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Chapter 325: 325

Mile Chapter 325: There’s no Tail

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『No tail . There is no tail …』(AD)

Rather than the Capsaicin Hell, the Ancient Dragon should haven’t been seriously injured .
He should have been the least injured among the three but he continued to wail in despair, holding his tail that had been cut off .

『…What’s with that…』(Rena)

Rena whispered with an unpleasant face while watching the Ancient Dragon .

『Oh, that …』(Beldetes)

Beldetes explained .

『He still doesn’t have a mate .
And our courtship is by the tail… Afterward, the tail still plays a very important role in appealing like the human’s hand . We will entangle our tails together (holding hand), or using the tail to touch our mate’s body . But if we lost our tail, then…』(Beldetes)

The other two Ancient Dragons are also dropping their shoulders with sadness . Apparently, it seems that it’s not possible to put a word of comfort .

『『『『 ………… 』』』』(Red Oath)

Uncomfortable . Very awkward…

『No tail . There’s no tail . I don’t have a tail anymore…』(AD)

The Ancient Dragon continues to wail in tears, overflowing with tears .

『AAa, I understand! Geez』(Mile)

Miles picked up the tail that had been slashed which lying on the ground and approached the Ancient Dragon, who was crying and wailing .

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『I’ll stick it back for you, so point your tail over here!』(Mile)

『『『『 …… Eh? 』』』』(4AD)

Apparently, even between the Ancient Dragons, it seems that the site defect cannot be repaired . And the severer case, cut parts cannot be connected .

Certainly, unlike healing a cut, there are high hurdles to connect nerves and blood vessels and other hurdles . Even with the medical technology of the Earth, it’s difficult to connect the severed arm and leg completely . Even about 100 years ago, the success rate was still quite low .

Even though they can use more advanced technology than the Earth aka Nanomachines, but if they have no knowledge about body structure or medical knowledge, it’s difficult to imagine the regeneration procedure correctly, radiate it as a thought wave, and let the nanomachines do the work as desired . “Just attaching the limbs” won’t make the nerves connected, or when the blood vessels are cut off, they are necrotized quickly, they won’t know to disinfect it, etc .

Four Ancient Dragons looked at Mile with skeptical eyes, but then they looked at Maevis standing next to Mile because she was also in their sight .

『『『 …… 』』』(3AD)

Except for one that lost consciousness, the other three were certainly watching . Maevis’ left arm surely burned to ass in the Flame Breath .

『『『 ………… 』』』(3AD)

Incredible .
Impossible .

Three Ancient Dragons agape and stare at Maevis’ left arm . The only one who doesn’t know the situation isn’t sure why everyone is behaving strangely .
Then, Maevis noticed the gaze from the Ancient Dragons, smiled and pulled out the sword, started swinging her sword and doing things like acrobatics .

『『『 …………』』』(3AD)

The Ancient Dragons who can’t take their eyes off Mavis .

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『I ask you, please help me!
I completely surrender,
I’m willing to become horse substitute and let you ride on my back,
Other than betraying our clan, I’ll do anything!
So, Please!』(AD)

If he remains as an amputee, he will be single for life… the longevity Ancient Dragon’s lifetime is tens times or maybe even hundreds of times of human life .

Mile has a troubled face looking at the Ancient Dragon crying and begging .

This probably is an insulting act for the ancient dragon . That is a complete surrender or a horse substitute…

Previously, the female dragon, Sherara did it, but that was just what she was a child and felt the danger of life . It’s different from a fine adult male warrior .
As for being the horse substitute, it was totally okay to take a ride on Beldetes because they just helped to save time, just like when he carried the beastkins before . But getting ordered around by the lower creatures at all was a tremendous humiliation .
Apparently, the tail of the Ancient Dragon seemed to be even more important that he didn’t mind to take such a humiliation .

Then Mile brought the tip of the tail closer to the Ancient Dragon, who stretched out his tail like Mile asked .

『Cleaning the cut surface, eliminating foreign matter, and sterilizing!』(Mile)

First, remove the dirt and sterilize .
Then, attach the cut surfaces…

『Cell proliferation activation, skeletal junction, muscle adhesion, nerve repair recombination, vascular junction, bonding surface fixation …, Tera Heal!!』(Mile)

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For the time being, the Ancient Dragons were impressed with Mile’s magic .
Even the Ancient Dragons could physically attach the cut parts as well . The problem was whether the cut part could move or prevent rotting . It’s still meaningless if it could barely move at all because he couldn’t do the necessary intense and delicate movements for courtship .

『 Do not move it yet . ……Hey!』(Mile)

Mile lightly pushed a little strength in her fingers to hold the Ancient Dragon from moving his newly attached tail .


The Ancient Dragon leaked his voice suddenly and twitched his face from the pain .

『Why did I get hurt when I was held by a loli (little human girl) ‘s fingers?』(AD)

Normally, even if a human slammed with a force that breaks his finger, the Ancient Dragon wouldn’t even notice him being touched . More like not even weapons can make him feel hurt, etc .
In other words, this loli (little human girl) ‘s bare hands are even stronger than normal weapons . What if she slashed the Ancient Dragon with all her strength and a weapon with enough durability…

He has seen an unbelievable sight that a human being could slash one of his friends with a sword . He was impressed that a human being has such extraordinary abilities .
But then again, maybe she got a god-level magic sword .
A ridiculous Artifact, perhaps it’s a “Sword of the Legendary Hero“ .
Or something like a “Dragon Slayer (EN)“ .
And that swordsman might be a “Dragon Buster(EN)“, who only appeared once in hundreds of years .
The Ancient Dragon was lamenting the bad luck of those who got hit by such a person…

『Then why did a loli (little human girl)’s bare hands with no weapon have such power…
Rather than that, a legendary hero was someone who appeared once in hundreds of years .
Why would there be two of them together?』(AD 2)

Why the Ancient Dragon (bath in hot spice) was wondering, the other Ancient Dragon (burned by Rena) suddenly shouted to him .

『 Did you just feel pain in your tail?』(AD 3)

『Ah, yes It’s hurt… Hey (って ~tte), EEHHHHHHHHHHH!!』(AD2)

The Ancient Dragon was shocked and began to spill tears .

『Feel… Pain . I can sense it . I can feel it…』(AD2)

And then he tried to move it .

Piku . (SFX)
Piku~Piku . (SFX)

『Move . It’s move… (The same sentient as “Alive . It’s alive”)』(AD2)

『I think it’s completely mended, but just in case, don’t move it too much for 2-3 days . After that, you can move it normally . 』(Mile)

Zushi~n! (SFX)

『Uwa… I’m grateful, Loli (little human girl)…』(AD2)

And Mile felt troubled that the Ancient Dragon flipped over his back and spreads his both hands and legs… (Complete surrender)

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