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Chapter 47 Return

In the end, Mile was unable the hide her curiosity towards the structure of the Rock Golem. If done right, she might find a weak point to easily defeat it.

"You idiot,if you're interested then just say so, we can search together."

After Rena saying so, everyone somehow split open the torso part and looked inside, but within was also made of rock. They discovered nothing that remotely seemed like a weak point. However, they found something that of a golden spherical object inside, which Mile stuffed it in her item box.

Next morning-

Though working till the middle of the night, they went to sleep first last night quite early, and the three woke up full on energy. Yes, three people, Mile aside.

Mile who had taken interest in the golem that night had another curiosity in her mind, something that kept her from falling to sleep. Though the analysis of the golem was mostly the reason why she didn't fall asleep.

Then, just what was it that kept her…

(Am I… Sturdy?)

Until now, even in mock battles she disliked the idea of being hurt, and avoided everything as much as possible. When losing on purpose, she took on weakened attacks due to bad posture from her opponents to areas where her armor was thick…. But that was the very reason why she was caught deliberately losing though.

Even so, due to those efforts and schemes the time she had to endure pain was almost… No, there was absolutely none.

(Completely none……? Was there a single time during swords, spear or martial arts training where I felt pain?)

The encounter with the Rock Lizard that morning, and the damage accumulated from that single blow from the tail and crashing into the surrounding rocky terrain. Even though she randomly gave an excuse to everyone else, but in reality she did not block with her sword, nor did she jump backwards to kill the momentum from the impact, neither did she cast wind magic during her landing to cushion herself. Everything. She took it all straight on.

However, there was no damage. She pretty much felt no pain. It was as if part of the body was under the effects anesthesia, the body state was like [The sense of touch was still there and you know you're touching it, but there was no pain at all].

(If that's the case, then all my schemes and efforts poured into avoiding pain were all for naught!)

No, that's not the problem here.

(Just how sturdy is my body… Wait, ahh, it's at least no less than that of half a Dragons…. And if there's a living being that's even more sturdy…)

Come to think of it ever since awakening, remembering the fact that she had no memory of receiving even a single scratch. If people were to find out she wouldn't be treated as human, maybe treated as research material. Or worse, a substitute weapon, would swinging Mile around demolish even a Rock Golem, such scary thoughts surfaced one after another and whirled about within Mile's mind, thus unable to sleep at all.

The four as per usual, ended their breakfast with bone in Rock Lizard roast, soup and sides, left the camp. (TL: Think anime meat, idk how to say)

Though 'leaving' the camp, the luggage went into Mile's storage and all that was left was to tidy up the remains of the bonfire. Their meals consisted nothing but Rock Lizard roasts making their nutritional balance quite bad, but camping is not all that luxurious. Besides, the meat of the Rock Lizard was similar to that of a chicken, not too greasy and quite delicious.

"Well then, Let's return to the Capital!"

""" Yeah! """

Responding to Rena's call, they finally set their return trip. Though a lot has happened, and their first expedition job ended without a hitch. Aside from the requested item, they earned quite a bit from off side hunting. From now on, they would not take on beginner level C-Rank quests, but ones with more depth and requires explicit examination, while expecting so the parties expression was bright.

The delighted Mevis, expecting the battles from now on will be worth while.

Pauline was smiling, thinking they would receive quality work and compensations.

Rena, who was in a great mood earlier, but now had a face lost in deep thought.

Finally, concerned about the future regarding her sturdiness, or using a bit of magic that exceeds common sense for the sake of escaping a crisis, was Mile who was troubled to just how she could deceive others.

Until the Capital was roughly two more days.

The camp tonight was in the same area as when they first set off. Sunset was still a bit away, so they had enough time to search for landmark spot for when the worse happens, it will increase their survival rate. Even if it's a little bit off, it may become the factor between life and death. There was no reason to lower the chances of survival.

"About tonight…. I was hoping to have everyone participate in combat. Not just training, but with the intent to kill-"

""" Eh…. """

To the surprise three, Rena continues.

"From now on, we may accept an escort request. Even if we didn't, to thieves, rebel hunters or even within active hunters, there are those who are fine with criminal acts. We're a likely target for those kinds of attacks, and during those times, hesitation for a fraction of a moment will determine our lives. Myself aside, if that does happen, our fighting prowess will decrease, or if someone gets taken hostage we will lose our means of resistance, how are you going to take responsibility?"

The others silently listened to Rena's words.

"B-but it doesn't mean we have to kill, we can just neutralize them right?"

"To do so with room for leisure, that only happens when your opponent is stupid enough to let down their guards. For example, here is a B-Rank hunter and their opponents are D-Rank or lower something like that. Just a little bit for carelessness will result in a failure, what do you think Mevis?"

Rena answered so to Pauline's question, and turned to Mevis.

"Yeah, for sure. If it were a normal fight, the chances for one with superior skill will come victorious is undoubtedly high. But, if this were the opponent aiming to secure a kill, and this be the person to capture the other without killing, even with superior skills it will prove to be quite difficult. Also, if the opponent is cornered, more the reason for them to be desperate. If you knew that the opponent has no intent to kill, then you could attack recklessly without too much care for defence. If that happens, there's not much you can do. As for myself, I respect all life be it criminals, myself or comrades. Those who are to be protected, I have no intention to take those lives."


Pauline fell silent to Mevis' words.

As for Mile, she had a look saying "Of course" while sitting on the sideline as a bystander.

