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In case you wonder why Magicians were tied up to the point that can’t talk, hear and see. If they can talk, all of them can cast magic, if they can see, non-chant magician can still use attack magic. I don’t know about plug their ears though.

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Mile Chapter 59: Interrogation

Captured enemy soldiers are tied up, especially magicians, they become like the monkey with blindfold, cloth wrap in mouth and in ears (T.N: the no see, no hear, no talk monkey in japanese) and Mile also make them unconsciousness. Even they maynot cause any harm but safety comes first.
And the enemy soldiers insisted that they were bandits, in that case the arrangement concerning the prisoner of war was not applied.

They must prepare themself to be tortured, be killed, sold as criminal slave and work until the death of a mine with heavy labor like hell, … 

The possibility of returning to their homeland is zero.

But if their identity are known to the hunters or lords of enemy’s country. It will be notified to their family in homeland and they will be label as “villains who carried out a thief act in another country”.
As a result of investigating their belongings, although there is no definitive proof, since the money in their purse bag is the money of the Albarn (アルバーン: Arubān) empire and the inscription of their weapon belong to a famous workshop in the Albarn empire, Bart confirmed it.

If this is a spy of the modern Earth, we will definitely not learn such a thing, but for the civilization in this world, they can’t afford to do that. Besides these things still can’t be use as solid evidence, they can still argue with “we don’t know such thing” or “They steal our country coins and swords”.

“So, who should I negotiate with?” (Bart)

“… It’s me.” (Commander)

“So you really want to be handled as a bandit?

You don’t have the honor and pride of a soldier,

you will end your life as a despicable criminal slave

and in some cases that info will be transmitted like that to your family as well?” (Pauline)

“What are you talking about, aren’t you saying that you are bandits?” (Pauline)

Pauline keeps her usual pace talking with the commander who was stuck at words with a frustrating face.
“I have a good idea!

We can inform the motherland of these people and other neighboring countries as well.『The illegal act from the Albarn empire, the trade destroying unit, have confessed everything honestly, they received 50 gold coins each as reward』 

This way, each of them is a soldier who fighting with their life under the command of their nation, so their family (can also has a high nose/ can be proud)  I guess.” (Pauline) ([email protected]/* */: please choose one you think fit the best)

The command was trembled.

“And to 『Those who honestly speak』 We will tell their country, he is a man who didn’t talk to the end even after torture.

Because he was a worthy enemy. We will deliver their thing to their bereaved family. This country might even release you. After that, there are as many choices like: become an adviser on the military of this country, become a soldier, become a hunter, or go to other countries” (Pauline)

“That’s a good idea, so we will decide that they were soldiers of the empire …

Even in fact, they are just bandits, so it’s not they have a family that feel ashamed about them.

But it’s just a reason for our country to make use to the empire.

Well, it’s okay if everybody talked honestly. You will get rewards and your personal safety concerns.

Well, it was good that only your family is in the empire, you aren’t a real empire soldier!“ (Pauline)

“Wha…what” (Commander)

While Pauline is talking on the assumption that they are imperial soldiers. Bart is co-op with her by saying “You are just a bandit, aren’t you?” to the commander.

We are talking without losing our attitude. So even the two conversations don’t met, but what the two of them want to tell is obvious. Both the commander and other prisoners become pale.

“We also don’t need to have to so many prisoners of war

Leaving behind only who willing to cooperate.

And disposal all of people who don’t want to talk. And we will tell both our country and empire that they have taken a lot of money and went to another country …”

Silence came in the words of Pauline. To the enemies and to allies …

“Well, yes, even if their number reduced slightly …” (Bart)

Bart’s words are also slightly subtler.

“Wait, wait! As a treatment of captives …” (Commander)

“POW treatment are for soldier but aren’t you just a bandit?

Well, it is a customary that we will kill all bandits, and you haven’t surrendered.

The last five are properly surrendered with 『we surrender, please don’t kill us』 , they also thow away their weapon. Because they fulfill their “Conditional surrender” we will not kill those five people …

Well, unlike you guys, we will keep our promises” (Pauline)

“…” (Commander)

When enemy commanders were stuck in words and silent, voices rose from among the soldiers.

“I do not want! I do not want to die!

I did not become a soldier to be killed as a bandit!

