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Kuro Kurori ssu~

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Kaoru‘s side B!

A ? Why not?

104 Ranch

The store is closed for today and I went out together with everyone.

The destination is the ranch in the outskirt. If I don’t show my face from time to time, they will get angry again…….Ed and everyone, that is.

That’s why the six of us will have a horse training for today.

(Kaoru) 「Ed, I have come~!」

(Ed) 『Ohh, you have come~!』

(Ed’s Wife) 『Welcome』

(Ed’s Daughter) 『Kaoru onee-chan, do you bring sugar cube?』

Ed’s family is the same as ever.

(Kaoru) 「Well? How’s your live here?」

(Ed) 『Oh, thanks to young miss paying the extra charge, the food were all special meals. I also can run freely on the field and the grasslands and be with my wife and children, so I’m completely satisfied! The envious eyes from the others was a pleasure thing for me too!』

(Kaoru) 「Ahaha……」

Roland and Francette are deepening their relationship with their own horse next to us.

Ah, of course, like Ed’s family, those two were also given special foods, including corns, carrots, apples, and sugar cubes. I had given the sugar cubes to the caretaker at that time.

……let’s go easy on him if he take a little of it and bring it home. Assuming that he just gave it to his family instead of reselling it, though.

Both Roland and Francette are the enthusiast type towards horses. They will comb the horse’s mane and do their skinship in various ways. Even though we already paid extra charges and they took care of our horses perfectly, this and that are two different matters, huh… as expected….

The horses said, 『That’s not it! Be more gentle along the hairline! Do it with love!!』 but let’s keep it a secret without any interpretation……

Emile and Bell were riding on Ed’s wife and daughter respectively and took a stroll around the area. I also have put Riette-chan on top of Ed.

Ed’s daughter might be easier to ride as she has a smaller body than Ed, but it’s safer for Riette-chan to ride a horse that has a longer experience on doing it. If I pair the inexperienced young ones with each other, I cannot rest calmly and won’t know what kind of 『unexpected mistakes』 that will occur.

Speaking of that, Ed also said, 『As expected of young miss, you really know it very well, huh……』 and had a happy face.

We usually move with the chariot, but sometimes he will carry both of us on top of him. Thus, from now on, in the unlikely event, there’s a possibility that the one who rides him will only be Riette-chan.

I said to Ed clearly to at least go and ride safely until Riette-chan could master fast-riding.

And, when I had done interpreting what Ed wanted to say to Riette-chan, she quickly understood just like the me at that time.

After that, we took a break and this time Bell will ride together with Riette-chan and do an escape training.

Yeah, it’s a practice for when I will be staying with Ed to earn some time for everyone and in the meantime creating a chance for Bell and Riette-chan to escape.

The two of them insisted, 「We won’t run away and leave Kaoru-sama behind!」, but when I said 「It’s an order」, they reluctantly trained.

No, well, the reason for this it’s not about 『earning some time』 but rather, I don’t really want them to see gruesome scenes, you know……

(Kaoru) 「…and, what do you want to say to me, Ed?」

(Ed) 『Eh……?』

(Kaoru) 「I could tell because we’re partners, you know? You have something to ask or consult something to me, right? Don’t hold back as we’re currently separated with the others.

… Well, even if there’s everyone, the humans can only hear you neighing, though.」

(Ed) 『I can’t win against young miss, huh……』

After hesitating for a while, Ed finally opened his mouth.

(Ed) 『The truth is, there’s a nice grandpa on this ranch. He told me a lot of interesting stories, and always be with my daughter as a conversation partner. He’s really a nice grandpa, you see…

And, that grandpa slept one time while basking in the sun…….and was talking in his sleep, like 「Curse you, my master’s rival!」, 「Young miss! That man! That man is the criminal!」. At that time, tears were falling from my eyes……』

Hmmm, is he an assistant for taking care of the horses? Somehow, he seems to have a circumstances in the past that are difficult to explain……

(Ed) 『Unlike humans, we horses rarely shed tears, except when there’s a huge matter going on.』

……wait, so this 『grandpa』 is an old horse!?

