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Chapter 330
Mile Chapter 330: B Rank Hunter Party 3
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『Th-This is……』(Merchant)

『Hmmmm, it’s not the spices around here…』(Merchant)

『Cooking is also unusual .  Is it an exotic dish…』(Merchant)


Passengers pushed the hunters out of the way and sampled the praised Mile’s dishes one after another .  Apparently, most of them seem to be merchants .

Locals do not stay at inns and those who come to the capital to work usually stay at cheaper inns .  There is no one who travels here to earn money will stay at a luxury inn .

And those who don’t care about that amount of money, those who prioritize safety and comfort over cash, and staying in a high-class-inn to keep their status and trustworthiness is part of their work . When it comes to those who think that there is, it was inevitably the merchants who came to the capital city from other cities for business . …Except for the higher-ranking hunters who are staying in regular lodges .


『Hmm? This dish is …』(Merchant)

『Oh, it’s boiled deer’s internal organs with spices and a seasoning called “Shoyu”…』(Mile)

『It’s definitely delicious .  However, to use such expensive spices for something like the internal organs…』(Merchant)


Mile explains to the merchant-like person who was awe .


『Oh, the spices I used for it are cheap, with no spiciness or depth in the taste .  That’s why I mix various things as a bulking agent to cover that area, but it takes time and effort .  Instead, the cost is cheap though, ahaha​​…』(Mile)


Ginn!! (Eyes glanced SFX)


『『『『Hiii~~!』』』』(Red Oath)


“Red Oath”, yes, even Pauline screams from the merchant’s gaze… Yes, the expression that it seems to kill people, a perfect gaze .

Mile doesn’t understand well what she has said to the merchant now .

Didn’t she mention the danger when she first extracted capsaicin from Pauline’s hot magic?


…Yes, she felt good that her dishes were well-received by senior hunters and mid-level merchants who are accustomed to eating delicious foods . The other three of “Red Oath” worried that Mile would let it get to her head and neglected her alertness but they couldn’t tell her .

Even though she was smart in the past, it was about her studying . However, she got a die-hard failure that she wasn’t familiar with interpersonal interaction and thinking about the other person’s feelings .


『『『『『『How much can I get from all your stock?』』』』』』(Merchants)

Gin~!! (SFX)

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The merchants greeted each other by their gazes at the same time with their words spoken out together .


『This is scary!』(Rena)

『Please spare me …』(Maevis)


Rena and Maevis are backing out .

As expected, Paulin seems to have a slightly worsened complexion .

Even if it’s Pauline, enduring all merchants’ killing gazes seemed to be too much for her .


『Ah, you can have business talks later with Pauline-san…』(Mile)


Mile casually pulled Pauline into the battlefield without worrying about Pauline’s feelings .

No, it’s a natural action for Mile, and there’s no wonder …


『No, but I’m grateful to eat delicious food』(Male Hunter 1)


At that time, one of the hunters who read the air, the man who first called out the “Red Oath” .  Apparently, he seems to be a party leader . He talked to Mile .


『Tomorrow we are going to do a dangerous request which I don’t know if we can go home alive .
Now that we have a taste of these good foods, we won’t complain even if it’s our last dinner .
It was a satisfying meal .
Thank you, Young Miss…』(Male Hunter 1)

『『『『Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)


It’s not like there’s war or monster runaways (stampede), even senior hunters don’t need to do a job like “I don’t know if I can come home alive“ .

If they receive such a thing, it won’t be enough no matter how many lives they have .  Even a nomination request can be refused .


『Why why …』(Rena)


Yes, Rena can’t help but ask .


『Oh, it’s hard to refuse the nomination request we just received .

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There’s no party of rank A or higher, and the other party of rank B has perceived danger .
Anyway, it’s an emergency that can destroy the surrounding towns and villages, including the capital, and the country itself .
If it’s nomination request, you can’t refuse as B rank hunters .
Position, will, … and belief!』(Male Hunter 1)

『『『『…………』』』』(Red Oath)


The girls understand .

