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Non button jacket, only passing though the arms and looks like a fluttered skirt

Translator’s Note:

In case you don’t know

Anii-sama = esteemed order brother

Okaa-san = mother

Mile Chapter 66: Temporary formation

When arriving at the kingdom, the escort carriage headed straight to the Hunter Guild.

And in front of the guild are guild staff, including guild masters, many hunters, and security guards of the kingdom were on standby.

Perhaps the message ran at the time they’re passing through the gate.

“Thank you for your hard work, are there anyone injured?”  (Guild Master)

After confirming the『Red Oath』’ safety, the Guild Master questioned the men who attacked the girls.

“You guys are active C rank hunters, is it true?”  (Guild Master)

After confirming simple circumstances at the site in the woods, Guild Master got some information from the message.

Guild Master told the men who affirmed it.

“This time is a criminal act that went without going through the guild, you will not get any help or assistance from the guild as a hunter.

And it is obvious that you attack against the hunter belonging to the guild.

As a hostile act, your job as hunter will be ban permanently and you will be handed over to the kingdom guard as an attempted murder. Do you have any objection?”   (Guild Master)

“Wait, wait! It certainly wasn’t a mistake that I got an illegal request so I agreed with expelling.

But I didn’t intend to kill them, it’s just a threat … you, please testify for us!”  (Man A)

As the man said that, he desperately beg for Mile and the girls, but they only shrugged.

“Tell it to the guards, it’s irrelevant to the guild after hand over.

These girls are the subjects direct under His Majesty protection.

It is likely that severe interrogation and disposition are waiting.

Well, I will hand them over to you, please take them away.”

The guards nodded to the words of the Guild Master and brought out the men.

『Red Oath』’s testimonies will be required. But for now, it’s time to examine whether their argument is true after a preliminary interrogation. Perhaps it will be the next day or later day.

“Well, would you like me to come to my room?”  (Guild Master)

And the girls cames to the Guild Master’s room again.

When they went into the room of the guild master, the girls were instructed to sit on the chairs for reception and tea was served.

“The summary has already been heard from the Pauline, so you will not think about something funny, right?”  (Guild Master)

“Funny thing, no no, we’re not thinking about anything like that!”  (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The other three diverted their eyes, but Mile said while looking straight at the face of the guild master.

“We just want some counter-strike, revenge, trampling and annihilation.

That’s it, we never thought about any strange things!”  (Mile)

“…” (Guild master)

The guild master dropped his shoulders.

“… In that case, the guild will be involved. The local merchants will argue that hunters from capital branch guild are doing as they like. It will cause a lot of commotions. Even you girl are direct under His majesty protection, doing something like that will affect His majesty.

Right now, we’re just handing over those men to the guards. We still don’t have solid proof to capture that merchant yet.

And if you girls do it by yourself, you will be treated as an illegal act like those hunters you just captured”  (Guild Master)

Yes, the fight start with those belonging to the guild will be the guild’ responsible.

And if we going solo, it will be treated as an illegal request just like those men.

And the guild will not take responsible for our action in that case.

“… but saying all that to you girl is useless, I guess …” (Guild Master)

“Huh …?”  (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Everyone is surprised at the guild master’ word.

“It can not be helped.

But when you go, you girls will take one of the guild staff with you.

That staff member will be a witness later.

Beside when you go together, the number of hunters in your party will be different

It will be easier to argue that a different party do it and there will be other benefits as well.”  (Guild Master)

When Mile was having trouble answering, Rena answered instead.

“It can not be helped …”  (Rena)

Thus 『Red Oath』plus one will go to Pauline’s home town, Talesu (タルエス: Taruesu) where Beckett’ headquarter is.

“The departure to Telesu will start three days later. We should prepare everything for this trip and a plan ahead.”  (Rena)

Rena told everyone on the way home from the guild.

As expected, we can’t speak more than this in the street.

The rest is consultation in the inn room.

“Reni-chan, we will leave for a while after three days, did you find a magician for hot water in a bath?”

“Eeeee! We’re still not found anyone yet.

We have to search for one quickly, Okaa-sa~n” (Reni-chan)

When Mile told Reni-chan that they will leave in a few days after returning to the inn. Reni-chan was in a panic.

And three days later.

Four girls of 『Red Oath』come to the meeting place in central square. And there’s a girl looking around 15 years old waiting in the convincing horse carriage.

The girl who looked like a very ordinary city girl, wearing a jacket not holding on any button, just by passing her arms and looks like a fluttered skirt. She greeted Mile and other girls.

