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[Next]Translator’s note: In case you don’t know

Onee-san = big sister

Anii-sama = esteemed big brother.

Just like my site. Imouto = little sister, I will not translate Onee-san to big sister or Anii-sama to esteemed big brother.

1 tatami = 1.6529 square meter (6 tatami = 9.9174 square meter)

Kawaii = cute.

Pokan, white circle eyes when surprised.

Reader I have something to ask. Author often use Mile-tachi (that mean Mile and everyone)

Would you mind if I use “Mile-tachi”, or you want me to translate as “Mile and everyone”?

So fast. Reader Susu already like my chapter and I’m not even add chapter on NU yet.

Mile chapter 62: Announcement

Then, after dinner of the day.

In the courtyard, there’s a hut about 6 tatami mats made in the courtyard.

Reni-chan, her mother, 『Red Oath』, female guests are interested to see what Mile want to show.

Before their eyes are wooden huts and a water tower built beside them.

The water tower had four irregular tanks placed on a table with 2 meters height.

The tanks were two large wooden tubs, the other two were huge pots that could be used even in military cooks.

And the bamboo cylinder extended from the hole opened in each tank, and all of bamboo cylinder were connect to the cabin.

Mile goes up the stairs attached to the water tower, was explain from top to everyone.

“This is a water supply system.

We will add water to the wooden tub and hot water to the iron kettle.

When we finished useing all of water in 1 tank, we will supply it while using the other tank.

Hot water will be supply by magic, so we don’t have to boil water.” (Mile)

While saying that, Mile use magic to create water and hot water, and fill all four tanks.

“In this way, you can prepare boiling water by create hot water directly by magic or by striking a fireball into normal water.

Please be careful, so you don’t break the tank.” (Mile)

Then Mile comes down from the water tower. And next, Mile to open the door of the cabin.

“This is the changing room, you can take off your clothes here” (Mile)

Then Mile slides the next door sideways.

“Here is the bathroom, bathtub, washroom and shower.

To get the temperature of hot water you want, please mix water and hot water in this part.

And please be careful not to burn yourself!“ (Mile)

“Ooooooooooo!” (Everyone)

Yes, it is completion of the bath. However, for women only.

With this, there is no reason for the 『Red Oath』 to change the inn.

“Thank you, onee-san!” (Reni-chan)

Reni-chan’s eyes are wet as she thanks Mile.

“With this, the number of customers will increase and we can make money with bathing fee” (Reni-chan)

“You can charge for bath usage and use it for water and hot water resupply fee” (Pauline)

“Uu…” (Reni-chan)

Paulin is saying that with a smile, and Reni-chan’s face becomes a little foggy.

“Ah, when we aren’t there, you can ask a magician who can use fireball or create hot water as our replacement. You can pay them with coins. And if that magician is staying at the inn, I think you can pay with free ale and snack.” (Mile)

As Mile say so, this time she becomes a model for magician who can’t create hot water directly, she puts fireball in the bathtub and fireball gently submerge in the bathtub without breaking it.

“Ji ~yuwa” (SFX)

And the water in the bath raised the temperature a little. As Mile repeated it several times, the steam began to rise from the bathtub.

The bath had no windows, and the steam was designed to escape from the ceiling.

And its appearance is just a wooden hut, but in fact, the stainless steel plate was sandwiched between the wooden boards.

In addition, there is an emergency lever in the bathroom,

when pulling it, the stainless steel plate comes down from the top to the part of the door and is completely blocked from the outside,

a part of the wall of the bathroom slides and opens, from inside Clothing and weapons, armor which are easy to wear come out.

Because there might be people plan to attack us at places that we don’t have weapons, Mile was preparing to make sure it won’t happen.

Also, for the time being, there are also escape routes on the ceiling and the floor.

Of course, there was also a trap to stop the pursuer.

What on earth is Mile trying to fight … (T.N: Un-popular male cast that always peeks at girl bath in onsen chapter?)

Even if Mile don’t buy or pick up the material, she can still made it all out with the earth magic.

However, If she makes it with earth magic, it will stand out and she will be suspicious.

So, she change it to “buying up materials and making it by hand”.

As usual, Mile only does what an Average C rank hunter could do to avoid stand out.