Because they understand, they can’t say anything .

The other members of the party laughed out and picked up the tasting dishes .


Probably, they showed their faces to the guild without knowing the situation and was nominated by the guild .  If they wanted to refuse, they should have refused .

However, they take it with pride .

They know that it’s a “Red Request” .

They are true hunters . The senior hunters .


Chirari~ (Glanced*)


Rena quickly looked at the other three .


Kokuri… (nodded*)




It was a rule .

Even though they were born and raised different, all four of them love adventure .


『What kind of request is that?』(Rena)


Rena was talking big to the senior hunters .

…No bad intention .  There’s no bad intention, never .


『Oh, because the rumors are already widespread, nothing is secret or anything …
It is the Ancient Dragons .

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This morning, there were witnesses that four ancient dragons flying around the nearby forest and surrounding areas .
Many people were witnessed and some of them were familiar .
Apparently, it was the Ancient Dragons, not a mistake .
Even though there’s only one Ancient Dragon in the mountainous area on the frontier, it’s already a big fuss . But now, there are four in the immediate vicinity of the capital city!!
If we won’t do well about this, the damage may not in our country alone .
Anyway, we need to get in touch with them, bring them into a peaceful conversation, safely and happily ask them to leave…
I don’t think I’m so lucky! Damn it!!』(Male Hunter 1)


As expected, it seems that it was impossible to say by himself . He put his head down on the table (Facedesk) .


『『『『Ah ……』』』』(Red Oath)


All of the Red Oath realized .

The girls feel sorry for the hunters if they keep silent and let them wastefully go searching for days . The hunters are also in the worst mental state, preparing for death, which will be too hard .

So, unavoidably, after grabbing and understanding everyone, Mile spoke .


『Oh, that’s already solved …』(Mile)

『『『『『Eh?』』』』』(Huner Party)

『If you talked about four Ancient Dragons, they have gone back to their village because their errand was over .  It seems they had a little errand around this place . But after done with it, they didn’t seem to have any use staying around here anymore so they went back . We happened to meet them in the forest and heard so』(Mile)

『『『『『Eeeeeee!!?』』』』』(Huner Party)


Skeptical eyes, eyes, and eyes…

Well, No one would believe it normally .

So Mile took out the item from her item box .

Yes, after the Ancient Dragons returned, the girls recovered what was left in the battle .


『This is the pieces of evidence, “Ancient Dragon Scale” and a piece of “Ancient Dragon Meat”』(Mile)



This time, not only the hunters, but also other customers, cooks, and everyone screamed .  Maybe you can hear it outside the inn .


『『『『『『『『This is the Ancient Dragon Scale and Meat?!』』』』』』』』(Everyone)

『… No, something must have happened before that .
For the Ancient Dragon’s scale and Flesh to be spattered around!
It must be a big incident!
Maybe something like the Demon King appeared and the Ancient Dragon warriors challenged him in the final battle!』(Male Hunter 1)


As expected of the leader of the B rank party . He seemed to think far ahead than an average one .

But of course, the girls can’t tell the truth .


『Eh, after the errands are over, maybe they have a light practice among their friends?』(Mile)


However, the explanation of Mile was objected by the hunter leader .


『Why would they lightly practice here?!
And that “Ancient Dragon Scale” has been cut .
This one is half-burning .
This best scale has many small holes all over .
What’s more, what is this messed piece of Ancient Dragon meat?!』(Male Hunter 1)


The scales that have been burned by Rena and scratched to remove the flame .

The scales that have been cut by Maevis’ sword .

The scales and pieces of meat that were stabbed and scattered by Pauline’s drill warhead .


No one thought it was the result of a light practice among the Ancient Dragons .


『『『『………… It was a light practice』』』』(Red Oath)



And Mile thought .

The only way to overcome this useless situation is to do it .

Yeah, to break down the chaos, you just need to hit it with more chaos …

A mile-special-made space-time destruction bomb released .


『Do you want to buy this?』(Mile)


And hell appeared on the ground…

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