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Translator’s note: In case you don’t know

Imouto: mean little sister.

Chichiue: esteemed father (the most respect way to call father of noble)

Nii-san: big brother.

By the way, anyone know how Shinsori can make info appear when you drag the mouse pointer to a highlighted word ?

Mile Chapter 63: Raid

“… Well, that’s the reason.” (Yuan)

Yuan managed to finish the explanation with his heart beats like crazy. 

He is lucky that Mile and Maevis managed to calm down Rena and Pauline, even so they still give him a manaced glare. (I Think Yuan is avoid looking in Rena and Pauline’ eyes)

To put it simple, there seems to be several nobles who have noticed Maevis when they watched the graduation test, and they contacted her father.

The Austin family finally became frustrated because there’s no reply no matter how many time they sent letters to Maevis via the Hunter Guild. They finally decided to send someone.

And it was Yuan, the family third son. He was chosen because the team he belonged to was easy to get on vacation as he returned from a long expedition.

“I definitely must bring Maevis home, and if I don’t …” (Yuan)

“If you don’t?” (Maevis)

“Chichiue and both of Nii-san will kill me!” (Yuan)

“Ah …” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

“Anyway, I will not return!” (Maevis)

“Inevitably, you must return! In the first place, things like hunters … , no, nothing …” (Yuan)

In halfway speaking, Yuan noticed Rena’ stare again and makes words unclear. As a knight, he is a little miserable.

Yuan-san is Maevis’ brother but he has un-usual way of talking, his tone isn’t like a man but a girlish tone. And it seems a little uncomfortable for everyone in the 『Red Oath』.

“What if you get hurt and get scratches or scar !” (Yuan)

“Pauline will cure me so there’s no problem.” (Maevis)

“What if you are attacked by bandits …” (Yuan)

“We just beat about 40 people the other day, in fact they are soldiers, not bandits …” (Maevis)

“Huh…!?” (Yuan)

Yuan was frozen.

Maevis didn’t say that there were other parties, but she didn’t say a lie either.

“Well… , then… , the story about a small number of hunters caught an imperial platoon …” (Yuan)

“Oh, … So you also know that?” (Maevis)

Yuan remembered.

A story he heard from Amuros when his troops returned from the expedition training. Like a group of hunters have capture a group of bandits that several times their number.

And among them, the rumor that people talking about the most is a four girls hunter party.

One can use 『Fire bomb』 which is a powerful flame magic that can pass through the defense magic.

A healing magic user that was called 『Evil Healing Maiden』.

And a 『little devil』 that can use nasty magic …

When Yuan’s looking at 『Red Oath』 again …

“The one use 『Fire bomb』 must be this red hair girl who almost burn me a while ago.

Something seems to be missing, I knew about the silver hair angel that is likely to heal your heart just from seeing from the graduation test. But where is the rumor 『little devil』 came from?

And the last one seems like the black heart, big breast girl. There’re some noble family told them that 『Watch out for a girl with big breasts.』

So, is 『god speed』 swordsman Maevis ?” (Yuan’ inner thought)

The information about the 『Red Oath』 was leaked to the royal palace and the military. Even the hunters promised to keep secret but there’re a lof of prisoners witness.


Yuan was impatient.

If that rumor contains more than a quarter of the truth, he can’t win the girls at the same time.

Unlike his elder brothers, he can only win 4 to 5 soldiers.

Four girls who can unscathed win against soldiers with 10 times their number and even capture them.

There was no way he could win. Yuan didn’t contradict the opponent by gender or age.

No, He never intends to hurt his kawaii imouto or her friends in the first place. But right now, he feels un-easy.

“Maevis, just show your face to our family once please! At least, please meet chichiue, eldest nii-san and second nii-san to reassure them. Or I will really be killed” (Yuan)

“And are you plan to keep her in the house after that?” (Pauline)

Yuan glares at Pauline.

“This must a devil! Because of this big breasts devil girl” (Yuan’ inner thought)

Cat got Yuan’ tongue. (T.N: don’t know if this correct, the original word mean: Yuan can’t talk anything back)

After that, the discussion continued, but Yuan just repeat what he already said.

Today’s story ceased after the girls were asked for hot water in the bath.

Yuan claimed to take a double room in this inn and want to sleep with Maevis, but of course it was dismissed.

After that, there was a case where Yuan attempted to accompany Maevis to the bath, but everyone peeled him off.

In the bath there is no window besides the ceiling.

And the bamboo walls will cover everything so peeping is impossible. 

But for him trying to enter from the entrance with dignified manner. This person was really unexpected.

And Yuan said that all of the brother take bath with Maevis all the time.