But Mile did not notice.

A normal, mediocre girl with C rank hunter will not be able to make a bath by herself, let alone just in a day or two …

“And Reni-chan, as a memorable first bather, please give a model to everyone!” (Mile)

While saying that, Mile starts taking off Reni-chan’s clothes.

Mile has a complex about her body and she’s afraid that role will be given to her, so she use Reni-chan as a scapegoat.

“Uhm, Onee-san, what’s wrong, why did you stop …?” (Reni-chan)

Mile was shyly taking off Reni-chan coat and her shirt …

Suddenly, she’s stopping her movement and frozen. Mile and Rena were amazed as they’re seeing it.

Reni-chan had good growth at the age of ten.

Yes, more than Mile.

And more than Rena …

After that, all the other female customers eventually took a bath together.

Reni-chan was pampered by everyone.

Just before “that” happen, Mile and Rena were happy with “Bathroom” or “Baths are ladies’ taste”.

But right now Mile and Rena are immersed in hot water to the ears at the corner of the bathtub and remain there.

And everyone happily gave their thanks as they leave…

“Japanese Fukashi talk … “ (Mile)

Mile isn’t energetic. It seems like she’s still shocking.

“Wyvern’s Repayment … “ (Mile)

And the story goes forward.

“Wyburn pulls out his feather one by one …” (Mile)

“Wyvern’s wings have no feathers!” (Maevis + Pauline)

“Ah…” (Mile)

“Child of the Goblin that was called Ugly…” (Mile)

“Children of the goblins were originally ugly!” (Maevis + Pauline)

“…” (Mile)

This is bad. If it was the usual Mile, she should have changed to “dragon’s repayment” and peel his own scale to repay.

“Let’s … sleep” (Mile)

“…Me too” (Rena)

“Well then, I will also sleep …” (Maevis)

Following Mile and Rena, Maevis also stumbled into the bed.

And alone, Pauline didn’t have anything to do beside counting the gold coins which is a daily routine.

“Oh, good morning …” (Reni-chan)

The next morning, when Mile and Rena go to eat breakfast, Reni-chan greeted them with a slightly awkward face.

Well, because of the clothes she always wears that make she looks small. But with what happen last night, Mile realized for the first time that it was a concern for them.

However, her concern hurts Mile even more …

“Good morning, Reni … san” (Mile)

“Why, why did you call me with 『san』?” (Reni-chan)

It seems like the damage was done to the loser Mile was really serious.

A few days later.

The receptionist gently whispered to Mile when 『Red Oath』come to report their material collection quest (the orc’ meat and so on materials).

“… Please go to Guild Master’s room” (Leria)

Mile and eveyone silent nodded and went up to the second floor of the guild.

“Actually, recently, there seems to be some people who are asking about you.

they don’t seem to be people in this town, but their purpose aren’t clear, there’re various things about them that we don’t understand” (Guild Master)

Four girl after were told by Leria to enter the guild master’s room. The first thing, the Guild Master’s talking about is some suspicious people searching for us.

Well there’re a lot of thing they can think of.

The graduation test, the storage of Mile and this time defeat and capture 40 empire soldiers intact. There’re quite a lot of possibility.

“I’ll keep an eye out for this, but be careful. That’s all I have to say.” (Guild Master)

“Who are you, are you investigating us …?” (Mile)

As Mile says so, she’s staring at the corner of the inn, a young man stood in front of the inn.

He’s about twenty years old, an handsome young man with a fearless aura.

When the young man saw Mile and everyone, he came running all the way toward the girls. It was a mile who reflexively entered defense …

“Huh?” (Rena + Pauline + Mile) (あれ: Are?)

Blond hair, oral face with glittery eyes …

Three people Rena, Pauline, and Mile feel like this is someone they know despite this is the first time they met.

And Maevis calls out to him

“3rd anii-sama!!” (Maevis) (Maevis have 3 big brothers and she call all of them ani-sama)

“I knew it…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

They knew really well about Maevis and her family. It’s probably the best in the world, except Maevis herself and her family.

For half a year at a training school, they had heard over tens of times?

The young man’s suddenly stopped to look at Maevis.

