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Loli Eats Meat Bun while looking at other readers hunting Dango Mile Chapter 92: Sortie

Because there’s a female scholar in the investigative team so the Guild Master’s daughter was invited to come together so that she would not be alone in an all-men team.

Guild Master has various explanations after the girls listen the detail from the receptionist.

And the next day.

「Are you ready? Well then, let’s go!」(Rena)

「Ooh!」(Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

「『Red Oath』’s sortie 」(Rena)

It takes half a day to reach the village which the girl captured Low Breath before.

Even this place is called as forest village, but it isn’t really true.

It seems that this place is a 「village in front of the forest」to the last.

The girls feel like if they stop by the village, they would be welcomed but will be asked a lot of questions so the girls decide to go on without visiting the village.

It was very convenient because they don’t need to refill water or the like.

And soon, the girls passed through the 『real entrance to the forest』

And in the forest.

Immediately after entering the forest, Mile thought that this forest was quite ordinary …, the same as other forests, and a fang bear suddenly appeared.

[This is just like a RPG.

As soon as I left 『Village of the beginning』, it seems that I encountered a boss suddenly.

Unfortunate for the bear, the one came out from the village was not a level 1 swordsman equipped with a Hinoki stick, but a Tamamogi swordsman (たまもぎ剣士) equipped with a mystery sword] (Mile)

Hi gyi! (SFX)

「It’s kind of dangerous for such monster appear in shallow part of the forest…」(Maevis?)

Mile stored the bear in the storage, and the girls keep moving deeper in the forest.

「There seems to be many small animals, too …

Well, I guess they are running away from the back of the forest」(Rena)

Just as Rena says, there are alot of animals and monsters appear.

Among them, the girls only kill things that dangerous for the village and things specified by the guild. And Mile putting all of them in the item box.

These things won’t worth much, but it’s better than nothing.

Besides, they are included in the contents of the request. The material selling is just a separate fee.

Because the girls needed to hurry ahead in order to find the missing investigation team, the girls only hunting the monsters that in their way.

In the forest, it is quick to get dark.

It was around noon when the girls went into the forest. They decided to camp soon on the first day.

The next day, The girls will leave early when it’s bright enough to move. So they finish dinner and sleep at once.

*2nd day*

「Just as I thought, it’s really strange…」(Rena)

As everyone went into the forest on the second day, the deeper they went, we felt something strange.

Because this is the first time everyone get in this forest, they are wondering if「This area is always like this」

From then they keep comparing to other forests.

First of all, on the first day there aren’t many small animals or small monsters.

And even the number of medium-sized animals and monsters such as wild rats, horn rabbits, … that that prey on small animals was also small.

However, there are quite many figures of monstrous beasts and monster, such as Fang Bear and Orge.

Because they were included in the subject for killing. Everyone knocked them down and Mile stored them one after another in Storage.

… Normally, such monster can not be carried, so hunters can only cut out the proving part and left everything else.

Compared with other hunters, they earn a lot without hard labour.

The rate of monsters appear is really strange. If there were disaster or some change in the terrioty, the small animals may move to another place.

Of course, even strong monsters, for the same reasons as small animals will also move following their bait. Like the Fang Bear that they first encountered …

「When the number of small animals and monsters is this low, there are several reasons.

1, Their foods has run out.

2, The number of things that feed on them increased.

3, For a lot of reasons other than food related, it became difficult to live here.

4, A massive death in a moment … 」(Rena)

As Rena speaking, Mile notices something and giving the hand sign.

Then she casually grasps the sling shot on the belt with her left hand, and pick up the pebbles from the pocket with her right hand.

Ba shu~! (SFX)

Mile shot the pebble, but it passed through the sky and disappeared into the shade.

「… Sorry, I missed it …」(Mile)

「It’s okay, I think It will come again」(Rena)

Yes, there was something spies on the girls from the top of the tree a little away.

Because she didn’t know whether it was a human being so she use less force than normal and it was avoided.

Mile also got used to sling shot, and recently she has not used ballistic correction by nanomachines. Though it’s not good to rely on nanomachines forever, but her aiming already quite accurate.

