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Again, we must endure this old man for this chapter as well.

Hang in there readers.

Or feel free to skip this stupid mad scientist chapter, it won’t effect the story at all.

The last chapter already reveal about races: Devil, Elf, Dward, Beastkin race that was the world builder.

Mile Chapter 89: Plan Kingdom – Forest Village – Hill nearby

“Anyway! I will refuse to transplant!

Besides, it frozen normally, the cells are broken when freezing.

Even though healing magic can make the transplant succeed, healing magic has no effect on deceased people.

In the first place, the principle of curative magic …” (Mile)

At the moment, Mile thought if she talks anymore about this, It will only give this old man an idea about transplant in the heart.

Mile thought so and she abandoned the explanation in that direction.

“Wow, you say something I knew! Do you know this feeling of myself!

Elsie, … my Elsie …” (Mad Scientist)

“For me or other people, it’s just a dog!” (Mile)

“Ku, here, this … … yeah, do it,『Low Breath』!” (Mad scientist)

『Low Breath』stood up with a cry, spreading its wings.

The strings that bound legs and wings and the mouth were completely melted.

“Why …?” (Mile)

To the surprised Mile, the old man explained with a smile floating.

“Were you thinking that I was just having a long talk?

Fuha ha ha.

While talking, I cast a non-chanting fire magic in my heart and it’s invisible to you

However, it’s fire power is really weak so I must cast it many times!

Until I burned 『Low Breath』’s bindings.

I will make you, the stupid little girls who don’t know the battle bargaining remember this day!” (Mad scientis)

Carbon nanotubes are also carbon at all.

It isn’t particularly easy to burn, but it is just a meaning like it is difficult to light a coal with a single match, if a thin string-like thing is exposed to a high-temperature flame it burns normally.

Just like a diamond burns.

Because it is a close range,『Low Breath』can only use direct attacks without flying.

However, he was try attacking with the wing rather than his claw or biting with his mouth. What he was trying is geting away from the female opponents. If he can, he will rule again.

But He saw Rena and Pauline ready their staff and Maevis readies her sword. He remembered the desperately stunned magical attack and tail pain. He try to swing his tail in a hurry to wipe them away.

“…Water shock!” (Mad scientist)

The abbreviation magic casting that was released at that time was not from Rena, Pauline or and Mile.

It was the dubious old man’s magic, he use the gap that『Red Oath』was distracted by 『Low Breath』.

(I win!)  (Mad scientist)

The old man grinding that everything happen is just according to his plan.

Ba shan! (SFX)

It was stopped.

The water magic will take a fighting power without hurting too much, which is supposed to hit the biggest breast girl in front of him and involving other girls as well.

It scattered as if it were hit in something just before hitting the little girl.

“What …” (Mad scientist)

(Oh, I forgot to release the barrier, …) (Mile)

It was a Mile’s work. For a while ago.

“Water cut(ter) …”  (Mad scientist) (T.N: he can’t finish his next attack)

Do shu~! (SFX)

He can’t make it in time.

Rena delivered the fire magic to restraint『Low Breath』 as it was,

Maevis handled the attack from the tail with a sword,

Pauline changed the attack target from 『Low Breath』 to that old man and released water magic.

And the old man was blown off and falling on the ground.『Low Breath』also gets hurt and falls on the ground as it is.

“Imp(ossible)…, (we have been defeat by) only… 1 blow…” (Mad scientist) 「ば……、一撃、だと……」

Mile judged that the close combat in this situation was dangerous. And everyone already take the old man and Wyvern down so she only need to restrain the Wyvern with eletric shock.

“Well, what should we do …” (Rena)

『Low Breath』was tied up again. And the suspicious old man appealed to Rena’s words while he was still lightly shocked.

“I’m begging you, please don’t kill him!” (Mad scientist)

 He is looking at Rena trying to beg for the Wyvern’s life.

“If you do something strange this time, I will cut your neck on the spot, Wyvern and you too!” (Rena)

The old man had a blue face and he obidiently nodded.

Originally, 『Red Oath』didn’t intend to kill the captured Wyvern.

There is no point in doing unnecessary killing, and it’s natural to get extra money from live-capture.

And there was a redemption chance for this old man and the Wyvern as well.

This old man had been magician for a long time, until he started a lots of research in the moutain. Consider his knowledge and magic power, he can even get an important position of the royal palace.

Hopefully, if he cooperate with the lord as a magician who successfully trained the Wyvern. There’s a quite high probability that their sin can be pardoned.

And for that, 『Low Breath』 must be captured alive. The survival of 『Low Breath』 was an indispensable matter.

It is hard to carry 『Low Breath』 manually, and if this old man instructs, it will follow quietly.

Rena thought so, she decided to tie only 1 of Mile cord to『Low Breath』’s neck and let him walk by himself.

The old man said that he was 『a friend』 but 『Low Breath』 would probably recognize the old man as either the owner or his master.

As a precaution, they are connecting the neck of the old man with the neck of 『Low Breath』 by a thin string,

And Mile uses magic to return the consciousness of 『Low Breath』.

And soon after the man whispered at the ears of 『Low Breath』

『Low Breath』 nodded himself to start walking straightforwardly.

Is it magic or something for communication, or is intelligence high enough that 『Low Breath』 can understand some human language?

Of course, Mile also shows that old man the firmness of the string.

The old man fully understood that if 『Low Breath』 tried to escape or did a sudden action, it would be 『Kiyu~』. He won’t bet his life to try something stupid.

Especially, This man strong point isn’t on the battlefield but a research field, a scholar type.

The young man who likes lolita that was watching the five people walking away, and he comes out from the shadow of the bush.

(Scary! Young girls in the city are so scary!) (Young man)

And that young man thought he should choose a village girl to be a lover.

However, women of the same age as myself are rough, way too rough, …

“Yeah, let’s find a little girl in the village as a lover” (Young man)

If Mile had heard that murmur, she probably said this. “Hikaru Genji?” 

Kingdom – Forest Village

After 『Red Oath』 returning to the village, the villagers were surprised with the appearance of Wyvern. But sonn after, they were appreciated with great joy.

The girls asked the village chief to issue a transportation method.

The lord wants to appeal with as a godd lord “for his citizen”, he will absolutely dispatch a group. Perhaps he will also join with us. This is a good chance for him to triumph with the royal after all.

Of course, the girls will also get reward for capture the Wyvern alive.

And the villagers treat『Red Oath』with a great feast to show their hospitable. The girls has completely forgot about it. The doubts about the existence of a devil. And the suspicion of what the devil is trying to do …

Translator’s Note:

With this we done with Wyvern arc.

You can read next chapter like normal.

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