Ah, as I recall, he had said, 『Told me a story』 and 『conversation partner』.

Well…, that’s obviously a horse, huh…

(Ed) 『And, that grandpa will be thrown away soon, you see. It’s because he can’t work as a riding horse, cart-horse, nor farm horse anymore.

……but, you see…

You see…

I want to do something for him! I want him to be satisfied and go with a smile without leaving any regrets!!』

(Kaoru) 「……Ed, are you aware?」

(Ed) 『Eh? aware of?』

(Kaoru) 「…of the fact that you are crying right now…」

If Ed asked with that kind of thought, I cannot do anything but accept it.

After all, Ed is my beloved horse, a friend,…… and comrade in arms.

Alright, let’s do it!

(Kaoru) 「Ed, thou art my sacred riding horse. I shall grant thy desires.」

(Ed) 『Thank you very much! I’m very grateful…』

(Horses) 『『We would also like to help, Ed-dono!』』

Aahh~ these guys, I wonder if they are thinking about wanting to carry out a task from me who is a goddess, or maybe pleasing Ed to get his daughter……

Well, whatever. There’s no such thing as too much fighting power, to begin with.

I won’t ask for help to Francette, Roland, Emile and Bell as this is my riding horse’s, Ed’s request. Hence, it’s my own selfishness as Ed’s master and I cannot afford to involve any unrelated person in danger.

But, it’s probably fine if these two horses offered themselves to participate helping the old horse. There won’t be any danger for them as they probably won’t have any turn to show up. I’m just going to treat them as mere accomplices.

That’s why……

(Kaoru) 「Alright. Then, everyone, this story will be a secret to Roland, Francette and the others, so let’s laugh all at once so that it won’t look suspicious. Okay? 1, 2,…!」

(Horses) 『『『Buhihihihihihi!』』』

(Kaoru) 「Ahahahaha!」

(Roland & Francette) 「「…………」」

When their own riding horses suddenly approached me and Ed, somehow exchanged words together and started to laugh all of a sudden.

……yup, as expected, they will give that kind of look, right…

Something like suspicious looking eyes, or intense staring eyes, or rather…..

And for Roland and Francette who wants to hear the contents of the story, I could deceive them by saying 「The horses also get my jokes」 or 「They cannot understand it in human language as this is dedicated for horse language only」.

And then, Ed told me about this grandpa and I said to everyone, 「I will check with the other horses whether Ed and the others were doing something bad or not」 and went alone separately.

(Kaoru) 「You are Carlos, aren’t you?」

(Carlos) 『Wha! The human can talk? Such a thing!』



No, well, it should be like that, though…

Well, whatever. Besides, to begin with, I am not even a human being.

Alright, Mode Change!

(Kaoru) 「I am a friend of the goddess of this world, Celestine. Are you the one whose name is Carlos?」

(Carlos) 『G-Goddess-sama!? I-I’m very sorry~!!』

The old horse, Carlos, lowered his head in a hurry.

(Kaoru) 「I was taking a break by visiting my sacred riding horse, Ed, and planned to laid back on the ground world together with his wife and daughter, but he said that he had some kind of request for me.

He said that he would like me to fulfill anything that you wish for as they had been in your care for a while…..

So in exchange of rewarding myself for my work the other day, I decided to listen to his request.

Now then, let’s hear your wish.」

Yup, I’m going with this kind of setting this time.

With this, he will say it honestly.

……But, these guys, are they really horses?

Can horse language be used to communicate like this? By combining the Hihin or Bururu sounds? In addition, horses are said to have lower intelligence than 3-year-old dogs, and there’s supposed to be a theory that they are below cats and above rabbits. Well, there’s a large variation of individual differences, genres… numbers, understanding the graphic, memory, comprehension, and such. So it might not be something that can be compared in general.

But even so, it’s strange to be able to have an advanced conversation normally like this.

As expected, Celes is….

No! Don’t think!

Don’t think about it!

This is only this! Don’t think too deeply!

I don’t care about the details.

I don’t care about big things.

I’m already at this late hour as I had just finished talking with Ed and the others that time.

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