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Chapter 384
Mile Chapter 384: Request in Empire 5
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「……And then, after completing the first training trip in C rank,
We took a vacation, then we happened to come here and get our first job after the vacation!」(Mile)

「「「「「…………」」」」」(Female Hunter Party)


Even if they listen to Mile’s explanation, the female hunter party stays silent .

They don’t want to believe .
If they acknowledge the existence of such a newbie C rank party,
Their common sense and confidence will be crushed .
They don’t want to admit .
They can not admit!


「…But there is… one… right now… before our eyes…」(Female Hunter)


Disappointed .
The female hunter party is depressed .


「Ah, by the way, we haven’t even introduced ourselves yet .
My apologies, I have been rude…
We are C rank party, “Blue Gale” .  But we are going to promote to B rank soon (upper-level C rank)」(Female Hunter)

「We are C rank party, “Red Oath . ”
It’s been a year since we became C rank, as explained earlier by Mile…」(Maevis)


Mile has already told the Rank at the time of the explanation earlier, Maevis was just formally telling their name while lowering her head .

After a while, Guards came from the Imperial City .
The number is quite large, as this place is very close to the gate and there are many people to be captured .
In addition, there were not only guards but also other hunters .

Then the Guards took over the caught bandits,
Meanwhile, hunters and clerks came to Mile’s group .


「My name is Ovin (オーヴィン: Ōvu~in), Deputy Guild Master .
My apologies, I have accepted posting a “rotten” request .

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I will take measures to avoid something like this in the future .
So please calm your anger and wait . 」(Ovin)


Apparently, the employer has called both the guild branch as well as the guards .

…Certainly, as for “Blue Gale”, their client must pay the request fee and further penalties .
However, it would be better if the guild apologizes to them for indirectly involving them in such a situation .
He was a smart merchant to even care for a hunter he didn’t hire .

As for Mile’s group, “Red Oath”
There was no problem with the client or the request itself,
Even if there are assailants and their mastermind,
It’s a category of “escort duty”, so there is no problem .

… Well, as for the guild, they will need to make some remedies .
Because they were involved in a crime through the guild’s commission,
If they don’t deal with it properly and the news spread, the Imperial Capital City Hunter Guild Branch will lose its reputation .

And along with the captured bandits
Garaidal and his employees, who have not been captured yet, begin to move with many people surrounded them so that they cannot escape .
As expected, the wife and child aren’t surrounded as much,
They are only lightly surrounded .

And of course, merchant Vebdel, Red Oath’s client, his senior servants… probably those who have been around for a long time, the female hunter party “Blue Gale” and “Red Oath” following to testify in various ways as a witness .
Other employees of Vebdel Firm cleaned up and withdrawal from the site .

And the sad eyes of the children, seeing off their friends .
If they are lucky, someday they may come across as a merchant…



「Thank you very much this time .
If our escorts aren’t you, we might have been dead by now…」(Vebdel)


With that said, the client really shows his sincere gratitude .

What he was saying was exactly the fact, so the Mile’s group didn’t humble themselves and accepted the words of appreciation and praise .

Anyway if you are Japanese or citizen of other countries (including the different worlds), it’s a fool to understate your own accomplishments, so Mile follows that rule here .
In particular, if the hunters naturally reduce the evaluations and rewards that they should be able to obtain, other hunters will be troubled .
It is important for both evaluation and reward to “protect the market” .

And even though the client was really grateful, he didn’t seem planning to add any extra rewards .

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But thanks are free, no matter how much you say .
… As expected, he is a genuine merchant .

Well, that’s normal . And he already gave an A rating on the request achievement certificate, so Mile’s group didn’t complain .
Pauline is also satisfied with the reward for catching the bandits and the share of the price of the crime slaves .

This is the end of the case .
They still need to report to the guild .
Since the Deputy Guild Master was present at the Guard’s headquarters for briefings and testimony, make a formal request completion report, the girls only need to receive the money .
How much this apology will be charged, it’s fun to think about it (Pauline’s POV?) .


