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Chapter 379
Mile Chapter 379: Journey of the Empire 3
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「Eh? So what?」(Merchant)


After dinner, the girls told the merchants that they had only one more day of goods to sell, and the merchant replied with a nonchalant face .


「Originally, we only asked you to escort us .
Well, I have been really grateful to have young women selling products next to us, you made your work go smoothly
But we didn’t really ask for it,
In the first place, I didn’t expect to receive such support …」(Merchant)


The merchant has the face like “What are you talking about?” to Red Oath as he explains .


「「「「Right?」」」」(Red Oath)

「Yes (Shitteta)」(Merchant)

「Yes (Wakatteta)」(Merchant)

「Why, of course! (Atarimaedesho)」(Merchant)

「See, and I already told you so…」(Mile)


Everyone is responsible …
Or rather admitting “I’m ashamed, I’m stupid . ”, she is trying to impose that on someone else, saying something appropriate .
Knowing Mile is saying the truth .
Paulin knew in her head, but regret came first,
She seemed to know that’s her own fault .


「That is why our store is over tomorrow .
After that, if we find something good on the way home, we will just buy it .
So, while in the Imperial City, we will concentrate on your escort request」(Mile)


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When Mile said that…


「No, the imperial capital is pretty safe,
You can freely do anything until we leave this city」(Merchant)

「「「「Eh?」」」」(Red Oath)


Red Oath was surprised with the unexpected words from the merchant .


「After checking the state of the Imperial City, I found no particular security disorder or strange situation .
No matter what the upper management thinks, it’s not yet at the stage where it has a major impact on the people .
Besides, I don’t think anyone would suspect merchants who have permission commercial guild to open a stall in the central square of the Imperial City .
If this is a rural city, there are various kinds of problems, such as vice lords, powerful people (gangster),
But in the middle of the imperial capital, there aren’t many idiots who dare to harm merchants from other countries right in front of temples and guard posts…」(Merchant)


Certainly, the central square where the store will open is facing the temple,
There were buildings of various government agencies, and some facilities seemed to be packed with guards .
And they wouldn’t allow merchants of another country to be attacked in the Imperial City . It seemed safe to be relieved .


「So, I’m grateful for your cooperation,
But it’s okay if you act freely in the imperial city for a few days」(Merchant)

「「「「Oooohh!!」」」」(Red Oath)


Certainly, security can’t be so bad that you can’t do business normally in the middle of the Imperial City .
In particular, if they do poorly, the empire’s shame will spread to other countries,
They might also lose their precious merchants who trade across countries .

So, if weird guys try to cause trouble, guards and priests will come flying .

Then, let’s just say something appropriate…


「「「「Thank you very much!!」」」」(Red Oath)


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There is no other reply,
It was a cheerful voice of “Red Oath”


「……Let’s take a request」

「「「Of course!」」」


The girls aren’t bothered by the money, but they have come to another country .
It’s not bad to make achievements in this country upon receiving a request .

Of course, it is out of the question to take another travel escorting quest to a distant city .
It’s possible that the schedule changes suddenly and the departure will come sooner,
There must be no danger of being injured or getting caught up in the trouble, making it impossible to continue escorting .

Also, the girls need to be in a place where they can get in touch so that they can get to the spot in case of an emergency .
No matter how confident they were, it was a part that they couldn’t afford to overlook as a professional .


「When it comes to short-term work in the Imperial capital, it’s either a chore for a child of the G rank quasi guild member under 10 years old or request for heavy work such as moving help and cargo handling or a clerk suddenly rests and the ship is in trouble that they would like some help .
Either way, it’s the kind of request we can get …」(Mile)

「For you and Maevis, hard work is your force」(Rena)


Rena retorts to Mile’s murmur




Indeed, Mile and Maevis seemed to be controversial, but Rena ignored it lightly .

Well, they aren’t really angry because of some light jokes . And that’s the fact…


「Well, rather than staying wondering let’s go to the guild branch and look at the request board .
If they don’t have a good request, we can just not taking any request and go sightseeing around the Imperial City to kill time .
We don’t have to be forced to accept requests that aren’t right for us…」(Pauline)


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Eventually, Pauline’s opinion was adopted .

The next day, “Red Oath” sold out most of the products after noontime, they had the merchants take over the products that were left halfway, and withdrew their stores .
Ignored the merchants’ complaints, they headed to the Hunter Guild Imperial City Branch .


「There’s no good request」(Rena)


Rena says that, but it’s obvious .
Such a convenient request couldn’t be left alone when it was this late .

No, there must have been no such request even it was early .

A job that can be done in the Imperial capital and that a C-ranked party can receive, a short period of time, a good experience, and a job where you can learn about the Empire .


「There’s none, I guess… (Naidarou nee)」(Maevis)

「There’s none, I guess… (Naideshou nee)」(Pauline)


Following after Maevis and Paulin …


「There is!」(Mile)

「「「What is that~tttt?!」」」(Rena’s Trio)


The request card found by Mile .
That is…… .


『Personal security period: Half a day
3-4 persons
Reward amount: 1 gold coin .
Condition: C rank or higher, limited to women』(Request)

「「「Ah~…」」」(Rena’s Trio)


It’s no wonder Rena’s group frowns .
There are two cases for women-only escort requests .

First, when the escort target is a young woman .

Second, when the escort target is a pervert old man (Ero Oyaji) .

Why is this request left?

There was no hunter party with 3-4 women .

Everyone knows it’s a bad request .

The reward amount does not balance . (Does not match risk or difficulty . )


Two and a half small gold coins per person .

Just in case, if it is a request to avoid bandits, it’s not bad for earning half a day without leaving the city .
However, it’s too cheap if a raid or abduction might happen with a very high probability .

And, of course …


「We will check the details」(Rena)


Maevis’s Trio nods to Rena

Yes, “Red Oath” has decided their policy for request .

An interesting request, a bad request, … and a “red request” .


「Whether it’s the bottom of hell or the middle of the battlefield …」(Rena?)

「As soon as they call, we are ready!」(Mile?)

「Defeat dangers and difficulties to fulfill our request!」(Maevis?)

「If it’s a villain, we will blow away even the client!」(Pauline?)

「As for we are…」(Rena?)

「「「「Red Oath!!」」」」(Red Oath)


And the surrounding, the local hunters were dumbfounded *don*…

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