"….That's unexpected"

"Eh, What is?"

Rena said while turning towards Mile, who tilted her head and returned with a question.

"I thought you would suddenly blurt out something like 'To hurt people is unjust!' along those lines."

"That's not true, after all  my motto is 「Evil doers have no human rights!」"

Mile said so while smiling.

In reality, Mile's thinking was pretty heartless. In her previous life regarding the people who tried to gain her favor, especially the normal people who held no ill intent, responded with as much kindness as possible within tolerance. But to those with malicious thoughts or hostility, she wouldn't do anything herself, but would not show any sort of consideration. And to those who brought her harm, she responded with a counter attack of the same level so they would never approach her again. Of course, retribution tolerable within the law.

As the beautiful honors student she was previously, there were those who tried to take advantage of an accident to approach her. There was no way she could forget how to deal with those kind of people.

Though there exists people from her previous world who would ditch their pride and decided to live life to the fullest, but even after coming to this world, she could not stop her way of thinking「You can not do anything about evil doers, it's best to just ignore them」

But in this world, 「Evil people」were those who used dirty money or would kill other for the sake of their own pleasures. According the the law of this country, it states that「Those kinds of people you can just kill」as long as it's「punishable within the law」.

To begin with if you let such bandits escape, it may cost the lives of a few dozens, or even hundreds of innocent lives. And as such, the person failing to capture the bandit will be the target of grudges. For yourself is one thing, but friends or important people may also be targeted and attacked…

Compared to grieving over such a foolish mistake and endlessly seeking for atonement, just a simple *stab* is much more reassuring.

"And so, I want it so we can accept an escort job quicker. It's comes down to when we're being assaulted by bandits and forced to fight without any room for negotiations, all while protecting our employer. They will understand if we talk it out is something that will never happen. If we don't experience it once, and when the time comes when we're being attacked, the slight moment of hesitation will be the last."

"…That's right. Just leave it to me"

"I also agree with Rena's decision."

"…I-I'm also in favor then…"

Following after Mevis and Mile, Pauline also acknowledged the decision with a short delay.

Mile thought that Pauline would joyfully agree with the decision, and that the rest of her friends would respond similarly, but reflected upon herself. Though when she saw Rena and Mevis' faces she felt rather relieved.

(Ah, as I thought, I wasn't the only one who was thinking like that…)

Evening the next day, [Red Oath] returned to the capital safely and headed straight towards the Hunter's Guild. For the time being, it was to relief the over worrying receptionist lady. As Mile entered the guild building, the figure of the receptionist lady stood behind the reception desk.

"We've safely returned!"

Mile's waved her hand as her voice resonated within the first floor of the guild. Instantly, everyone focused their eyes on the party.

"""" Hie! """"

The sudden shift of attention focused on the party made them shriek without thinking.

"Ahh! Everyone's safe~!"

As the one who gave them their request, the receptionist lady responded so.

"As it's originally a dangerous location for a job after all. After you left, there were news about a merchant being attacked by orcs, so I was worried. I'm glad you're all safe…."

"Merchants? By orcs?"

To the slightly curious Rena, the receptionist smiled and told her in detail.

"Yes, a certain overly cautious merchant who was know for parasitic acts was attacked by a flock of orcs at their camp. Their horse carriage and shipment were all lost. Though one of the escort was slightly injured, it seems that they all managed to escape with no casualties. Also they said「They nearby hunters paid no heed and escaped!」, but hunters that didn't even accept the commission has no obligation to help. Besides he was a parasite act addict, and from hearing the situation said by the commissioned hunters, it seems the hunters in question had been long gone from the said camp they were at when the assault happened.

So the guild master said「If the said hunters in falsely accused, and the truth comes to light later on, not only will your hunter license be revoked, but you will also face a suitable punishment as well… So, What really happened?」After that, they spilt the truth quite honestly.

From the giggles coming from the party, the receptionist understood the hunters in question were in front of her. My my, it was great that there were no casualties this time around and everything went smoothly without leaving a bad aftertaste. But Mile felt a little disturbed as to what happened to the horse.

"Well then, we're off to deliver the goods and receive the signature to complete the request."

As Rena said so, the group left the guild. It was nothing more than to let the guild know that they were safe. As for delivering the Rock Lizard itself, it has to be brought to the requester. After the price assessment, the total amount would be recorded on the confirmation documents and signed. Finally, after returning back to the guild's reception desk, they would turn over the documents and receive the amount listed from the deposit. The money was kept with the guild, and if the signature was not given, neither was the materials. That way they could avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

As for the remaining prey, during the final steps of transaction from the request, they could sell it to the guild. The Rock Lizards that were in good conditions were at least five, together would be at least seventy-five small gold coins. Within just five days, they earned three quarters of their monthly target. Even more, they had surplus stored within Mile's Storage[Item Box]. At this pace, the day they would move into an inn with a bath approaches. While making an expression losing to such temptations, the four headed towards the designated location.

"Ah, when talking to the requester, please don't say「We have a ton of Rock Lizards!」right up front. First start with just one. After receiving the assessment, take out the remaining four. Only mention that we have more after the final assessment of all five Rock Lizards have been confirmed as an additional purchase."
Mile tilted her head to Pauline's sudden words. It was the same as listening to combat orders from Rena during fights, with money or business she knew to trust Pauline's decision. And so, Mile returned Pauline's instructions with confirmation.

(TL:Just a prediction, hostage flag has been raised, we'll see if i'm right :p)

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