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Published at 18th of September 2019 06:15:07 PM
Chapter 313: 313

Mile 313: Parting

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Mile Vol 10 . 7
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Counting changed to December 31st .
Taru: 5 chapters

Arge: 30 Chapters (2 Arcs)

Cathia’s Arc: 15 Chapters (This Arc and next Arc)

Mile’s turn . 40 => 39 chapters left (This Arc and next Arc)

Mira: 5 chapters

T . N: The feel when 1 Mile Chapter has more views and comments than 3 Arge chapters released in 1 day . Not that I complain . I mean, I read every Mile raw chapter the second Funa sensei released it .

Mile 313: Parting

The group reached the border safely without any trouble .

There was no border guard, but as soon as the group passed the landmark stone monument built on the side of the highway, the soldiers came from the grassy side of the highway .

『We’ve been waiting for… You~』 (Soldier)

The escort leader shook his hand and the other two made a gesture to close their mouths . So the commanders of the soldiers swallowed the words he planned to say .

…Although they have been waiting, it’s clear that these soldiers didn’t know whether their comrade would hire hunters on the way unless they received detailed explanations . Obviously, it was his mistake that he was trying to say carelessly . He seemed to be a little impatient .

To hire a hunter, it’s illegal to make a false declaration regarding the contents and conditions of work . But if they say “please do not ask our identity” then it isn’t a problem at all .

It is the hunter’s freedom whether to receive the request without knowing the detail, and the client is also free to search for another hunter who will accept the quest under these conditions .

From the fact that the escort leader didn’t appear to be wary from the beginning and the commander of the soldiers over there has spoken in a friendly manner . Red Oath thought it was okay and wasn’t nervous .

In addition, if anything happens, Mile who located diagonally forward of the young lady can block these soldiers’ swords at a super-high-speed . And before that, she can cast “Lattice Force Barrier” in an instant . There was no problem .

In the first place, the escorts who were so desperate to protect the young lady wouldn’t entrust her to the untrustworthy partner .

『Platoon leader!』 (???)

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From behind the commander over there, his clothes are different from the others,
A person dressed like a mercenary rushed to us .

『Kriwen . You have done well for such a dangerous single mission, you even brought the escorts!』 (Escort Leader)

The escort leader told that man the word “have done well” . Apparently, this is a person who has been dispatched in advance as a liaison .

『So what about others? Dispersed and acted differently due to disturbance?』 (Kriwen)

『『『…………』』』 (3 Escorts)

The three escorts murmured something and …

『They are here . Stay with us all the time!』 (Escort Leader)

As he said that, the escort leader put his hand on his left chest .
Soldiers, who were listening to it, pulled out their swords all at once and stood vertically in front of their bodies .
It was a tribute to honoring the brave soldiers who fell down in battle and to see them off to the warriors’ paradise…

『Now, we are here …』 (Meavis?)

The role of “Red Oath” is over .

No king would send soldiers to other countries and fight against the soldiers of the other country . Except when he was prepared to trigger a full war as a complete villain . Besides, if they dared to enter this country, they might be ambushed if they couldn’t watch their back .

The young lady is now safe . Unless this country wants to use her as a piece of political transaction, she will not be presented to the neighboring country .

『Thank you for your help .
I will surely return this gratitude someday…
The young lady… she can rely on her aunt who married to this country .
The Que(en)… uhm… Que(st)…Que(ry)…Que(stion)…』 (Escort Leader)

(T . N: He was about to say “Ouhi = Queen”, but couldn’t think of another word with “Ouhi” to change into)

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Somehow, he tried his best to change “Queen” to another word . But apparently, he couldn’t think of any .

(Fu~ fu~, (tell you what) the road of puns isn’t so easy!) (Mile)

For some reason, the Mile has a Doya face .

『We will ask help from the queen maid in waiting…』 (Escort Leader)

An escort leader quit trying to think of a pun for “Queen” and misled the girls in that direction .
Apparently, the probability of the young lady being sold to other countries seemed low .

