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Chapter 341
Mile Chapter 341: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 3
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『… then, you don’t use “Kachikomi (Yakuza’s office assaults)”?』(Mile)

『I will not do it!』(Pauline)


Pauline shouts with a blue vein on her forehead with Mile’s simple question .
Apparently, she seems to be quite angry about this .


『If the other side started the fire with their abilities, we had to return with our abilities as well .
And we will return it with dozens or hundreds of times in legitimate defense…』(Pauline)

『Eh, but that is beyond the frame of legitimate defense …』(Mile)

『Silent (Urusaidesu yo~)!』(Pauline)

『Ye… Yes, I’m so sorry!』(Mile)


Mile apologizes instantly .

Pauline was in predator mode .
You should never go against Pauline in such a case .
Mile’s trio has learned it a long time ago .


『If the other side comes with fraud, we should return it with fraud as well .
They say “When you look into the abyss, the abyss is also looking at you”, you know?』(Pauline)

『Ah, so that was the meaning …』(Mile)

『As I said, don’t believe it so easily …』(Rena)



『What is it?! A big scale?!』(Shop keeper)


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This is a storefront of a certain medium-sized firm .

A young woman party with four people visiting the store,
They said that there was something they wanted to price-check .
The clerk is someone who seems to be about 20 years old, he is surprised by the words spoken by the representatives of women (Maevis) .

It is a big blunder for a merchant to talk loudly about merchandise transactions at a storefront where there are other customers .
However, it was not surprising that the inexperienced hand was excited by what the woman said .


Big scale .

The usual thing to ask and think first is
“What kind of scale?”

However, that is “if usual”

Now, here in the royal capital, there is a hot topic among merchants .
It’s a rumor that “the Ancient Dragon scale seems to be auctioned . ”

No, it’s officially announced, “Rumors” is a wrong word .
Because it is a fact .


It is said that the B rank party who received the investigation request found traces of the Ancient Dragons appearing to be rampaging, and several scales falling there .
It looks like it’s pretty broken, scorched pieces, but it’s still worth a lot .

And then, the young women’s parties say,
“When we were hunting and gathering, there was a rough place where somewhat big monsters have been rampaged, and something like scales fell there .
We don’t know what it is, but we thought it might sell and picked it up . ”


Did the girls pass by before the hunters came there to investigate?
Or did the Ancient Dragons rage elsewhere?
The clerk doesn’t know but what if these girls brought the Ancient Dragon Scale?

And these inexperienced girls also don’t know what it is .


『Well, here you go!』(Maevis)


He can’t judge even when the girls show him the actual thing .

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Not just the Ancient Dragon’s scale, he can’t even judge the scales of the Earth dragon or the Wyvern, so it can’t be helped .

Anyway, the most important thing now is that he must not let these customers escape .


* * *


『Thank you for waiting …』(Merchant)


Passed to a small room for business negotiations in the back,
“Red Oath” was told to wait while getting served tea by another clerk,
The clerk ran to somewhere and came back with two elderly men .


『I’m Mercht, the owner of this firm, and this is Howl, the chief guard . 』(Mercht)


The merchant, who seemed to be excited, said so and bowed down .
Normally, he won’t do such a thing to a young party as he is the owner of a store .

And apparently, the 2 clerks don’t introduce themselves or work with Red Oath .
But these two probably will get a reward (bonus) later .
It would be a reward or something for securing a good customer, judging that it was too much for themselves and passing it over properly to the boss .


『Did you say you brought an unusual thing?
Are you sure you want to price-check it?』(Mercht)

『Of course . Mile-chan, bring it out』(Pauline)


The negotiator is, of course, Pauline .

Then as Pauline told, Mile took it out of her storage and put it on the table .
One scale that is completely beautiful, with no scratches or burns .


『Here you go, Please check . 』(Pauline)

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『This… this is……』(Mercht)


Even his head is overflowed with joy, Mercht still tries to keep the cool face .


『Well, it’s a large monster scale or something .
I also see it for the first time, but it’s not going along with fangs, horns, or fur, it’s just one scale…
However, for all your trouble coming, visiting, and choosing our company .
I will pay 6 small gold coins …
No, I will pay a little extra, 7 small gold coins』(Mercht)


Normally, he should be amazed at Mile’s storage magic first .
But he keeps a quiet attitude to go through it and just says “It’s a big deal . ”
Mile and Maevis would be deceived, but unfortunately, deceiving Pauline isn’t so easy .

Not to mention the storage magic somewhat distracting him, he must also keep the expression that suits the customer like a merchant, he doesn’t realize that he was desperately disguised as a calm .

And above all, Pauline knew what distracting him the most .
Yes, it’s one of only a few “Almost Perfect, Ancient Dragon Scales” .


『Oh, if we have 7 small gold coins, we can stay at the inn for 3-4 days and eat as much as we like!』(Mile)


The merchants smiled at Mile who is happily saying so, but…


『See, as I said, wasn’t it okay to pick up both?』(Maevis)


Pishi~! (SFX)


Following after Mile, Maevis also adds another push .


『2 of them, you say…?』

『Oh, there were two beautiful scales among them, so we used all of our storage capacity to bring them both back .
There was an opinion that only picking one, but I pushed it with leader authority』(Maevis)


Mercht shuts down with Maevis’ explanation .
Apparently, he thinks with all his head, considering a way to buy both .


『In order to free up storage space for them, it was worth taking out our luggage and carrying on our own, throwing out extra water』(Rena)


And Rena adds explanatory lines to reinforce Maevis’ words .

The reason that only two pieces of scales were brought back, or that only one piece was brought now, was that Mile had a small storage capacity .


And the merchants heard it naturally thought:

By chance, these girls had passed the scene before the B-rank party came there and brought back the two best scales without knowing its value .

He had heard that all of the Ancient Dragon scales, that were brought back to the auction by the B-ranking party, are severely damaged, cut into “shards” and many are severely scorched .

On the other hand, how much value is this scale, which is almost perfect and can be processed into armor?

Moreover, two of them!

He can donate one to the King and the other to the auctions of senior nobles for honors, rewards, and huge profits .

If he did well, he could even get dignity like a noble .




Although the merchants still seemed to barely be able to keep his calm, Pauline’s sentiment was clear .

That is easy .
Pauline just had to think about what she would be if she were in that position .


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