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[Next] Kaoru Chapter 77: Calculation

And then Riette-chan solved the misunderstanding by explaining that I became her guardian at the time I helped her from the kidnapper.

No, I’m planning to take care of Riette-chan FOREVER (T.N: sorry for the cap), but it’s no good if people think of her as my daughter indeed.

It will affect my marriage. Besides, Riette-chan’s attitude toward me isn’t like a mother at all. A cold mother and a daughter.

I will have more and more negative impact on my marriage.

…The handicap: already having a child?
No, I will not accept such a petty man.
Riette-chan will live with me even after my marriage!

After that, as planned, I told everyone about【I was poor and couldn’t get enough to eat when I was a child…】 That’s why even when I already became an adult, my body is still petite like a child.
No, as a Japanese, this is a good average height!
The white races are just too big! (T.N: True enough, standing next to Westerner makes me look like “Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi”)

In the Earth, at the time of this civilization level, it seems that Westerners were also small but that is due to food.
They have less opportunity to eat meat, and their nutrition isn’t enough.

So, why is the height of everyone in this world equal to the modern Earth Westerners?

There are monsters that hindered the farming work like yield crops or raise livestock.
There is a need for hunting them down for the safety of residents.

And those hunted monsters were also meat to eat.
Yes, if you don’t care about the taste and firmness, you can get it at a cheap price and a lot of monster meats can be eaten.
Depending on the type, there are also some delicious.

No one eats meat of goblin or the like, but Orc and gray beer are pretty tasty.

The nobles don’t eat much of the demon’s meat and eat only the meat of expensive livestock, 【Do not eat Orc, it’s for commoner】…or something like that.

Also, Boa juice made from Boa.
Whether it is a boar or a snake, it’s all raw material of boa juice!
Well, can human body melt those things, like a snake’s medicine? It’s similar to 【Snake’s herb】 story, I guess…

Well, that’s why the people of this world have the height and the physique of the Westerners of the modern Earth where meat eclipses increased.
No, it’s true.

Then, now that I’m done with side-job, should I return to open the shop yet?

No, although it might be okay to detain or work late.
But it’s not a fixed holiday, without prior notice, we can not shut down the store all day.

『… but … what was that, was it just a face-to-face connection …?』(Kaoru)


Even if I ask Riette-chan, she doesn't know…
And as I’m thinking about such things on the way back…

『Riette-chan?』(Unknown man)

Suddenly, Riette-chan was called out by an unknown man.
Those who know about Riette-chan have never been out of their country village, they can’t be in such a place.
If so, then this man is…

When I thought so, Roland and Francette appeared before me and Riette-chan me to protect us.
Where did they appear from…

Ah, that’s right.

Up until now, they don’t have any active part!
And then, their long long long long long long long long long escort chance has finally appeared. (T.N: There are 9 words “long” in raw)

Of course, they decided to come out.
And Francette is obviously happy, she can’t stop smiling.
I don’t know which side is the bad one anymore.

And when Francette about to give her speech…

『You are safe, Riette!
I’m so glad.
So, are these people your current owner?』(Unknown man)

『『『Huh?』』』(Kaoru + Roland + Francette)

Something was strange here.

And when I ask the details from that man.

For the annual service at a merchant’s house in another country, paying for wages for 80 years in advance, the transaction is as close as a slave.

However, this seems to be an unavoidable measure to save farmers who have only two choices whether to thin out their children or to starve and die in a group.
The long contract period is a mean for the family to borrow money with the future labor.
It’s also including the condition that the girl can’t return unless she pays all the debt.

The merchant only pays cheap money so that the girl can easily return the prepaid money with money saved by chips and side jobs.
Also, since it’s 【 an ordinary servant who just got paid wages earlier】, it seems that they can live as commoners in an ordinary way.
To live normal means three meals, on holidays she can also have some pocket money and have free time to go out.

