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Published at 24th of October 2019 01:49:04 PM
Chapter 328.1

Counting changed to December 31st .

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Mile’s turn .   26 => 25 chapters left (Next Arc)

Cathia’s Arc: 14 Chapters (This Arc and next Arc)

Taru: 5 chapters

Arge: 30 Chapters (2 Arcs)

Mira: 5 chapters

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Mile Chapter 328: B Rank Hunter Party 1



『Who are you?』(Mile)

『Ah, my bad .
I’m just a hunter from the next table .
Little girls, even though you are young and you already stay at this inn .
But I was a little worried about your criticizing against the delicious food of this place so I called out to you .
Ahaha . My bad . 』(Male Hunter)


The male hunter told Mile so as he laughed . Is he about 30 years old? And at his table, there were four men and women, they seemed to be his party members .

For them to use this inn, they are probably a rather high-rank party to spend money like this . Usually, only rank B or higher are staying here . C rank party normally can’t stay here unless their members are including a high rank noble or rich merchant . It’s something like “entertain their members to encourage them” or “everyone enjoys without care when they still young” .

No, of course, there are people who are seriously aiming to be decent hunters within the nobility and the rich people . But such people will try to cover their daily living expenses only by their earning, so they won’t stay in such a high priced inn . Except for those who have achieved B rank or better .

And all of these people couldn’t be seen as the sons or daughters of nobles and rich merchants .
They left their weapon seems in their room so people won’t know their class (job type) by looking at it . But if judging only by its appearance, the two men who seem to be Vanguards, one man seems to be middle guard, and two women who seem to be a rearguard . They seem to be in their late-20s and mid-30s . A well-balanced and typical party structure .

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…No, of course, we can’t exclude the possibility that Muscle Man is a magician or that slim and delicate Woman is a swordsman .


This means they aren’t an “everyone enjoys without a care when they still young” party, but a party with considerable ability .  Besides, they didn’t entangle in a malicious way like the template, newbie bullying .

Really talented people can’t afford the time to get involved or harassed their subordinates .  That’s the action taken only by the weak who aren’t confident in themselves and want to feel superior when they make a fool out of someone .


『I’m sorry, this idiot is causing you trouble…
But newbie like you girls shouldn’t stay at such a high price inn .
Even if you want to take a bath or not want to get disturbed by a strange man, you still waste a lot of your party fund…』(Male hunter in party)

『Besides, scoring the food here only 70 points is too extravagant!
If you do that, you can’t endure the long-term camps while traveling and will get a lot of problems because you haven’t tried to save money .
The travel might last a few weeks, you can only eat bread that is hard like stone, a dry soup with a light taste, and dried meat .
Anyway, I’m not impressed about how the newbie spent too much .
He might be rude but he just wanted to not to take it for granted!』(Female hunter in party)


A swordsman or a man who seems to be a swordsman and a woman who seems to be a magician together the man who first called out, expected a phrase like “Thank you for guidance, seniors (Senpai)” .

Rather than thinking for their juniors (Kouhai), they seem more like thinking “I’m cool, teaching young children!” It’s like a performance for self-satisfaction .
No, they are sure it will be good for newcomers .  Perhaps they aren’t so bad .
… but their Doya (smug) face was a little annoying .


*Snapped* (SFX)


Rena is angry .
An unreasonable high-priority theory that interrupts their talk without permission and has a doya face .
It is a taboo to Rena: “Looked down on others thinking they are the top”, calling her “Small Tits Girl” or “Petite-chan”, and “Stroke her Head” .

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『… Thanks for the extra care!』(Rena)

『『『『『Ehh……』』』』』(5 Hunters)


Beginners receive a lesson from the seniors and thank them for their gratitude .
After becoming B-rank, there were many patterns, and they thought that they would get a “thank you for giving guidance to their juniors”, so they were surprised with Rena’s unexpected reaction .

The other three, Maevis, Pauline, and Mile also didn’t hold down the angry Rena …


*Blue vein* *Snapped*……


Or rather, they were angry .
Prepared for death, seeing their friend lost an arm, and exhausted when returned .

At last, they were able to have fun chatting among friends while eating delicious food, so they wanted to enjoy themselves . To think some random hunter interrupted their talk and acted high and mighty giving them a lesson .

As expected, even the friendly Maevis and Mile were also angry .


Pauline? ………… Hahaha .


『Mile, is this the so-called “becoming aged” that Mile used to talk about?』(Maevis)


No way, it’s a curse from Mavis .  It’s also quite painful for a party that has two unmarried women .


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『Hunters are all about skills and achievements .
To make a fool out of other people judged by their appearance and tell them how to spend money when you can’t even measure the power of the other party is like making a fool of yourself .
Moreover, they can’t even think that “because the other party has enough money, they just use it according to their income”
A common mistake for those who can only measure things on their own scale』(Pauline)


Pauline, apparently can’t stand being stumped on how to use her money .
And Mile…


『Well, we are only children, making mistakes or doing foolish things are still acceptable . But to think that even people over 20 years old… Tch tch tch…』(Mile)


There was no mercy .
Miles has a fast turning head and loves playing with words .  If Mile is seriously trying to overthrow others, her words have the power like a californium nuclear bullet shot at a firing speed of an automatic rifle .


…Isn’t this bad luck or bad timing…?

Usually, girls other than Rena won’t get angry and make things worse .  No matter how annoying, they weren’t so malicious .  At worst, they would just bow down and calming Rena while laughing .

However, now they have exhausted their bodies and soul . Even after a short sleep, they were only able to rest their body a little . And when they were trying to heal their exhausted heart in a conversation with their friends .

Even if others can only see it as a normal conversation within a friend …


In other words, for the hunters next table, they wanted to scratch the bottom of the kitten’s chin, but it wasn’t a kitten, but an adult tiny tiger . It was unfortunate enough to correspond to the place where it grew .

Exactly as bad as “I was bitten by a stray dog” .

However, because they approached themselves and offered their hand, they couldn’t complain because they were bitten .


『『『『『…………』』』』』(5 Hunters)


Although it wasn’t that bad, the hunters were struck by unexpected damage .
… In particular, the damage of two unmarried women was serious .

If this is a normal inn, the angry hunters would stand up and have a commotion .
As expected of a high-class inn that only “senior hunters can afford to pay“, they behaved themselves .
The hunters are finally aware that they have said unnecessary things and hurt the young hunters’ feelings, so they just silently listened .

The veteran hunters had a generous and adult response against the young hunters .
Many of the other customers in the cafeteria are merchants mainly from other cities .  They felt sorry for the surprised hunters, they kept eating silently .


『『『『Ah……』』』』(Red Oath)


Rena’s group finally calmed down and looked around, they realized that they were saying something wrong .

Even though they didn’t start a fight, with their terrible words, they have made other people uncomfortable just because they were in a bad mood .  Even in a place where everyone tried to have a good time .
It was against Mile’s meal policy and, of course, other three also felt shameful .


『『『『I’m sorry……』』』』(Red Oath)


Four people apologized .
And the hunters lightly waved their hand .


『No, I was also a little insensitive .  I’m sorry…』(Male Hunter)


Apparently, it seemed that everyone was able to reconcile safely .

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