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Chapter 368
Mile Chapter 368: Goddess’ Servant
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「… Hey, do you know these girls?」(Guild Master)


Mile’s group suddenly heard someone asking them from behind .
…It’s the guild master .
Apparently, he came down from his room from the second floor .
I can’t just call a C-rank party from another country “these guys” for a moment, but if you’re a guild master, no one will complain . I always thought it was like this .


「Ah, yes, when we went to their hometown before, we have been under their care」(Maevis)


You don’t need to tell details .
Especially when Red Oath doesn’t the other party’s consent .
However, Rena muttered for some reason .


「(She is) …the savior… of my life…」(Rena)



An astonishing scream was heard throughout the guild .
It’s no wonder . It’s the savior of that “Red Oath”!

To think there is a situation where the “Red Oath” is at stake and a party has the ability to save them .


((((((Monster girls…)))))) (Everyone)

(T . N: Bakemono, meaning they are crazy strong like a monster not “Monster Musume”)


Although Red Oath is strong .
For Goddess’ Servant only sees them as junior rookie hunters .
“Red Oath” has an instantaneous power and firepower that surpasses them, a target of asylum .

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But they are far less inferior in their knowledge and experience as hunters .

In fact, Goddess’ Servant, who started from F Rank with effort and ability, had a number of amazing experiences where Red Oath couldn’t compete .
So it was not arrogant pride .

If you actually fight, “Red Oath” may win but that doesn’t matter .
Seniors must teach, guide and protect juniors .  “Goddess’ Servant” members think so . For the sake of “Red Oath”, they do it naturally…
No, glancing from above … it looks great … anyway, they created an atmosphere that their position was better .

And everyone already realizes that Red Oath doesn’t dislike it…
In exchange for a precious sacrifice… Rena is in a good mood, no, with full respect without any discomfort .


(((((((For Real …))))))) (Everyone)


Right now, at the Hunter Guild Tyrus Kingdom Royal Branch, the strongest legend of “Goddess’ Servant” has been bombed .  Before the people notice anything…

Now no one would try to mess with Goddess’ Servant here .
Everyone values their own lives …


「Why do monster parties keep coming to this city one after another…
And they are all pretty young women (Bijin), too .
No, I’m happy!
I’d appreciate it! !
Damn, let’s do something about them and let this city live!!」


The Guild Master mutters in bitterness .
Fortunately, neither party seemed to hear .
No, it might have reached the ear of the high-performance Mile,
But it’s okay because Mile has the mercy that she can listen to such a man’s complaints .


「Anyway, this time you are customers to our hometown!
We will treat you dinner tonight!」(Mile)

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Mile told so without consulting anyone, but Paulin didn’t seem to object .
It was a party that they had fought together before, the benefactor who protected Rena with her own life, and a great senior as a female party .
As expected, the miser Paulin doesn’t mind to spare a few small gold coins here .

Anyway, that fatal wound could be healed easily because it was Telyucia, but if it was stabbed in Rena as it was, due to differences in height, physique, posture, etc . , it might stab Rena in the head, neck, heart, etc .

It wouldn’t be possible to her in the state of “critical point of immediate death” .
So, literally, she is definitely Rena’s lifesaver .


「Then, let’s go to the restaurant immediately」(Rena)

「「「No no no no!」」」(Maevis’ Trio)


Maevis’s group stopped Rena from trying to walk away with a good mood .


「It’s still morning, and the Goddess’ Servant has just come here!
First of all, we decided to gather information and take a break!
The welcome party will be from the evening, THE EVENING!!」(Mile)



Rena seems to have returned to insanity after being preached by Mile .
She seems to be a bit too severe (over-react? over-kill?) about her lifesaver Telyucia .

You can see that she is head over heel for the first appearance of “The Reliable Person” after losing her father and everyone in “Red Lightning Bolt” .

However, the Goddess’ Servant goes home immediately after that .
Maevis’ Trio watched warmly and let Rena to behave like this for a few days .



「Icicle Javelin!」(Rena)

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「Icicle Arrow!」(Rena)

「Icicle bolt!」(Rena)

「Icicle Dart!」(Rena)


Rena can’t use fire magic because she’s in the woods, so she is hunting for prey by firing ice magic .
…It’s a bit too much .


「Rensan, that is…」(Mile)

「…a bit too high (much)…」(Pauline)

「Well, it’s not like I don’t understand her feeling but…」(Maevis)


Mile’s group looking amazed .
Whether she is looking forward to the welcoming party, or she thinks that if they finish the hunt early, the evening will come soon . Anyway, Rena’s Musou Hunt (peerless) continues …


And for the welcome party “Goddess’ Servant” at the evening .
Rena was enthusiastic about selecting a restaurant and meeting with the chef in advance but when the welcome party began, Rena was quiet .


(((Difficult personality …))) (Mile’s Trio)


Maevis’ group is stunned but it can’t be helped .
Because it’s a girl called Rena …
Anyway, Rena seems to be happy then it’s enough .



「Time goes by fast…」


One week ends in no time .
『When Litoria told that her party would go on a training journey, Baron Aura was devastated “No way”!』

Anyway, the Goddess’ Servant returned after staying for a week .
However, there is no such thing as Rena being depressed .
Even if they are away, they are doing well .
Apparently, that alone is enough for her .
As long as they are alive, they will come again .
Until death…
…That’s all she needs .
For Rena…


Thus, after a week’s vacation, “a week of busy going around vacation” is over, and “Red Oath” is really back to normal .

And as if waiting for it… No, in fact, he was waiting… the Guild Master called them .


「I would like Red Oath to receive a special request .
The request is escorting a small corp .
And the destination is … the Alban Empire」(Guild Master)


Alban Empire .
It is a country that has sent platoon-sized soldiers to destroy trade .
And the country that attempted to invade Mile, or rather Adel’s homeland, the Brandel Kingdom .

No, even such a country will trade with other countries .
Both as a country and as an individual merchant .

So there are no wonder merchants will hire guards in case of bandits and monsters .

However, it was obviously unnatural for the Guild Master to make a nomination request and call the said party to his room, and to say that it was a “special request” was even more unnatural .

… Not a decent request .
“Red Oath” understood that clearly .

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