This mission is obviously a breach of the treaty! Everyone knows it!

If it’s for protect my country or my family, I can fight with my life.

I thought so, I became a soldier. We have tried hard until now.

Just to break the treaty and massacre civilians of other countries and be executed as bandits!

Besides, as it is, our family will be label as a wife and child of a traitor!

Does our country expect us just to accept it silently!“ (Soldier A)

“…” (Both commander and the rest of soldiers)

Surprisingly, the commander did not deny by shouting at the soldier.

All the soldiers and the commanders all just keep silence.

“… I also don’t like it” (Soldier B)

“me too…” (Soldier C)

“The empire betrayed us, we weren’t obliged to die for them any more …” (soldier D)

Things carried out too easily. And all of allies think in their head.
(absolutely not make enemy out of Pauline…)

While thinking so, Mile looked at Rena and Maevis. Both of them had a subtle look just like her. Thank god she is our party member, I feel comfortable.

At the time a few people confessed, the meaning that others did their best to hide it are gone.

Anyway, the truth is exposed, and those who didn’t speak will be killed and become a traitor.

“I will talk!” (Soldier E)

“Me too!” (Soldier F)

“Me too!” (Soldier G)

The soldiers confessed one after another, and finally the commander joined them.

After that, since all of soldiers agreed to be the testimony except for magicians who are lost consciousness. We decided the traitors who was released to other country will be six people who died.

Although we’re sorry for their relatives. But it was their consequences, they are “those who already massacred civilians of other countries and tried to kill  the merchants as soldiers of the empire to the end without surrender”.

So there’s no consideration for them to that extent.

The interrogation continued as it was until the morning, we heard the political situation, financial condition of the Albarn empire, the reasons for going to the violence this time, the existence of merchants carrying food and others…

We don’t know whether they will talk the same thing at the kingdom’s capital.

There’s possible that their mouth will be occupied somewhere, so we must listen to them here where no-one disturb.

The commander told us that Amuros had no traitor inside, I don’t think that the commander is lying but there’s also the possibility that not even he was informed, only higher up know. 

In the morning, the magicians regained consciousness. So we took only the earplug and the commander explained the circumstances last night and all the magicians also agreed with him.

But since the magicians can attack without weapons even when they are tied up. Therefore  we must keep the blindfolds and mouth gag. Although it can not prevent the non-chant, the power will drop significantly the eyes is blocked.

We must always keep watching them. Only we only remove the mouth gag for a moment when they drink water.

There’re no prisoners’ meal. A human being will not die even if he doesn’t eat anything for several days. Besides, it would be strange for a merchant to provide food for prisoners of war that were twice the number of merchants and hunters.

Even more, the time for arrival will extend for one more day (waiting for guild and lord).

Even though there’s sufficient foods in the Mile’s storage, the merchants and hunters tell Mile that there was no reason to use storage for those soldiers. If she reveal storage skill with that capability, she may become a delicious target.
That’s why only the merchants are eating.

The escort members are hungry because they only have a little for lunch, they also skip the dinner yesterday.

And Mile’s party … they went behind the horse carriage, prepare meals by take out meats and fruits and firewood from storage.

Lena is igniting the fire, Maevis is cutting meat, Pauline is boiling water prepare to make soup. Everyone is doing like usual.

Before noon, a hunter-like man ride a horse passed by. He’s heading from Amuros to the Kingdom’s capital.

It seemed like he bowed to us when he passed by.

“Hm … he must be the messenger that Fagas hired, then another one will come soon” (Bart)

As soon as Bart said that, another horse appeared and passed.

“Two messengers using horse, one for guild and one to the royal palace. After that two messengers will use carriage, and the last two will go by walk. Horse and carriage might be fast but they stand out. That’s why I add two more messengers that walking. With three kind of messengers, they will surely deliver the message” (Bart)

It will be quite expensive if we use totally 6 people, and even including a cavalry, carriage. But, we will be able to receive money as a bonus and other necessary expenses because this case is really important.

And around noon, a couple of horses came. Half of them are Hunters from Guild and other half are soldiers of the lord.

“You did well!” (???)

A 40 years old man got off from the cavalry spoke to us with a smile.

