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Chapter 315
Mile Chapter 315: At the tent
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(NOTE: “The Young Lady” are all changed/shortened to “Eltrea”)



『…Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it!!』(Pauline)


Pauline sits on a cot in the tent and continues to squeeze a pillow while spitting out a moody aura from her whole body .

The last few days she has failed a lot and seemed quite frustrated .
The business went ups and downs .

Even when it didn’t go well, she should change your mood and act brightly,
Pauline seems to be still undertrained .


『Oh, Speaking, Maevis, the result of the training was amazing! Did you learn a new technique? It was cool!』(Mile)


In order to change Pauline’s mood, Mile tried to change the topic .

…Or rather, it was a surprise that this topic wasn’t up until now, even though it has been several days since then .

In fact, everyone besides Mile thought that it would be a bad idea to talk about it where there were outsiders . And on that day of the battle, Maevis was exhausted . After arriving at the inn and talking with everyone, Maevis fell asleep as soon as she said goodnight to Eltrea .

And after that, she didn’t touch on the topic because Eltrea stayed in the tent with a spare bed at night… except for Mile who just forgot .
However, now that Eltrea is in attendance, neither Rena nor Maevis were surprised that Mile was talking about the topic .


(If you can weaken Pauline’s angry aura …)  (Rena)

(The young lady is still here . Well, I could just say about appropriate stories…) (Maevis)


In addition, this time, Maevis learned this technique under the guidance of the former Royal Palace Knight,
It’s not something she has to hide .

It was supposed to be a skill of common sense .
That’s why Maevis explained the background of training and new techniques .


『『『『Eeeeeee!!』』』』(Mile’s Trio + Eltrea)


Rena, Mile, Eltrea and even Pauline raised their voice in surprised .

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『Yo… you…, what a result in such a short time! Even for magicians like us can’t possibly learn it!』(Rena)

『Cost-effective, too good… The fee of 15 small gold coins is well taken out …』(Pauline)

『Terrific, Maevis-sama!Not only did you keep up with the training of the old ex-Knight Guardian, Radimar, but you will be able to learn such a special technique… An event worthy of a heroine!!』(Eltrea)


Apparently, that teacher of Maevis seems to be a famous person . Since it’s not a technique to defeat the opponent directly, it can be said to be a “deadly move”…
And Mile was impatient .


(Eeeeeeeh! Mae…Maevis-san, you can apply that technique yourself?!
That’s a completely new way of using my search magic, where the released nanomachine only brings back the survey results!
And wasn’t that a healing magic itself? Sending nanomachines that give instructions directly into the body of others .
Maevis-san, who can’t use the magic released outside the body, has come up with such a method on her own and succeeded in the process…?) (Mile)


If Maevis was able to use magic normally .
Perhaps she would be a magic swordsman who surpassed Rena and Pauline in magic with her innovative and flexible ideas, her sincere thoughts, and her unremitting efforts .


(But because she couldn’t use magic, she has been researching how to use “Ki technique” [which is actually Magic]
Truly, she has mastered magic even in unfavorably condition like that, she could have already surpassed ordinary magicians…) (Mile)


Mile has complex feelings, happy about Maevis’ success and feel a little scared…





And after that, It’s time for Mile “Japanese Fukashi story”


『”Just… now… there… were…”
The customer out of breath said so,
Then the stall girl turned around and said
“…Were it the breasts like this?”
“Gyaaaaaa! No! There’s no breast at all! It’s Nopperbō breast!” (Click the link)

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And the man desperately runs away from the girl with such a terrifying chest… Hey, be quiet (Tte, Urusai desuyo~oooo)!!』(Mile)


Mile ended in the middle of a story and got into bed .
Rena and Eltrea looked like death with a thick face …


The next morning, having breakfast, suddenly a moody Mile suddenly began to appear .


『The breast is for decoration!
For erotic people, I don’t understand the need od it!』(Mile)

(T . N: Justice over hope)

『But, if it’s decoration, doesn’t it be better to have it there than nothing?』(Maevis)


However, Maevis with no offense intended replied with that naive question and crushed Mile relentlessly .