「Well then, it’s about time……」(Maevis)

「「「「Thank you very much for the request」」」」(Red Oath)


Following Maevis’ signal, “Red Oaths” all sang together a fixed phrase as a ritual .

And when “Red Oath” tried to leave Vobdel Firm, the merchant owner Vebdel called out .


「Please wait!」(Vebdel)


Four girls stopped their feet .


「Would you please accept a new request?
I want you to help me transport goods by storage magic from here to another town which is 4-days long travel by carriage…」(Vebdel)

「I refuse」(Maevis)


Maevis responded immediately without hearing Vebdel’s full request .




The amount of compensation,
Refused immediately without hearing any other conditions,
Vebdel was surprised that he was immediately refused before hearing the rewards or other conditions .


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「There are two reasons that we refuse .
One is that our free time is only until tomorrow .
And the other is because we are C rank hunters .
C rank hunters can receive escort requests, but carry luggage out of jurisdiction .
If you want to hire a hauler, should you hire someone with an E rank or lower, or go to the commercial guild, a wagon shop, etc?
Well then, if you excuse me . 」(Maevis)


As Maevis says, hunters of rank E or lower can do anything, such as porters that carry party luggage, chores, etc .
In order to eat, you can’t afford to choose a job .

However, there are no hunters who do such a job when they are C rank or above .

Even if your life is a little bit hard, it’s laughable if you get such a job .

It’s almost the same as stealing a job for a standard guild member under 10 years old . C rank hunter who takes such a job for a low rank . If you have shame, you will not be able to get it .

Therefore, such jobs should be offered as low-rank jobs, or to non-combat workers, such as wagons, grocery stores, and commercial guilds .

If this request is “Escort a transport corps” .
In addition to that, the client asked Mile to store additional luggage and valuables, then the girls might accept it .
In fact, that’s the case with only Mile .

However, if the request was “Transport”, the C-rank party “Red Oath” couldn’t accept it .
Especially for Maevis and Lena who value honor and pride .




Failed .

Vebdel realized that but it was too late .
Even if he changed the request to “Escort”, the girls wouldn’t accept it .

But then, he called again to the “Red Oath” who is walking away .


「Please wait!」(Vebdel)

「No matter how you ask, we can’t accept it .
In the first place, we have an appointment for the day after tomorrow」(Maevis)


Despite Maevis saying so, Vebdel hasn’t given up .


「No, I gave up on that!
So I’d like to ask another request …」(Vebdel)

「Another request…, isn’t it?」(Maevis)


When he said that, the girls at least need to listen .
It’s rude to refuse to listen to the client of the guild, although he hasn’t requested to the guild this time yet .
The reputation of the hunter will drop .

And it’s not a big deal to listen .
They just need to listen, if they don’t like it, they can refuse after that .
In the first place, they don’t have much time left by the end of tomorrow, so they mostly just refuse anyway .


「Please talk . We’re listening . 」(Maevis)


Hearing Maevis’ reply, Vebdel started talking .


「I would like to ask you to provide cuisine to and, if possible, how to make it for tomorrow’s outdoor party (picnic) .
I want to make up for the ruined party that the kids were looking forward to .
And it’s a goodbye to the good friends, Gareidal’s children…
So, tomorrow, the re-make…
Fortunately, Garedal’s wife and children don’t seem to be involved in this case and are still free .
Regardless of whether they will be taken over by the wife’s parents’ house or if they manage to rebuild the company with those who are left behind, I want them to have the last fun moments and memories with their good friends…」(Vebdel)



When he said, it was hard to refuse .
In terms of schedule, there’s no problem if it’s about half a day tomorrow .
There is no particular problem in the content of the request because it is a nomination request with Mile’s special skill .

Certainly, the transportation request mentioned earlier is also a “nomination request using Mile’s special skill”, but the fact that “a C rank party received a transport request as porters, not as escorts” will affect the pride of “Red Oath”, but this request isn’t .

However, this request is more like a nomination request for Mile rather than the hunter party, Red Oath .

As a party leader, Maevis is having trouble replying…


「Let’s take it!」(Mile)


Cheerfully, Mile replied .

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