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Vol 1 cover.

Chapter 03: To the school

Adel: “Water, gather at my side! Water ball creation!”

chapter 08: Friends 1

Mercella: “Is this, that girl’s, snack…?”

Chapter 12 Burning man 1

Adel: 「First of all, can you be satisfied and tell yourself “I did it, I’m stronger than her” after luckily winning one fight? Can you really call yourself “stronger” when you quit after 12 losses and only 1 win? Are you retarded?」

15 Goddess manifestation

Adel: 「Oh Lightning, show these fools the anger of the god they defy!」

25 meeting

Rena: 「That’s not it! W-well, I won’t say that you’re not popular, but what they’re after is your Storage Magic!

They’ll continue coming after you until the graduation to get you into their party!

It will be problematic if don’t do something about this. After all, you’re perfect for my…」

29 Scape Goat

Mile: 「But, but, isn’t hunting with just a sword too inefficient?

I know just the right magic for you to hunt birds and Horn Rabbits, would you like to learn it?」

31 Red Oath

Rena: 「Do you understand? As long as red blood flows through our veins, we’ll never betray our comrades! Our friendship is indestructible!」

34 Graduation test 3

With his feet in the air, Guren couldn’t muster any strength, and Vail unleashed a stream of attacks, but even if his stance was broken, this much wasn’t enough to put Guren down. But….

Vail:「Magic Blade!」

With a pling the severed part of Guren’s blade hit the ground while Vail had canceled the magic immediately after cutting the sword and rammed the now normal sword into Guren’s abdomen.

35 Graduation test 4

While saying this, Mile snapped her fingers, causing the trio of Rena, Maevis, and Pauline to jump out from the resting area. They positioned themselves surrounding Mile.

「Even though we were not born on the same day or in the same place!」

「Even though we share not a drop of blood between us!」

「We are comrades walking along the same path!」

「Even if our ways might part in the future,」

「as long as red blood flows through our veins,」

「「「「our friendship is eternal!」」」」

「We are four comrades tied together by our very souls! And our name is,」

「「「「RED OATH!!」」」」


Behind the posing quartett, Mile had caused and explosion with magic and caused four colored smoke to rise up.

37 Cat fight

「You know of it, right? That the goddess has descended and taken residence inside Adel-san’s body!」(Morena)

「「「Eh…」」」 (Wonder three)

An effectful self destruct by the Princess.


「And as a reward for keeping it a secret to Adel-san that the goddess was using her as a vessel as well as covering for a lot of her problems, the goddess bestowed the gift of magic unto you, correct?

It is fine to admit it, all present here are in the know about the goddess…」 (Morena)


(What, is she talking about?) (Marcella)

Marcella was thinking. Thinking as if her life depended on it.

(This is certainly the result of Adel trying to gloss over one of her failures in some strange way! But what exactly did she tell them…

She probably showed off some impossible magic. If I was that girl, how would I try to fool them?

If I lower myself to her level, subtract common sense and the ability to read the mood, and multiply the ditziness by 5, what would I do as that girl…) (Marcella)


Marcella had become quite good at predicting Adel’s actions. By running this 『Adel Simulator』.

Recently she had become able to notice during a conversation that (Ah, she’s about to say something inappropriate) and cover her mouth, or predict her action and stop her right before she started moving, averting a multitude of tragedies. Such was the ability of the 『Adel Simulator』 when it ran at full power.


(According to the rumors there was… the descent of the goddess, a divine messenger.

And now this. The goddess was dwelling inside her? What did Adel tell them to pull wool over their eyes?

To avoid any unreasonable demands after being cornered, what would the thought process, which was as two dimensional as her breast, of that girl come up with?

……….Ah!!) (Marcella)


Vol 2 Cover

40 New Weapons Revenge Version

Maevis sunk to her knees and put both hands on the ground in despair while Mile was being shaken by Rena who had grasped her by the collar, and Pauline looked bleak at the thought of their finances.

「M-Mile, youuu….」(Rena)

「W-Wait! We can talk this out!」(Mile) (TL-Note: These three lines are a pun on talking (hanasu) and letting go of smth/smb (hanasu) for which I found no way to translate it while keeping the joke.)

「Even without letting you go, I understand that I was an idiot to have believed for even just one moment that this could work!」(Rena)

「N-No, I don’t mean letting me go, no, thinking about it, it would be great if you let go off me! So, let me go and let’s talk this out!」(Mile)

41 Bounce Strategy

After that, the members of 『Red Oath』 lingered around the first floor or the front of the inn if they had nothing better to do, and were supporting the business by doing things like talking with other customers.

Because the one who had driven down the price during negotiations with 「increase in customers」 had been Reni-chan. It also depended on their performance whether other female Hunter would be able to get a similar deal in this inn, or other inns if the advertisement’s effectiveness spread around.