『Well then, please stay healthy!』 (Maevis)

『Ah, uhm…』 (Young Lady)

On behalf of everyone, Mevis said goodbye . And the young lady stopped Maevis when the girls were about to leave the place .

『Yes, what is it?』 (Maevis)

Maevis stopped, looked back, and smiled .

『Ah, uhm…, uhm…』 (Young Lady)

She wanted to say but she couldn’t say it .
Because there are not only escorts from her own country but also soldiers from other countries here .

『…El… Eltrea, that’s my name…』 (Eltrea)

Probably it’s different from what she really wanted to say . But this was definitely the word she wanted to convey .
Then the young lady gently brought her face close to Maevis’s ear, she whispered in a small voice so that others could not hear it .

『The next time I see you, please call me El…』 (Eltrea)

Maevis really understood that she shouldn’t call Eltrea’s name here . So Maevis kept silent .

『”May God bless you (EN)” Kami no shukufuku ga arimasu yō ni…』 (Maevis)

(This part also has English in the raw, so there’s no point in translating Japanese to English and repeat 2 times English)

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As Maevis said so, she used her index finger to poke on the head of the lady’s nose .
Leaving the young lady with a red face, “Red Oath” left the scene .

And “Red Oath” went on . To the capital of a new country . In search of a new place for adventure…

『… So, Maevis-sama, you aren’t engaged in anything, right? In that case, by all means, please work for me…』 (Young Lady)

Yes, the young lady’s party would not go anywhere besides the capital .
And it goes without saying that the young lady, who realized that their destination was the same, jumped on the carriage her escorts had prepared, departed in a hurry, and quickly caught up with the “Red Oath” .

Of course, when she asked, “Can you get on with me? I mean, it can’t be helped, right?”

The escorts have the eyes like begging the girls to get on the board . Maevis couldn’t ignore it .
And even if she refused, the carriage would reduce speed to match with Maevis and it would stick together . If that was the case, it would be better to ride the carriage .
She thought so…

『Maevis-sama, I feel like my heart hurts a little . Can use that secret on me again…』 (Young Lady)

(Help me …) (Maevis)

Mile Vol 9 . 2

However, against Maevis who was desperately seeking help with her eyes,
Rena was like “who knows”
Pauline was just smiling .

And for some reason, Mile had shining eyes and a mysterious whistle .
“It’s a star set (Hoshi-gumi), It’s Tsure-chan!”

Untitled . png

(T . N: The only Tsure-chan in google-search that seems fit)

『Horrible! Everyone is so horrible!!』 (Maevis)

At a break, Maevis complains to her friends while the young lady goes to “Flower Picking” .

『I don’t know (Shiranai wa yo)』 (Rena)

『 I don’t know (Shirimasen yo)』 (Pauline)

『Eeeh, gottsuan~ desu~ (Thank you in Sumo language)!』 (Mile)

Rena and Pauline don’t look at Maevis’ eyes at all . As for Mile, Maevis isn’t sure what she is thinking .

『Why would you be angry with us? We couldn’t do anything . I mean, what could we do?』 (Rena)

『Ugu…』 (Maevis)

Pauline gave Maevis some words of consolation when Maevis felt a little sad .

『It’s okay . Be a little more patience . Even if she had an act of aggression, she couldn’t reveal her real identity . So, it’s only until we reach the capital .
There’s no way she would bring us to the royal palace .
And there’s no way they would let the princess who was the target of assassins come around the city .
And the person herself is not so stupid to get out of the royal palace in this situation .
After all, her life contains the hopes of many people and the lives of many humans dedicated to that hope .
That girl also understands that much .
It’s not a life that she can put at risk for her personal desires and play…』 (Pauline)

Pauline, Maevis, and Rena felt a bit heavy, but Mile was slightly twisted .

(is that so? …But somehow, I feel like I want to arrange something to communicate with that girl…) (Mile)

If the girls heard the voice of Mile’s heart, the three would surely yell at her face .
Mile is unreasonable for her own fun .
And if it’s for the purpose of receiving news, she will spare no effort .
Yes, Mile is such a girl .

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