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Mile Chapter 80: New request Kingdom’s Capital City – Hunter Guild

“Well, let’s see if there’s a request that sounds interesting …” (Rena)

If other hunters who tried their hardest to survive the day, heard what『Red Oath』said. They would be angry for sure.

Last time, It was related to Pauline’s family and right now, they still didn’t need money yet. So they decided to do something, an interesting quest, an unusual work instead of a simple work.

However, such an arrogant dialogue can be said when there’re other party that can’t afford the money.

It reminds Mile about something she had heard in her previous life, it is a saying  『Even Ganji would chase you away and hit you』『ガンジーでも助走つけて殴るレベル』(TN: I have no idea what this mean, so I just keep what MTL-ed give me)

Fortunately, the words were passed through without being heard and Rena kept watching the board as she was.

“Ah, this …” (Mile)

Three other girls coming to see what Mile pointing at.

Yes, certainly, when we found the request for a rock lizard, it was also like this …

And in the request form pointed by Mile, it was written as follows.

『Wyvern subjugation

Reward: 30 gold coins』

“We will take it” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

It was the first time they see Wyvern subjugation request.

This area is a bit far from the habitat of Wyvern, and if you miss this opportunity, next time you can’t see when Wyvern subjugation request anymore.

They could not miss this.

“Won’t you stop being so careless…” (Guild receptionist)

In the words of that receptionist, four girls remember this feeling again.

Well, she certainly was also like this when we tried to receive a request for rock lizard.

“No, we already know our skills!” (Rena)

“No, even if I say so …” (Guild receptionist)

In spite of Rena’s high tension attitude, the receptionist attempted to persuade the girls again.

“First of all, in order to hijack a Wyvern, you need to drag Wyvern down to the ground.

In order to do that, the party must have enough power enough to drop Wyvern.

It is fast, high accuracy of hit, far distance towards upper sky

It is necessary to have a remote attack means that reaches up to it.

Performing parties will not be able to satisfy this condition and will abandon orders.” (Guild receptionist)

“We have three people who are magicians that can use powerful attack magic, there is no problem!” (Rena)

Through Rena’s objections, the receptionist continued talking.

“And even if you can do some damage, Wyvern will run away.” (Guild receptionist)

“Hah…?” (Rena + Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

“Because it doesn’t fight until dead, when Wyvern becomes inferior or feels danger, it will escape. And it will not come out of the nest for a long time.

Even if it came out again after a long time rest, It will not come again to the place it gets attacked.

Wyvern’s hunting range is wide.

Besides, It remembers the person who hurt it, and in other places, it never approaches the hunters who it fought once … in addition” (Guild receptionist)

“in addition?” (Rena + Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

“In the first place, how are you going to find Wyvern that has hunting ground spans tens of kilometers?” (Guild receptionist)

“Hah…?” (Rena + Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

Four people of 『Red Oath』are suprised and have their mouth open.

“It will not come to attack the same village everyday.

After hunting, it will rest for a long time.

Wou will need to search for it for days.

When you finally met and fighting fierce fight, there’s a high chance you will be killed or serious injured

And even you are safe to give it considerable damage, it will flee quickly

Afterwards, it will never come back near you girls again.

You are wasting a long day to do damage, must be on guard all the time, the payment are worth it because you are dealing with long day traveling, treatment expenses for survivors …

Did you wonder why the request remains even though the reward is good.

Otherwise, you can’t live long”  (Guild receptionist)

“…” (Rena + Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

To the silent girls, the explanation of the receptionist continued further.

“Nobody in the guild branches of the local and neighboring towns accept this quest.

This requests has been brought to the royal branch because the lord and the royal palace are not going to help out, so many of the colleagues’ blood flows for doing this.

The request that have a big negative like this will be called … 『Red Request』

Only idiots or novices or brave people get such a thing.” (Guild receptionist)

After the explanation of the receptionist, four people of 『Red Oath』 looked at each other.

Everyone nodded, and Rena told the receptionist.

“Because we have no trouble so far, we will receive this 『Red Request』!” (Rena)

“What … didn’t you listen to my explanation until now, what on earth are you thinking …?”  (Guild receptionist) (T.N: wait, this isn’t Earth)

“Oh, isn’t your job to get the request done?” (Rena)

“Ku~…” (Guild receptionist)

The receptionist raised her voice unintentionally to Rena’s words, but swallowed her words remembered from her own position.

“Why do you ask for such a request?” (Guild receptionist)

“Oh, why do you ask again? You said it yourself a little while ago.” (Rena)

“Huh?” (Guild receptionist)

Rena tells the receptionist who didn’t understand the meaning of her words.