“My name is Tiriza (ティリザ: Tiriza), a guild employee, I am going to accompany you all this time.” (Tiriza)

“Oh, nice to meet you. You will be a party member, can you tell us how good you are?” (Maevis)

As a party leader, Maevis asked for necessary information.

“Ah, yes, I am a rearguard knife user with C rank hunter” (Tiriza)

“Huh?” (Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

Three girl of『Red Oath』are surprised.

C rank hunter isn’t rare or special.

Starting with F rank at ten years old, if you are talented and working serious, you can reach C rank hunter at 15 years old.

The problem was “Rearguard, knife user”.

Why a knife user can be a Rearguard?

In the first place, the knife is a preliminary weapon or for dismantling prey.

They had never heard of such a rearguard hunter that have shorted weapon reach. And if she throw it, she will lost the main weapon that was the knife.

“Knife user r… it hurts!” (Mile)

Mile who tried to ask a simple question was kicked in the leg and her word was interrupted.

“What are you doing, Rena! It’s hurt …, huh?” (Mile)

Mile tried to complain with Rena who kicks her leg and when she’s looking at the scary face of Rena.

“… No, nothing at all …” (Mile)

Actually Mile didn’t hurt at all, she is just surprised and reflexively raised a voice. She thought there’s something going on and kept silent.

“I am a liaison from the capital’ guild with the upper part of the guild from Talesu.

Even though I’m pretending to be a member of your party, I will not participate in the battle and I will not be responsible for your actions.

Instead, I will neither stop nor talk about your actions, so please act freely.” (Tiriza)

Four girl nodded to Tiriza’s explanation.

They are appreciated that it was a legitimate assertion and that she will not say anything about their action.

After that, Tiriza left the carriage saying that she need to go to the restroom before departure. Mile asked Rena.

“Rena, what is it, why did you kick me before!” (Mile)

Rena answered in a loud voice with a slightly bad mood.

“Stop asking about the job of that girl, if the knife is her main weapon, there’s only one job she could be.” (Rena)

“Huh?” (Mile)

“If you think about it, you will understand that kind of job that knives are main weapons.” (Rena)

Mile imagined various things with Rena’s words.

“Well, she can pretend to be an ordinary girl sneaking in, secretly escorting, collect infomation and assassinating, …” (Mile)

This must be why Rena didn’t question when she first heard that the main weapon of Tiriza was a knife.

“No, I will not question her anymore, it’s a rule as a hunter, a secret to live long.” (Mile)
Three people, Mile, Mevis and Pauline nodded that they felt a little pale and amusing.

When Tiriza who came back and got on the carriage with the four girls, a single man came in after her.

“Third Ani-sama …” (Maevis)

No one was surprised anymore.

Because everyone thought so.

And if he’s joining, the party will not just a full girls party anymore. They will easier to conceal the info about 『Red Oath』. And it was decided, this is a 1 man and 5 girls party.

It is a temporary party with temporary formation.

Unlike Tiriza, Yuan will also participate in battle, and will also a leader for now.

He is a bit nervous but Yuan is a regular knight.

The ability will be origanize, judgment and how to fight up close may be useful for the girls growth.

The girls think that it wasn’t so bad.

In one of the carriages group departed, four girls were talking with Tiriza.

He can’t join or interrupt the talks among young girls, so Yuan just listened to it.

There’s no way the girls can talk about their plan where there’re other passengers, so it’s just a girls’ talk and a public talk.

“Is Tiriza also from Hunter training school?” (Either Mile / Pauline / Maevis)

“No, when I was ranked C, our kingdom still didn’t have a training school yet …” (Tiriza)

“Huh?” (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

“So you were normal promoted, from F rank to C rank?” (Rena)


Something strange.

Even if she becomes a regular guild member F rank hunter at 10 years old.

She must take four years, no matter how talent she is, until she can promote to C rank.

And when she was C rank hunter, our kingdom still didn’t have a training school?

Isn’t the Hunter training school already established for six years?

… Calculation doesn’t match.

“I retired from hunter because I gave birth to my child, as a result I became a guild employee.” (Tiriza)

“Eeeeeh?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

“And my husband became the principal of the hunter training school that you girls just studied …” (Tiriza)

“Eeeeeee!” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

So she is Elbert’s wife.

“Wait a moment, then, how old are you …?” (Mile)

“You can’t ask about other Hunter’s private, Mile~san.” (Tiriza)

“Well, that’s true, but …”  (Mile)

Behind Mile, Yuan had a blue face. He murmured something…

In desperate.

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