So, for the sake of the many future female Hunters to come, even if they had to bear with it for now, they had to do everything to increase the number of customers.


「H-Hey there mister, mind if I sit next to you?」(Mile)

Mile said with a shaky smile on her flushed face as she brought a food-filled tray with her.


「…. big sis, you don’t have to go that far…」(Reni-chan)

While Reni-chan was amazed, Meavis, Rena, and Pauline wondered whether they too would have to go this far.

46 Rock Golem

At Maevis signal, she and Mile sprang forth.

While 4 meters might not sound like much it is more than 2.5 times Mile’s height. A truly looming enemy whose head even Maevis couldn’t hope to reach.

Against its sturdy body and limbs sword slashes would be of little use and a normal sword would simply break. In the end, the only place only the joints seemed like a reasonable place to attack.


(If I remember it correctly, the ball inside the joint is terribly hard but the surrounding material is thinner to be able to hold the ball in place, so if you attack that the ball won’t be able to move smoothly anymore….) (Mile)

While mulling about what she had learned in the Training School, Mile cut at the Golem’s left knee.

At the same time Meavis stabbed towards its right knee.

Aiming for the hips would limit its movements very much, but they were too high to effectively cut them. And they looked more durable than the knees.

Well, since damaging the knees a little would be enough to allow them to slip past it it didn’t matter.





「「……Huh?」」(Mile + Maevis)

Mile and Maevis’ voices overlapped.

With its left knee blown away and its right knee shattered the balls fell from their bearings and the Rock Golem fell forward with a loud noise.

51 joint duties

“Well, for now, let me introduce myself. I am this 『Dragon Breath』 party’s leader, Bart (バート), a rank B swordsman.

There’s no other rank B in this joint parties.

So, I’d like to be the leader of the entire escort plan and the battle commander, are there any objections?” (Bart)

As everyone seemed to have no objection, he nodded and continued talking.

“Our members are: Swordsman Karam (カラム), spearman Fagas (ファーガス), knife user Vera (ヴェラ) and magician Jeanne (ジニー).

Jeanne is good at battle magic but don’t expect her to cast healing.” (Bart)

And then the members of the three 20 years old males party introduced themselves.

“『Flame Wolf』’s party leader Brett (ブレット), Both me and Chuck (チャック) are swordsmen and Darryl (ダリル) is a spearman.” (Brett)

“Huh…!?” (many people)

A lot of people unexpectedly leaked their inner voices.

No matter how you looked at them, the party balance was too bad.

56 Incoming Enemies

Maevis kept on speaking.

“Like I said before, It would be difficult for a hunter to fight with the intention of capturing without killing, even if the hunter were stronger than the bandit.

Unless there’s a huge difference in their fighting power…” (Maevis)

“E…” (Rena)

Rena made a pokan face.

“Ar… are you stupid! Such a thing …” (Rena) (Ba, baka janaino! Son’na koto)

However, if you looked at the face of Mile, you couldn’t say anything anymore.

If it was her, she could handle anything with ease, a girl younger than Rena who kept breaking common sense.

Chapter 57 Battle

Mile was watching the movement of the soldier who stopped closely.

Hi ~yun (SFX)

Arrows of enemy archers were fired all at once, and Mile use the wind defence magic to change direction of all the arrows.

“Wind, wind, wind!” (Mile)

What Mile used was wind magic and all the arrows shot by the enemy fell to the ground.

This was just wind magic that magicians normally used, so Mile didn’t have to worry about standing out.

Following the arrows, attack magic came flying this time. 

They used all kinds of magic to bombard the carriages.

They didn’t need to aim because the carriages were big targets, and no matter where it hit, a fire ball would spread the fire to the whole carriage group.  

The number of magic attacks was massive with trajectory.

“Magic Shoot!” (Mile)

Mile’s spell at the same time perfectly intercepted all the incoming magic attacks.

All of them were hit by Mile’s instruction to the nanomachines.

The magic that Mile used was just simple magic balls so she didn’t have to worry about standing out.

61 Returning to the Kingdom’ capital

Chuck is sitting on the coach of the first carriage with the merchant and coachman. Three people lined up side by side, the coach was a little narrow. Mile is sitting on the top of the carriage.

And Chuck never looks backwards when talking to Mile.

Position and height, if he looks back, he will look up the skirt of Mile from below.

Mile was unprotected, even if Chuck looked back, it didn’t matter at all. But once Chuck tried to look back, he had a strong elbow hit…

…from the old merchant who sat next to him. And he whispered with a small but deceptive voice that could not be heard by Mile, with a scary face turned over from the smiling face that he always had.

“…I will kill… you …” (Merchant) (殺すぞ、テメェ: Korosu zo, teme~e   teme is vulgar way of saying “you”) [ED(Lowe): this is scary as hell merchant old man!]

After that, Chuck has a very gentlemanly attitude.


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