It was avoided, not being removed. In other words, that was the evidence that we were watching by someone or something here.

「Well, … there are no 1 and 2.

Wild grass, tree nuts and insects that are foods to feed small animals are still normal. The number of medium-sized animals and monster that feed on them are small as well.

And 4, there was no disaster that cause sudden mass death or a big change of environments … 」(Rena)

「Hey, Rena, what was earlier …」(Maevis)

Rena keeps talking ignore Maevis’ words as if nothing had happened.

「Then, it’s not a natural factor but some external factor.

And when the monsters’s range of power suddenly changes…」(Rena)

「The occurrence of strong organisms, or the drastic change of the biosphere due to invasion, right?」(Mile)

Rena nodded, and Maevis and Pauline opened eyes with astonishment.

「Hey, Mile, you speak difficult words, do you know the meaning?」(Maevis)

Pauline nods with Maevis’s words. Mile is quite upset with the two

「I told you, I’m was the best at my home country school!」(Mile)

「No, that’s because Mile crushed other honor students with magical skill …」(Maevis)

「Who said such a thing?」(Mile)

「Leri … Ah, no… nothing!」(Maevis)

「Leri … a-san, right!」(Mile)

「A wa wa wa…」(Maevis)

「Would you mind continue listening?」(Rena)

The three girl become silent with Rena’s sullen voice with a pound mark on her forehead.

「Please!」 (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

「So, I thought it must be an Epic monster like Fenrir or Earth Dragon.

In that case, we just need to confirm the existence, we have done most of the requested tasks. And also, it seems like a little while ago … 」(Rena)

With such a monster, even if four A ranked hunter still can’t defeat it or so.

Originally, the guild also worries about this would be a quest that need several high ranked hunter parties to solve it.

Which is why the request is only investigate the「cause」not a「resolution」

Then, after knowing the 「cause」, the guild will organize and execute the 「resolution」accordingly. In order to do so. Such work is an investigation request.

「… Were you being watched?」(Pauline)

As expected from Pauline, her nose tends to sensitive with such story.

「Yeah … It seems like something watching us from the top of the tree or running away in an instant, apparently not a human being …」(Rena)

As usual, Maevis who always first searches for prey seems to have been shocked, as she completely unaware of the hiding anemy.

Mile doesn’t like to do this often and she was afraid that everyone would get used to it, so she did not use extensive detection magic.

However, because she was afraid of getting ambush, she use detection magic with a short distance, not to get surprised by hiding enemy.

(That how I noticed it, but Rena noticed without magic, is really amazing) (Mile)

And the three girls respond to Rena’s words.

「… a Devil?」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

Well, with a non-human being appears here in this forest. The girls remember the story that the elder magician was talking.  Of course, all members have forgotten about it long ago. 

The expression of everyone was tightened.

But the girls are 『Red Oath』, they are proud to have the power of a medium rank C rank hunters, not a brand-new one. But can they say that they do not care if their opponent is a Devil.

After all, Devil is a tribe whose 「talent excelled in magic」that other race called short as「Devil」. (T.N: The word Ma can mean Devil like Ma-ou = Devil King, or can mean Ma-hou = magic)

Moreover, those who come to such a place can’t be just those who have average ability. (T.N: don’t use Mile as standard but use common sense as standard)

Regardless of what objective they have, only Miles are likely to be able to win one on one.

It is only saying 「there is a possibility」.

At best, two devil can be opponent with the four girls.

Of course, It’s also an assumption that if the Devil is weaker than their imagination.

The Devil who appears in the ancient story was really strong.

… So, the girls had no choice but to pray that the old tale was exaggerated.

Yes, in line with Mile’s 「Japan Fukashi talk」…

And, unconsciously Maevis checks her clothes pocket.

There were two small containers delivered from Mile.

Before departing from the capital, Mile gives her a very small metal container (capsule) in case of emergency.

Mile had given to her after「Japanese Fukashi talk」

But she didn’t understand what Mile mean by it will be「piece of bread」? (T.N: this world doesn’t have cake so it change from piece of cake to piece of bread)

For a moment, the three girls glanced at Mile.

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I can say that Mile is absolutely Average.

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