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[Next] Mile Chapter 96: Escape!

FUNA sensei’s Note: I’m sorry, I was asleep, I forgot to upload. (^ ^ ゞ

「Stupid fellow, if you get caught too, who will inform the guild about this.

And then we must wait for other party to save us again, If we repeat doing that, we will not be saved for a long time…」(Leader Hunter)

Go tori (SFX)

While other hunters are talking, Maevis is casually slashing the wooden grids with her sword.

The wooden grids are clean cut.

「Ohhh」 (Hunters)

Everyone looking at her in astonishment and then they begin to praise her.

Maevis feels slightly shy. Rescued captured people from the bad persons is a good thing.

For Maevis that always admires the knight, it’s probably the time of bliss.

「Huh…」(Leader Hunter)

Escort leader also *dumbfound* and stared his eyes open.

Even if it’s made of wood, wooden grind isn’t something a young girl can easily cut off with one lightly swung sword.

No, that should have been like that.

In the first place, to escape, they were checking the strength of the grid many time before.

「… I need to tell you, I am the weakest in this party」(Maevis)

Maevis noticed the gaze of the leader of the escort party, murmured with a bitter smile.

「No, the weakest one is me …」(Pauline)

Pauline retorts to Maevis as she cutting the wooden grid with water magic.
This magic was taught by Mile.

The leader of the escort party was dumbfound again as he looks at the cutting edge of the wooden grid.

「We don’t have time to discuss! If we get caught, we just need to beat them at that time!

Well, let’s go!」(Rena)

Everyone nods to Rena and stands up one after another. The Lead hunter also stands up.

「If you don’t extinguish the fire, the light will leak when we open the door. Can you use water magic…」(Leader hunter)

「Oh, we don’t leave from the front door … But, well, extinguish the fire isn’t hurt」(Mile)

Following the leader’s advice, Mile waved her hand lightly and extinguish the firewood

… without water.

「Huh…」(Leader Hunter)

Hi ~yun! (SFX)

Mile pulls out her sword and sways with the speed that faster than any hunters’ eyes can see.

And then she grabs the walls grab and gently pulls a part out.

There was a hole with a large size that even adults could easily pass if they crouch.


「Now, quick!」(Maevis)

Maevis hurried the dumbfound hunters that stopped their movements. Everyone kept their mouths silent as they went out from the hole.

Mile is going first and leading everyone. That was because she can see through the night and she has the detection magic that can detect the presence of a monster as soon as possible. And she can clear the tree branchs for everyone.

Behind Mile is Rena, as a rare guard magician.

Maevis is going last to protect everyone from the back.

Pauline is in the center, and ready to go to the front and the back anytime.

Since the rescued hunters are robbed of their weapons, with bare hands they can’t fight properly.

There are four magicians including two girl, but they can barely use any attack magic. So right now the 『Red Oath』was the position to protect everyone.

As soon as she entered the grove from the open space.

Mile attached a piece of wood painted with 「magic luminescent substance」on each person’s back and feet so everyone could see their feet and follow other back

With this everyone can easy process in the darkness.

Of course, if Mile feels the sign of the enemy, Mile will instruct everyone to remove the wood piece painted with 「magic luminescent substance」 immediately.

And when they get some distance from the beastkin’ camp, everyone takes a break.

Escape in the dark night exhausts both their strength and energy vigorously and it’s inefficient to keep moving when you exhausted.

It will be serious if you are toppled over and injured.

If that happens, we will slowdown even more.

Besides, they beastkins hasn’t been noticed their escape yet.

While everyone was resting, Mile picked a suitable tree and had cut off the good branches.

And then she scrapped them at great speed. Of course, it is a place that the hunters can not see.

Mile had them finished in an instant, and returned to the place where everyone is taking a break.

「Everyone, please choose the one that fits your hands!」(Mile)


Everyone is dumbfound with dot eyes, looking at the massive amounts of wooden swords and wooden spears that Mile gives out.

「Where did you …」(Leader hunter)

「I made it just now」(Mile)

「………… 」(Hunters)

After silence for a while, the hunters silently start picking what fits their hands.

As expected, the hunters who received dangerous requests. Their adaptability is quite high.

Although these swords and spears are made by wood. They are solid wood, so even if you use them to fight with an iron sword, they will not be broken or cut easily.

Unless the opponent has considerably skill and a good sword.

Besides, wooden swords and spears can be used as walking staves or clear the branches of trees or high grasses and drive away monsters and animals.

The hunters had experience with fighting, so even with wooden weapons, it’s still better than nothing at all. Their facial expressions became better than before.

(U fu fu, just according to the Keikaku) (Mile) (Translator’s Note: Keikaku mean plan)

Gyin! (SFX)

A pair of shining eyes staring at Mile.

[That was a young girl in her mid-teens. Yes, she is the daughter of the guild master.

Why is she staring at me with such eyes …

Do you think that guild staff will losing face if you get helped by girls of your age more or less.

Or is she worry about her father, the Guild Master’s face? (T.N: face as honor)

I’m better talking with her to change the mood]

Thought so, Mile spoke to the girl.

「Well, we were asked by your father …」(Mile)

「Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!」(Young girl)

「Shh…. 」(Hunters)

Everyone suddenly warned the young girl who loudly raised her voice at once.

「Sorry…」(Young girl)

Realized that her loud voice was bad. The girl apologized frankly.

「Well, anyway, did you really meet my father? When, where, how ?」(Young girl)

The young girl is a little blushing as she ask Mile in a small voice.

「Do you need to ask? At the Hermolt hunter guild, your father is the guild master right?」(Mile)

「Huh?」(Young girl)

「Huh?」(Young man)


「Hey … 」(Young woman)

At that time, someone calling to Mile from behind.

As Mile turned around, that was the scholar’s assistant fluffy woman. (T.N: fuwa fuwa = fluffy)

「I’m the daughter of the Guild Master …」(Young Woman)

「Huh?」(Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

All of 『Red Oath』is amazed.

「You shouldn’t lie, an fatty old man like him can have a daughter like you!」(Rena)

Rena is rude.

「…People often said so…」(Young woman)

The young woman has a delicate face as she says so.

「Then, you are a scholar’s assistant …」(Mile)

「No!」(Young girl)


Then, who is this girl …

Another one calling to the confused mile.

「The assistant is me」(Young man)

「You are the Scholar’s assistant? Then, then… don’t tell me …」(Mile)

「That’s right, I am Doctor Kulereia, the royal scholar!」

The young girl put her hand on the waist in a proud manner. Stretch our her chest.

「Dwarf …」(Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

「Elf ~!」(Kulereia)

「Shh…. 」(Hunters)


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