Worried about running away?
When she escapes, a collector of money forwarded to her parents’ house goes. And being alone in a town in another country where she knows nothing, it’s impossible for a young girl to live.

There’s 【Sekiyama (a limit that she can do as hard as she can)】

In the end, she might end of living in the slum and die prematurely.
It would be better if she was living as a servant with a warm bed and three meals.
At least, living there is far better than with her parents who can’t eat meals barely.

And, she can save money for herself, or marry someone.
If they could pay the total prepaid money, she can have a happy married life.
Well, she can grasp the happiness that isn’t comparable with the past hungry life in the country village.

『…When she was kidnapped, I was worry about her.
As for what I was doing, even though I think that it’s not something shameful to face the goddess.
However, under the rules of the country, I can be suspected of human trafficking.
I couldn’t go to the officers.
I have to leave the city to escape…
And at that time, I heard some noblemen or rich men were at work.
I thought she should be safe.
And it seems that she can live happily now.
I’m happy for her…』(Merchant Man)

The middle-aged man says so in tear.

『…Mer~cha~nt, a~ good~ person~…』(Riette)

Certainly, if he was just buying people, he wouldn’t remember the face and name of the item each time.
For him to remember means he didn’t treat Riette-chan as a commodity for trading but as a person.

『So, how is Riette-chan now?
Was she bought somewhere…』(Merchant)

『You, low-life. Watch your mouth in this place』(Francette)

Francette shouts in angry.
Yes, slave trading is a felony.
It wasn’t a good topic to talk about in such a place, although there aren’t many people in the street in the afternoon.

『…Hey, follow me!』(Kaoru)

And we moved, 【Let’s go back to the Atelier】.
With the shop closed, everyone went upstairs.

『Riette-chan is now an ordinary people who will not be bound by any contract to anyone.
Yes, this is the writing with a signature of the lord.
And this is the certificate that I am her guardian…』(Kaoru)

The middle age man opens his eyes, looking at the documents I took out of the item box which made like took out from the bag.

『It’s a perfect document…
With this, she can have an average (ordinary) happiness…』(Merchant)

No, it is true, is that okay?

『But won’t you get a whole loss?
You paid the money to Riette-chan’s parents and Riette-chan couldn’t pay for it with her work because Riette-chan was delivered to the client…』(Kaoru)

And when he heard that.

『No, since it’s a business, we have already incorporated a certain amount of loss.
In the first place, when she was kidnapped, at that time, I didn’t do anything to take her back.
I also abandon her as I left the town.
I have lost the right.』(Merchant)

It’s rather an honest answer, it’s pretty much the same with what I heard from the Lord back there.
No, I’m saved because I don’t have any trouble.
But for a merchant, is it okay?

『Well, because you are a merchant, don’t you have to do a little bit more business…』(Merchant)

The Merchant uncle shrugs off his shoulder with my advice. I wonder if he also somewhat understands it.

Then, it’s a great turning point, the story ends with the merchant is a good person.
Francette also shrugs her shoulders off in the same way.
Apparently, she seems to want to protect me and have a big success.
…No, the opponent this time is just a harmless merchant, no matter if he is a good or bad person, her wish can’t be fulfilled anyway…

Well, It’s not something I was worried about, I concerned about Riette-chan.

What if afterward, her parents told me【Please return our child!】and also tried to sell her again to a merchant.
Selling her as a bride to the neighbor village for about 10 bags of wheat.

In order for such a thing won’t happen, I have to educate Riette-chan properly… right?

Riette-chan is six years old already.
And she is quite intelligent.
She will understand that much.
In addition…

Riette-chan firmly grasped my hand while seeing the merchant uncle going home with a happy face.

… I will be with you forever until marriage.
Somehow, maybe it’s something like that.

Oh, of course, I am the one who will become a bride!
I will take Riette-chan together in my new family.

…What if a man appears that wants to marry both of us?

It is decided.
… For such a man, I will give him a 【little】 punishment!!

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