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Chapter 415
Mile Chapter 415: Imouto 6



「Catch us?
Are you kidnappers or bandits?」(Mile)


Mile asks with a surprised look .


「Hee, what are you talking about?
Ain’t that obvious? We aren’t just some petty punks who only demand some petty foods from villagers but a band of bandits pretending to be that way!
It would be troublesome and tiring if we always attacked from the beginning .
Occasionally, we wanted to take our time to relax with some free meals .
So, we all relaxed for a while and also made the villagers let their guard down at the same time .
When we were about to move again, we robbed everything including women and children then moved .
And then we repeat relaxing in another village . 」(Bandit Boss)


The boss of the bandits’ talks proudly .
Yes, they are no longer some “punks” but an improved level, “bandits”


「It’s super easy to get their confession!」(Mile)

「We got their declaration that they are bandits and a willingness to attack, capture us as well as the villagers, and sell us as illegal slaves .
Now you can be handed over as bandits with our testimony alone!」(Pauline)


Mile and Pauline said happily .


「…What? Are you stupid? You only have 4 kids while we have…」(Bandit Boss)

「Flame bullet!」(Rena)

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Chi~yudo~n! (SFX)


Of course, Rena had already chanted the magic beforehand and shot it at the bandits without expression .
…She has lowered the power considerably in order not to kill them, perhaps their limbs and fingers will not blow away .


「What! They ain’t just some kids, they can instant cast magic!」(Bandit Boss)


Well, it’s natural to be surprised .
Usually, children around Rena’s age can’t use magic well, let alone something like instant offense magic .
When they hurriedly chanted, they could only shot a defected fireball, their aim would be off, their power would be rather low . So they normally hesitated so shoot the first magic because the time they took to cast the next magic is a big gap to be attacked by the enemies .

So, it’s not a big threat facing a novice magician at a close range .

Otherwise, the magician will easily take the vanguard role and become a “magician warrior” .

The magician who can do that will easily get the upper level of rank C and is almost close to rank B when they register .

The magician will never approach the enemies . And the Vanguard never let the enemies approach the magician .
That was the iron rule in battle .

Therefore, when they saw the two magician-look-alike girls approaching them together with the vanguard swordsmen, the bandits looked completely relaxed .
“As expected, no matter how much experience they gain in fighting monsters, they are still idiots in fighting humans”, or so they thought .

But this girl can instantly cast attack magic and it’s not the standard “Fire Ball” that is easy to use even for low-rank people but explosive magic with higher difficulty .
It was completely unexpected, such as shooting with such power and speed .


「Blasted, catch ’em before the next shot!!」(Bandit Boss)


If you are facing unexpected strong enemies, then defeat them with the force of number before the next attack .

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Even if it was called “instant cast”, the magician still need preparation by silently cast in their head . The remained magician is still quiet, perhaps, she is a healer or support…
The other two are a loli swordsman and a female swordsman aged 17-18 .

Magicians can be unexpectedly strong with their talent regardless of their appearance or age . However, swordsmen are all about their trained body and experience .

So, even though there’s a strong loli magician, there’s no such thing as a great loli swordsman . Such a body can’t bring out enough force…

Yes, the Bandit Boss is right . He gets some knowledge to judge the situation .

…Ordinarily .

Yes, if these girls are just some average hunters .



「And with that, we catch ’em all」(Mile)


In front of Mile’s group, 17 bandits tied up with ropes .

They got burnt, small cuts, but no major injuries .

…No, it’s just “for now” .

Mile and Pauline have healed them with healing magic to the point the bandits are able to walk themselves…

Since it’s the double-edged western sword, there is no such thing as “the back of the sword”, but Mile and Mavis didn’t kill the bandits by “striking” with the belly of the blade .
Whether it’s sharp or dull, it still hurts like hit with an iron rod, so the bandits can still get bone fractures . If the girls aren’t good at it, there’s a good chance of visceral rupture and death .
They were able to defeat the bandits without killing anyone because there was too much of a gap in their ability and had enough room for them .

In addition to the technique of defeating the opponent without killing it, if you use the sword in a way that is out of the proper usage of the sword, such as flat striking, it will break quite easily . So even if the swordsman is talented enough to afford it, they shouldn’t normally do such a thing .
…Unless they have a special sword that you’re sure it will never break .

Of course, that is also true for the magician group, Rena and Pauline . If they make a slight mistake or inadvertently make a direct hit, they will also easily kill the bandits .

Ironically, being “weak” saved the lives of the bandits .

…For now, it’s finished .

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The method of binding the bandits is, of course, “Pauline binding” .


「As I said, I wasn’t the one who thought of this way of binding!
Please don’t give it a funny name!」(Pauline)


Pauline is protesting, but Mile’s group ignores her .

Apparently, for Red Oath, this binding method was decided to be “Pauline binding” .




As Mile and Maevis speculate, Merlinchan looks at the girls with sparkling eyes .


((Keikaku Doori…)) (Mile + Maevis)

(T . N: According to the plan)


Mile and Maevis have thought as the “God of the New World” .

The villagers were silently watching the “Red Oath” from a distance .

For the time being, it doesn’t seem like they aren’t grateful .
However, if they speak poorly and say thank you, they are worried that the girls may ask for a reward .

In the first place, they didn’t ask for subjugation .

Those hunters just did it on their own .

It doesn’t matter to us .

They would like to say so, but as expected, even though the girls didn’t ask for a reward, the villagers weren’t shameful enough to declare it themselves .

And even if they wanted to say thank you, without the consent of other villagers, it was selfish . They couldn’t even say “a word that could lead to a demand for a reward”

With that kind of feeling, it seems like they can’t move …

However, for Red Oath, it didn’t matter .

Mile’s wish was fulfilled .
Helping children, protecting their smiles and the children look at her with sparkling eyes with admiration .
*Mu~fu~fu* with a satisfying smile, taking the bandits by the rope to the city with a triumphant return .

… That was enough .


(… The rest is leaving without looking back while the children call out “Maevis, come back (EN)!”, so cool…) (Maevis)


Recalling Mile’s Japanese Fakashi story, Mavis tried to leave without looking back to the children while hearing them calling out to her because she was so cool .


「Ah, please wait a minute!」(Mile)



Mile’s voice from behind stopped her and Maevis looked back .


「Ah, I messed up!」(Maevis)


…The famous scene was a mess…

Maevis is on her knee (orz) .

No, in the first place, you can’t walk away when all of the children to call “come back (EN)” .
And since the girls have to pull the bandits who have been connected together, they couldn’t do that the cool way…

Then, at least hand over the leather bag containing the robbed money to the villagers and leave like playing “Three Amigos (Cactus Brothers)”

But the villagers didn’t seem to be robbed money yet . And in the first place, Pauline would never allow anyone to give away the money…

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