleep dazedly, as if she was in some dream. But then, the contents were either math problems or physics questions.

She didn’t know how long this state lasted.

Finally, Gu Yan suddenly heard the door being pulled open!

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