“That’s because we are idiots, novices, … and brave people!” (Rena)

Miles cried out load from the side from the receptionist.

“Hey, Rena! Why do you look me when you say 『Idiot』?” (Mile)

After that, the『Red Oath』was received the quest to subdue Wyvern.

Even though receptionists could give advice to the hunters, they did not have the authority to refuse regular orders that fulfilled the conditions on their own discretion.

If there is any reason left to refuse, that will be they must convince her boss.

For that reason, receptionist who was favorable to 『Red Oath』 tried her last resort.

“Well then, shall we go to the guild master room first?”  (Guild receptionist)

And the guild master just holds his head again.

Kingdom – Hermolt Town

On the 5th day travel from the kingdom, the 『Red Oath』 party finally arrived in the town Hermolt

Where submitted a request for Wyvern subjugation, for the time being, they went to the guild branch.

Kingdom – Hermolt Town – Hunter guild

And when they told that they received the Wyvern subjugation request at the reception, they were told to keep waiting for a while.

After that they were guided to the guild master room on the second floor.

“… You are a kingdom’s capital’s hunter that received a request for Wyvern suppression request …?” (Hermolt Guild master)

The Guild Master said so and welcomed the four people, he had a slightly angry look like a disappointed.

『Red Oath』was guided by the receptionist and entered the room.

“Have you understood everything and accepted this Wyvern request?

… Did you receive an explanation from the guard official of the Kingdom?”  (Hermolt Guild master)

Before the girls got into the room, the elderly guild master asked the girls that before a greeting.

But it wasn’t a word of looking down on us, but a word of worrying about the young hunter girls.

“…When you girls, hunters from the kingdom’s capital die in vain, my evaluation will go down.

It was as if I let four young girls who have good appearance die,

they will hit the backdrop here and there, Please reconsider it!”  (Hermolt Guild master)

“…”   (Rena + Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

Apparently, he only worried about his reputation.

“We are the 『Red Oath』, C rank Hunter party who received a request for Wyvern suppression.

Rena replies instead, as Maevis just keeps silent with the words of Guild Master.

It is Rena with a relatively low boiling point, but she is conscious about how they look.

She realize that the guild master in the first meeting sees them lightly in appearance.

So, she doesn’t really “angry” about that.

Yes, she just want to open the eyes of the Guild master stand before them.

That’s it. Because they have Mile now.

“What, 『Red Oath』?” (Hermolt Guild master)

Guild Master looked a bit surprised at Rena’s words, because they only know that a hunter party receive the quest

“You girls are that …” (Hermolt Guild master)

Apparently, it seemed that rumors about us were heard.

Like, the simulated fight in the graduation test, the bandit subjugation, and the evil merchant …, no, the last one is not a 『Red Oath』 but a mysterious party 『Red Blood is Justice』!

Although that party is active, it doesn’t matter, … No-one know where that party is.

Besides, in the end, rumors will flow from that town to the kingdom’s capital,

and furthermore from the kingdom’s capital to the various places,

“I do not know who do you think we are, but we are the『Red Oath』” (Maevis)

This time, Maevis replied.

The party leader is Maevis.

Sometimes Mile forget about it because Rena always lead us …

“… For a moment, I have heard of your rumors, both magician’s ability and swordsmen’s arms …

If it’s you girls, you might be able to give a blow to Wyvern or to stifle a fallen Wyvern

However, if you can’t give enough damage for the Wyvern to fall, it will be useless, please think about it again, you can always fail the quest and taking a small penalty …” (Hermolt Guild master)

“Even if you say so, we are already receiving orders!” (Mile)

To the words of Mile, it is also so, Guild Master to smile bitterly.

After that, people of 『Red Oath』 received a detailed explanation contents of the request from the guild master who acknowledged that the girls aren’t an average newbie hunter party.

The outline was explained at the Guild Branch of the Kingdom,

but the requested document was a simplified explanation of only the outline,

there was new information after the creation of the request form,

and various questions were asked to the details.

Such a job is normally the role of a receptionist,

but this case is an important request,

and there’s also the request from the kingdom’s captial guild branch.

In other words, the 『Red Oath』was the hunters dispatched from kingdom’s captial guild branch,

they requested for assistance from the Hermolt guild branch, so it was a direct response to the guild master.

Nevertheless, it is normal that guild master will take over to details for details after the guild master responds to normal,

apparently the guild master seems to be interested in 『Red Oath』 unusual

The Guild Master explains to the end about the situation.