『Ugu!…… be quiet (Tte, Urusai desuyo~oooo)』(Mile)


Last night’s “Japanese Fukashi story” and the current story were both self-development and self-destruction .

It is good to use masochistic material, but if you don’t laugh at it, you cannot be a true writer . The name of the gag writer breaks down, such as reverse guilty!
Even though Mile thought so, it wasn’t easy to do it .

Then, Mile stayed in a corner gently wiped her tears . Rena and Eltrea fell on the table after receiving that stray bullet .





And a few days later .


『Well then, we have arrived…』(Escort Leader?)


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The group has arrived at the capital of the neighboring country .

“Red Oath” then said goodbye to Eltrea just before the gate to the royal city which is a castle city .

If the girls went into the capital with the soldiers of this country, Red Oath will naturally be regarded as a party, and various troubles will occur in the activities as a hunter .

Also, there’s also the troubling future where assassins aimed at Eltrea and they would try other things trying like making contact or take hostages .

Pauline said, “I feel like we will make a lot of money, but I really don’t want to rush into the compliments between nations .   (Mile continued) After all, Red Oath is just a newbie C rank hunter party . ”

When Mile said so, the three of the escorts were whispering with a dead eye, “newbie…?”, “C rank hunter…?” .


Anyway, parting before the gate, Red Oath went to the general introductory line .

Eltrea went through the gate for the carriages used by the aristocrats, soldiers, and officials .
Eltrea tried to call out to Maevis, leaning out of the window of the carriage, seemed to be caught by the escorts and closed her mouth .

Looking at that, Maevis was relieved .


『It’s finally over …』(Meavis)


The words spoken with a deep feeling expressed Maevis’ feelings well .


『Well, I don’t think she can move as soon as she goes to exile . So for the time being, she will be prone to various preparations .
She will never go out of town, so we will never meet or get involved』(Pauline)


Maevis was honestly happy with Pauline’s words… .





『Damn it .
What’s about “The mighty 1st Royal Knight Platoon“?
And that whole Platoon of Royal Knight was defeated by only 2 young girls using sword skills?
What’s about your “Whatever the circumstances, the Royal Knights’ role is to follow the King even with the cost of their life“?
If you want to become Eltrea’s allies, you should make a more appropriate lie .
What’s with that transparent lie, not even kids would believe it .
It’s like saying “The Royal Knights don’t recognize the current king as the real king”
No, it is the same action as shouting loudly to all the countries on this continent!』(King)


The prime minister looked at the king who screams in such a way with cold eyes .


『I know that there are people who still don’t recognize me as the king!
That’s why I held Eltrea captured!
If I have a little more time, I could fake her “sick death” without revealing I was behind the scenes .
Damn, I should at least torture her to lose sanity …』(King)


The king who utters ridiculous things, even though there’s the only the prime minister with him .


『Damn it, Eltrea and that Goddess…
What was the name of that goddess again?
Surely, the platoon leader said her name was…』(King)

『It’s Goddess El (Degozaimasu)』(Prime Minister)

『Oh, surely that was the name …』(King)


While the minister tightened the muscles of his cheeks that seemed to loosen a little, he taught the name of the goddess, and the king didn’t respond to it .
The prime minister also looked expressionless, but in his heart, he never stopped laughing .

The king always calls Eltrea, his nephew, as “Eltrea” . And the people around him have called her the same name in the conversation with the king . However, when they were alone, they called the girl, omitting another name .


And in the capital city, rumors leaked from the mouths of soldiers and mercenaries rapidly spread .

“Goddess El-sama seems to have stopped a stampede of monsters alone”

“Goddess El-sama seems to have defeated the battalion of soldiers without anyone dying, and stopped the invasion to other countries”

“Goddess El-sama seems to have saved this country”

…… Sometimes the tail fins were on and the story was getting bigger .

But it was very convenient for some people .
Just as if the goddess had helped .

No, in fact, there must have been the support of the goddess .
No one in this world would think that it was an accidental product of a girl who likes puns …

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