Maevis panickily denied that, what’s Yuan declared was what happen from when she is still small up to 13 years old.

“Up to 13?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

“Oh, something strange?” (Maevis)

“…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

Next morning, The girls went for breakfast, they didn’t see Yuan.

Everyone didn’t particularly care whether he already finished eating or he was late.

However, Reni-chan tell the girls when they about to head to the guild.

“Ah, if you are looking for onii-san, he went out early in the morning” (Reni-chan)

“Huh…!?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Normally, they will just walk to the guild to find work.

But in this situation, the girl decided to go out quickly, before Yuan coming back.

“I can’t find any good one …” (either one of four girl)

There wasn’t any good quest on the guild’ request board.

There are a number of quests, but conditions were not satisfactory.

Now that Yuan is coming for Maevis, the girls want a request for a stay away from the capital. However, there’s none.

“It can not be helped, Shall we go with a request for material collection …?” (either one of four girl)

And where they choose is a Rank C hunting ground.

Orcs and ogres are also coming out here, so hunters Rank E or below will not come here.

Sometimes people with rank D will come, but usually this is a forest for Rank C or B.

As soon as we got to the forest of the hunting ground, Mile used detection magic.

If she always use detection magic in town, she will get too many detection targets and it is annoying. So Mile doesn’t usually use it.

And even if Mile found a prey at the hunting ground, Mile will not tell it to other party members.

If they rely on Mile too much, they will not be able to do anything when the party is broken up or when Mile is taking another action.

Mile wants to support the party only with the storage of goods and only when it was really dangerous.

“…hm?” (Mile)

“What’s wrong ?” (Rena)

“Ah, no, nothing …” (Mile)

Rena’s talking to Mile who seems behave strange.

There is a human reaction nearby … yet they have no voice and no sound?

Mile’s thinking for a little, but here is a hunting ground. There is nothing wrong if there’re other hunters.

Maybe they are just quiet, or they have a break, or creeping for prey.

Or rather, it was funny to make a noise while hunting.

Think so, Mile went back to the girls and continue to hunt.

Although, she kept the detection magic, it is for safety, Mile didn’t plan to hunt using it. Except for when there’s no prey at all.

“Again …” (Mile’ inner thought)

Mile has noticed from the reaction, those humans just keeps a certain distance from them.

No matter how you looking at it. This was a pattern of “keeping track of people, without let them noticed”.

As expected, this is troublesome. Mile signaled with hands to the other girls to stop.

“What’s wrong?” (Rena)

“We had been followed…” (Mile)

Mile reply to Rena with a low voice.

“Around five people have been followed us for a while and they keep the same distance” (Mile)

“Well, let’s look for a nice place” (Maevis and Pauline)

Maevis and Pauline also silently nodded.

Ten minutes later.

The girls that are resting under a big tree. Five men appeared and surrounded them.

Rena and Pauline are in the rear while Mile and Maevis are in the front.

The men revealed themself.

They think this is the best opportunity because the girls are resting at the place where they couldn’t escape from behind. But of course, the tree block from behind also prevent them to attack.

“Huh? What with you guys. Do you need something from us?” (Pauline)

Paulin gave a perplexing voice that seemed a bit frightened, to the men approaching while smiling loudly.

Acttually, It was an act.

“E he he he, what do you think we want to do with you guys” (Man A)

A sort of so-called leader that says so while floating a nasty smile.

“Don’t hate us for this, we’re just doing the request we received, it’s just a job.” (Man A)

“…request?” (Rena)

Rena ask those men’ leader and he turned from light laughter to grinning laughter.

“Oh yeah, it’s a request from your family, 『Biggest』girl.

They want us to mess up the girls in your party so that they will not be able to continue as a hunter anymore. Just give up being a hunter and go back to your family. I guess you have a nice family, hahaha!” (Man A)

“Huh…!?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

To those words, the girls seem to be shocked.

“Okay, then you guys, you have some delicious girls here, don’t hurt them, just do like other women!” (Man A)

“Huh…?” (Mile)

Mile froze to the words of those men’ leader.

“Well, that kind of … ” (Mile)

The face of Maevis becomes pale.

Her family that should be a proud noble.

“Chichiue was supposed to cherish the pride as a knight above all.

Yuan ani-sama. No, I don’t want to believe it …” (Maevis)

Mile supported the panic Maevis.

That man continued his speaking

“Well, just leave the 『Biggest』 girl with brown hair alone, choose whoever you want!” (Bandit)

The four people in the 『Red Oath』 who heard it cried out loudly.

“Of all thing, the 『Biggest』you said is the『Biggest』chest!” (Mile + Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

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