And the contents are a bit smelly but the Guild Master talks honestly without hiding,

even so the expression of everyone of the 『Red Oath』 gradually became steep …

Kingdom – Hermolt Town – inn

“… I will put together a story” (Rena)

After withdrawing from the guild, the girls take a quadruple room at the inn, and 『Red Oath』girls have a meeting in the room.

As usual, the moderator is Rena.

“First of all,

the client of this time is the lord,

but the lord only pays the fee upon complete, so there is no need to worry about the content of the request because this request go through the guild.

Beside, it seems like there’s no need to see the client, either” (Rena)

We heard from the guild master about that.

The lord himself think of hunter are nothing more than mercenary.

The aristocrat often won’t bother to meet the hunter,

The lord in the bandit group case, Count of Amuros is a bit un-usual.

Even for the people of the『Red Oath』feel that person is comfortable.

The reason why they aren’t stiff when they meet a nobleman is Because they are accustomed to Maevis.

Even Mile doesn’t often show it, she has the experience of talking and eating meals with Noble. It did not seem so so from others, but she wasn’t nervous.

Although Maevis was noble but she is also a classmate at the time of school, so the girls were never nervous when talking with her.

“The damage is about 30% of this territory and part of the neighboring territory,

the vicinity is mostly part of the border area.

Since the damage in this territory is vast,

They are mostly neglected this territory, and let citizen manage somehow

Well, it is a right decision as a lord,

it is a bad idea to waste soldiers and budgets in the territory.” (Rena)

Three people nodding with gulp.

Three people other than Rena, of course, have listened to the explanation of Guild Master, but it is important to confirm with words again at such a meeting.

You can reduce mistakes, synchronize the flow of everyone’s thinking, and facilitate discussion.

“…and the problem is this, is not it?” (Rena)

Rena spread out the map on the table as she said that, it’s a copy of the material, received from the guild master.

The village and the sighting place that was attacked by Wyvern were marked along with the date and time on a simple map of this territory and neighboring territory.

It was generally concentrated within a certain circle.

That’s good. It is quite normal. However …

“It is wierd, is not it…” (Pauline)

“Yeah, it’s a bit unnatural.” (Maevis)

“It’s a bit different from the general theory of Wyvern’s ecology, as heard in Kingdom …” (Mile)

As Pauline, Maevis and Mile said, the Wyvern appearance had a very strange aspect.

Firstly, the range of appearance is much narrower than that of average Wyvern.

In this area where Wyvern rarely appears, the territorial dispute does not matter.

It is common for it to have hunting ground spread as far as possible.

And, the appearance range is drawing a circle beautifully.

No, drawing the circle itself is normal.

However, in this article, the circle was too drawn too beautiful.

Normally, it is a bit more disagreeable, just “a distribution close to a circle”.

And, next was the date and time of its appearance.


Wyvern that appears too precisely and regularly in key villages and key points of the highway.

As if as the Wyvern know the calendar used by humans, Wyvern will appear and decide the location by day of the week.

Of course, it is suspicious. It is outright suspicious.

However, it was not only about Wyvern that the members of the 『Red Oath』 felt suspiciously.

“Of course, this hurdle will be noticed by other lord, soldiers and other hunter.

So they can plan ahead of time the place and day the Wyvern will attack.

Well, that’s probably something like that.

Wyvern Even if it was a powerful individual … But if the encounter is relatively easy to predict…” (Rena)

“The troops will come out, right?” (Pauline)

Paulin muttered, accepting Rena’s words.

Yes, a major reason why the army doesn’t appear because Wyvern’s encounter chance is really low.

It takes a lot of money to move a large number of soldiers for many of days.

And, as a result, if they can’t find it, only the budget is consumed and the result is zero.

If the encounter rate was extremely low, it wasn’t the opponent you wanted to hand out to the lord.

However, if it can be encountered with considerable high probability, the story is different.

Promotion of damage of the territory, practical warfare of soldiers, appeal of soldiers to other territories, appeal as a “good lord for the people”, appeal to the royal palace and upholding the loyalty of the people.

Some damage to soldiers and consumption of budget has the merit will be acceptable.

Even if it escapes when the soldiers give a good amount of damage, it will not appear in that village anymore, and it will be a good result as if the Wyvern is driven away.

But even though there is such regular appearance material, why the lord army has not appeared …

“The troops do not come out, do they have any reason …?” (Maevis)

Miles continues on the words of Maevis

“… Or the Wyvern was already defeated or left and the lord is hiding that news …?” (Mile)

Silence spread among the girls

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