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Today, Rena celebrating her 16th birthday with everyone.

Now Rena is 16 years old.

According to their birthday, Maevis the current age is 17 years old,

Rena is 16 years old,

Pauline is 15 years old,

and Mile is 13 years old.

Maevis’s birthday will be coming soon.

The only minor in the party is only Mile.

However, even a 10 years old regular hunter can be consider as an adult, and in particular there is no age restriction for alcohol in particular.

Whether the regular hunter is 15 years old as an adult or not isn’t a problem.

They only need to consider age when that hunter involves with employment and legal differences and parental responsibilities etc.

(Marcella-san trio and others are already in the third grade … I wonder if everyone is doing well …) (Mile)

As for Mile, classmates other than the Marcella-san trio were treated like below the cat.

(I’m already 13 years old … Because my birthday is early, everyone is still 12 years old

Speaking of age 13, in Japan I will be called chuuni …

Speaking of chuuni, I’m reminded of words 『Chuunibyou』But It is a word that I have nothing to do with me.

Indeed, I only have half power of an ancient Dragon. The mystery invisible existence call Nano-machine will listens to my command and answers any question. Met up with this world admin, and he allow me to keep the memory of my previous life…) (Mile)

Mile broke down on the floor. orz

「Recently, there aren’t many interesting requests …」(Rena)

Rena muttered in front of the request board of the guild.

On the board, several requests were affixed like survey, material collection, hunting, escort request and the like…

Survey on the status of monters in mountainous areas.

Investigate the reason why monsters living deep inside the forest appear near villages and towns.

And, searching for a MIA party.

Rescue, investigate the cause, collect the belongings, etc. with additional fee respectively.

And the those quest were concentrated in a certain town.

「… Hermolt Town, sound familiar…」(Maevis)

「We just went to catch Wyvern there!」(Rena)

「Ah, the bird monster Low Breath!」(Mile)

Maevis muttered, Rena answer and from behind, Mile hits her own hand as she remember it.

「No, as I said, Wyvern is not a bird …」(Maevis)

「Well, that was a bit boring because we just did a request there …」(Rena)

Maevis and Pauline panicked looking around when Rena said that.

… Fortunately, it seems that no other hunters were listening.

Well, even Maevis and Pauline also have such feeling.

However, they wouldn’t say that in front of many people in Hunter Guild, which seems like looking down on their daily lives「those quest were a bit boring because they were just ordinary jobs」.

That statement is bad.

Hunters are mostly swordsman, only a few are magician, and no-one has storage magic with stupid capacity like Mile.

People can only earn as much money for their dailies life by ordinary materials collection and hunting request.

Rena soon noticed that and she looked awkward.

「Anyway, we need non-contractor, unpopular request that transfer from the province to the capital. Doing such things also give high contribution to the guild!」(Rena)

Rena hurry rephrases.

Well, if she is going to say it that way, she doesn’t have to stand on the corner.

The existence a lot of requests are good for hunters as well as for the guild.

Then again, as their real intention, it’s unsatisfactory for young hunters to continue to receive such boring request for living expenses earnings.

When you reach a certain age or get married and must take care of your wife or child. Hunters must do everything for earning living expenses.

But young people are still prone to the feeling of 『wanting to do a big job』or 『want to raise their name』

And for the time being, Rena is aiming for rank B. Maevis is dreaming that will reach rank A as a knight. Or become stronger compare to other member of『Red Oath』

No, that’s also wrong.

Mile and Pauline aren’t like that. As young hunters only Rena and Maevis have such feeling

「… I wonder what to do …」(Rena)

Mile pointed to a single request to the troubling Rena.

「Rena, this …」(Mile)

[Special request set. If you receive any of these requests in Hermolt town. You don’t have to pay penalty fee for failure, and there no time limit.

Remuneration will be paid according to the outcome] (NOTICE)

「What is this! Request with such appropriate condition, This is the first time I see it!」(Rena)

「… is that because there’s no contractor?

That also means that it’s dangerous with the amount of compensation and the probability of failure is high …」(Pauline)

「Oh, there’s no mistake, and it’s also to put in more than one request at the same time」(Maevis)

Maevis nodding with Pauline’s words.

「This is it, right? Leria-san told us before … 」(anonymous)

「Ah,『Red Request』, The request that have a big negativity!」

「Because we have no trouble with this, we will receive this『Red Request』」(Rena)

Leria, the receptionist heard Rena’s voice, shrugged her shoulders with the face that she already gave up. (Poor Leria’s common sense)

And Mile feels something unusually「Special request 」because of the word『set』

(Maybe potatoes are attached ……) (Mile) (T.N: Sorry I don’t understand the meaning or pun, so I just literal translate words)

ΘHermolt Town – Hunter guild

「Oh, it’s you girls again…」(Hermolt Guild master)

Six days after that. 『Red Oath』came again to Hermolt town. The girls visit hunter guild branch and when meet the guild master.

「Well, with the last I already know about your skills.

Even so you don’t have to push yourself too hard. And you can stop investigating at the time you feel dangerous. I have already processed the order in the Capital…」(Hermolt Guild master)

It’s really can’t be help, The guild Master says so.

「Well, last time you really saved us with Wyvern quest, I was thankful for that.

The lord also praises the ability of Hunters, his attitude towards the guild also improved a bit.

Now, I will briefly explain the outline for the time being. For details on requests, ask the receptionist on the first floor.

First of all, the monsters became strange in forests and mountainous areas. There are a lot of monster appear.

Normally you can’t find monsters that easily. On the contrary, some monster that should not be in such a place appears.

Therefore, several hunter parties were damaged.

Several didn’t come back …」(Hermolt Guild master)

「So you dispatch us to search the MIA hunters?」(Maevis)

With Maevis’s question, Guild Master shakes his head.

「No, no matter how injured or hurt while the hunter receives a request or harvesting material. It’s self-responsibility because they have received incompatible work.

There is no such thing as the guild dispatch hunters to search for MIA hunters …

Well, there are occasions when their family member or a good friends or someone they know, put our search request with money.

Our request is searching for the missing investigation team dispatched by the guild.

There’re veteran hunters familiar with forests and monters, two scholars.

And there’s also a female official of the guild accompanying…」(Hermolt Guild master)

The guild official seems to be able to use some magic.

Even if she can use moderate magic. The hunters still thankful if they can receive any help.

And even if she was a young woman, there was no reason to refuse accompanying the hunter party.

After that, the guild master tells the girls to get more detail like:

items they need to gather, monsters that appear and need to investigate, notes, maps and materials, … at the reception desk on the 1st floor.

And Guild Master cried out to the four girls that about to leave the the guild master room.

「About that guild official that accompanying the missing investigation team…」(Hermolt Guild master)

Guild Master continued the words to the four people who stopped and looked back.

「… She is my daughter, I beg you!」(Hermolt Guild master)

To the guild master who lowers his head, four people gathered together and thumbs up.

「That wish …」(Maevis)

「We just heard it! 」(Rena + Mile + Pauline) (T.N: Some hero manga parody I guess)

Following the words of Maevis, all of the 『Red Oath』give their thumbs up.

Of course, it is one of several decided pose that they practiced for these scenes.

And in this country, like the English-speaking countries or Japan on the earth, the thumbs up was a positive meaning.

However, depending on the country, it may be an insult to insult the other party, so they must be careful.

Yes, it could be an act of shaking white flags to Buff Clan. (Baffu Kuran)

Leaving the guild master keeping his head down, the four of the 『Red Oath』left the room.

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