“Eh? Mae…Vis, your hair …” (Maevis’ 3rd Anii)

“Ah, I cut it because it gets in the way” (Maevis)

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Maevis’ 3rd Anii) (T.N: Insert Dark Vader meme)

Mile somehow managed to call the confused young man, and they brought him into the inn.

It wasn’t good to put man in the room of four girl, so we decided to talk at the corner of the dining room.

After a while, it seems that the young man has finally calmed down a little, and Maevis spoke to him.

“Ani-sama, why are you here?” (Maevis)

“Because no matter how many letters Father sent to you, there’s no reply from you at all. So this time, I was sent to have a direct talk with you.

Well, we should return home soon, please arrange!“ (Maevis’ 3rd Anii)

“No. Right now, I’m not the Austin’s eldest daughter, Maevis von Austin, but the leader of the new C rank hunter party,『Red Oath』and I’m aiming to be a knight someday. I’m just a swordsman, Maevis” (Maevis)

“What are you talking about, Maevis is Austin’s …” (Maevis’ 3rd Anii)

Paulin cut off halfway.

“Please wait a moment, Ani-sama” (Pauline)

“… Pauline, you don’t have any reason to call him『Anii-sama』” (Maevis)

“Ah, yes …” (Pauline)

Pauline replied so obediently.

Because whenever she’s talking about her brother, Maevis is always 『1st Anii-sama, 2nd Anii-sama, 3rd Anii-sama』. And because she never told them her brothers’ name so Paulin didn’t have a choice but call him 『Anii-sama』.

“So, Yuan-san, Maevis’ dream to become knight was denied by her family and she ran away from home. And right now, you plan to bring her back. So what will happen when she get back home?” (Pauline)

“Such a thing can not be tolerant!

Maevis is… no, Kawaii Maevis our eternal Kawaii Imouto!

We will not allow Kawaii Maevis to become a knight that risk her life to protect someone, she will be our eternal princess that was protected by us!

All our brothers have become knights only for that reason!” (Yuan)

“Wow Aa …” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

Three people mind were blown away, and Maevis have a troubled face.

Reni-chan was listening with her mammoth ear (which is equivalent to 『耳ダンボ: mimi danbo』 word on the earth) has her eyes open white, and the other guests have a face like hearing a peculiar thing.

“Well, this is certainly 『ケロッグ: keroggu』” (Mile’ inner thought) (google sensei surrender to this word)

It is regrettable! Mile think she has something in common with Maevis, but they are completely different.

“What was that? You don’t believe me ? Okay, I will show you this!” (Yuan)

“Stop it, give it to me, please stop it!” (Maevis)

Yuan-san doesn’t listen to the desperated Maevis, he takes out a small package from his pocket.

“How about looking at this!” (Yuan)

Yuan-san said that as he presenting, it was a palm-sized picture of a pretty girl about ten years old.

Blond hair extending to the waist, crisp eyes, pretty smile. It is exactly like a princess that appears in a fairy tale.

“…Who?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

“…It’s me.” (Maevis)

Maevis scrath her cheeks and shyly said.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

When hearing a lot of noise, Reni-chan, who was supposed to be in the counter unwittingly came near and looked into the picture.

“… well, If you extend the hair of Maevis onee-san, put her on a dress, opening her eyes wide and smiling, she will become a princess like this …” (Reni-chan)

“That’s right!” (Yuan)

Yuan-san is proudly when hearing Reni-chan understand that.

“Ah, yes, it was just like Yuan-san said …” (Reni-chan)

“I don’t mind letting you call me with 『Nii-sama』” (Yuan)

“Huh …?” (Reni-chan)

Reni-chan has a blank face.

“Also, I don’t mind letting you call me so” (Yuan)

And Yuan pointing to Mile.

“Huh…?” (Mile)

And Mile also has a blank face.

Pishi~! (SFX)

Everyone’s ears seem heard some hallucinations.

When they’re looking, beside the fearless handsome young man 『who felt as if he could hear the sound』, there was a figure of Pauline and Rena with blue veins.

“Wow ah ah ~ ~!” (Everyone’ inner scream)




Guests at dining room moved tables and chairs. In the direction away from the table of 『Red Oath』

『I turned Pauline and Rena into enemies.』 No one knew what it meant.

Both the inn and the guests.

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