“I’m Cornelius of Amuros Royal Army. Our city in trouble because the merchants stopped coming.

Even we already moved the army, the bandits just keep hiding, we never found them.

Our lord is usually stingy, but he was overjoyed by this news. For those who have help capture the bandits, you can expect rewards!” (Cornelius)

Apparently, the lord is a nice person. It seems that there’s no such thing like Bart expect. 

Next, an elder approached us.

“Amuros branch hunter guild master. You did well. Even we didn’t give out subjugation request but we will give you bonus point like request.

As for payment, those bandits can be sold as a crime slave, you will get about 70% of that money.

The carriage for transport them shall arrive by evening.

We will depart in tomorrow morning. Rest assured that food is loaded on that carriage.

There will be alcohol, too. And do not worry, other hunters will watch the bandits for you, you can drink and take a good rest.” (Amuros Guild master)

The cheers rose from『Flame Wolf』in the back.

Is it about the award or about alcohol? Or maybe both.

“Thank you very much…  By the way, there are things I have to explain a bit …” (Bart)

And Bart explained the circumstances in detail.

There is no special mention after that, a carriage for transport has arrived before evening, the people of 『Flame Wolf』 enjoy drink and food, 『Dragon Breath』 ‘s members are only getting food.

No matter how many soldiers from the Lord Army or other hunters are, it seems that they aren’t such a foolish to get drunk like that.

『Red oath』 ‘s members are adults, except for Mile. Pauline is 15 years old, but she only allow to drink a little wine at mealtime.

Merchants who didn’t sleep last night, sleep all at once right after meal.

『Dragon Breath』’s members take turns to sleep. They were on guard.

『Red oath』’s memebers told them that Mile was 『really good with barrier magic and auto warning magic, so it’s okay』, they put out a tent and everyone slept together. It seems『Dragon Breath』are no longer question about 『Red oath』’s action.

And 『Japanese Fukashi talk』 was absent tonight.

On the next day, we ate the breakfast prepared by the escort group and immediately departed.

The corpses of 6 soldiers and 7 bandits are also upload on the carriage.
There’re no bandits dare to challenge this group and we arrived in the city of Amuros without any trouble in the evening.

The party goes directly to the lord’s facility and the prisoners are detained there.

The commander and the lieutenant who survived will be imprisoned in a single room, others are also divided into several, and mutual exchange is prohibited.

Even they agreed to co-operate, but for safety, they will be divided to prevent escape.

We handed over the prisoners to the lord, and then handed over the bandits to the Hunter Guild and decided to get the payment on the next day.

And the final destination for the merchant’s carriage is …

“We were waiting! It’s good to see you arrived safely, nothing more?”  (Buyer Merchant)

“As promised, we will sell at a normal price, there you go.”  (Client Merchant)

Both Merchants hit lightly their right fist to the left chest. Perhaps it is a vow or something.

“Eh? Because Amuros is short of goods right now, of course I’m willing to buy all of it, but aren’t you only have 6 carriages?”  (Buyer Merchant)

“Mile-san, please” (Client Merchant)

As she answered, Mile pulled out the goods from the item box, which she stored 2 tons of goods.

The buyer merchant falls back a few steps without thinking to the mountain of supplies that suddenly appeared from a space.

“Nor… normal price, isn’t it? I will buy it all.” (Merchant)
Of course, the merchant knows the news that the bandits were destroyed.

However, even if they’re preparing to organize the merchant from now, the goods will arrive at least after 9 more days.

We don’t intend to sell it at a high price so they don’t need a rush and can earn enough with this amount even with normal price.

The buyer merchant is pleased with the customer more than anything. There is no choice other than to buy.

It is a magical bag with a load capacity of 2 tons that can be used for more than 50 years. For merchants, to have Mile will be more happy than have one thousand gold coins. The buyer merchant is looking Mile with envious eyes.

Pauline’s eyes after heard that opened wide, and she grabbed the Mile’s shoulder.

“Don’t be like that, Pauline-san … because Rena alone is enough”  (Mile) (T.N: in case you don’t remember Rena often shakes Mile)

“So, that money …” (Pauline)

When she heard that, at last, Pauline let go of Mile’ neck.

“Yes, what is it?”  (Mile)

“You will use storage to carry the same on the way home!” (Pauline)

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