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Chapter 293
Mile Chapter 293: Elves’ Escorts 10
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The breakfast is last night re-heated soup, hard bread, and fruits .
It’s already luxury to have warm soup and fruits .
As people normally are in a rush to depart in the morning, they don’t start a fire to cook . It may be easy if there are magicians accompany .
However Blue Meteor magician, Mareiwen isn’t a strong magician .
He can’t afford to 『luxury』using his magical power before leaving .
His life may depend on it in a fight so he won’t waste it for a drink in the morning .
『Red Oath』has three rich in magical power magicians is unusual .
It was just that .


『Okay, we will return to the departure point from here .
At noon we will arrive at the meeting place and wait for the carriage while eating a simple meal for lunch .
The route will be slightly different, so we will harvest on the way back .
Please don’t overlook things or survey properties .
Then, departure!』(Etoul)


Everyone begins to advance with Etoul’s dignified command .


『Kesbart-san, 1 o’clock and a half, 5 meters .
Clark-san, 11 o’clock, 7 meters!』(Mile)

『It’s convenient …』(Kesbart? Graf?)

『Mile-chan, as I asked before, I’m fine even a temporary hired…』(Etoul)


Mile did her detection job like before but now she reported to the Blue Meteor as well . The employers understood well Mile’s storage capacity from previous experience, so they asked her to take all the roots without destroying the ecological environment .
Indeed, although their purpose was to gain academic research and fame, they didn’t care much about money .
They didn’t ask Mile to pick up every valuable thing on the ground .
But even if they aren’t greedy, when they see the gem (Mile) rolls in the ground, they can’t help but want to have her .


『But, is it always that dangerous? I mean researching and all…』(Mile)


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Suddenly, Mile asked the elves about what she concerned about .
Even though they are hiring the escort, they are still young… in the elf’s sense .
… If the two female elves often go to such a dangerous, they may die soon even though their life is long .
Mile thought so and was a little bothered .


『Hmm, it’s a place where human species (humans, elves, dwarves) rarely enter .
I don’t know much about the situation and I can’t judge the risk correctly .
But usually, there are only about 10 goblins and orcs at a time .
If we hire about 10 escorts, there will be no danger .
We can also use attack magic and support magic from the rear .
Well, if there were around 10 monster groups and occasionally one group was killed .
It wasn’t strange for the monsters to merge more groups to go out hunting together .
Even if they are just Orcs, they aren’t that stupid .
Until now, this kind of thing has never happened .
This is bad, isn’t it?
From now on, we must increase the number escorts for this survey…』(Etoul)

『I see …』(Mile)

『More like… it was my failure』(Graf)

『『Eh?』』(Mile + Etoul)


While Etoul is still explaining to Mile, Graf cuts in…


『Oh, it’s my mistake .
If it was just those Orcs, with all of our abilities we could have dealt with them without suffering any serious injuries .
First of all, it was my mistake to choose my party as the Vanguards while making all of Red Oath stay to guard the employers and attack from the rear .
As a result, the Vanguards lacked the attack power and the magic support was ineffective from afar .
The employers can also use attack magic, so we only need to leave Pauline, who is good at healing magic and support magic, and Mile to defend those three .
Maevis and Rena can push forward to help us .
Rena can use single target or precision attack magic and Mareiwen can use support magic while the rest of vanguard protect those two .
I didn’t count our clients as our battle strength but as subjects to be protected which further decreased our firepower
Even though I have seen Maevis’ sword technique back at the guild, I still considered her a 『Dojo’s sword princess』
I thought it’s dangerous to let her fight in the actual battle .
It was my misjudgment . I’m sorry…』(Graf)

『『『『Eeeeeee!!』』』』(Red Oath)

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Red Oath raised their voice of surprised .


『What happens with you? Did you eat something bad?』(Rena)

『 Didn’t we only eat what you gave us last night?!』(Graf)


Rena’s comment is certainly rude, but it’s not unreasonable .
Graf’s analysis was really good and humble so it was so unimaginable from their attitude on the first day .
Yesterday, Blue Meteor’s impression was improved, but this analysis was too unexpected .


(Speaking of which, the uncle in charge of buying material of the guild has said
『The Male Hunters might take the Women lightly and press the chores on them .
But in the emergency time, they still try to protect the women with their life…』Besides, Graf-san’s 『misjudgement』is all right .
『Normally, the male soldiers won’t put the female soldiers on the front to save their skin』
Because the men instinctively try to protect the women .
They overemphasize the safety of female soldiers and they take the risk themselves .
This time as well, they put too much burden on themselves in order to put us in a safe position .
As a result, Blue Meteor can’t stop the Orcs…) (Mile)


The Receptionist must have chosen this party with consideration .
She couldn’t choose 『Evil God Utopia』and 『Flame’s Friendship』over and over again .
… Well, let’s leave the taste and purpose of 『Evil God Utopia』aside .
This Blue Meteor party is a typical example of C-ranked hunter party of a typical local city… no, they might be slightly above that .

For Red Oath, who had only met with relatively good parties up until now, this joint request with typical hunters gave them many things to learn .
Crisis due to looking down on the orcs as easy prey .
Even if you go against a weak enemy, it’s a suicide to jump right in .
And the difficulty when cooperating with other parties who can’t grasp their abilities…


((((We are still lacking…)))) (Red Oath)


Not only Rena but the other members of 『Red Oath』are also relatively humble .

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The girls thought they had already acquired B rank or so ability .
What they lacked are just the minimum number of years as a C-ranked hunter to raise their thank .
However, although they have the fighting power that exceeds B-ranked, their cooperation is far below that .
The girls thought so, even Rena also had a troubled look .





『I was indebted to you this time .
Especially Ratol-dono, without his help I couldn’t stay alive .
You have my gratitude from the bottom of my heart . 』(Maevis)


Unlike Rena, who can bashfully say thank, Maevis, who aims to be a knight, can speak words of gratitude and praise for the other party without holding back .
Mile is also the same straightforward .
Pauline can also say her words freely but not what is on her mind though .

Everyone arrived at the meeting place with the carriage and Mile took out the Sandwich from the storage .
She explains that she has gotten up really early and made thus while everyone was still sleeping
After finishing a simple meal with soup warmed up by fireball, Mile took out the fruits .
Maevis once again stated a formal word of appreciation for the Blue Meteor .
By the way, Etoul and Shararil saw Rena cooking with Fireballs, not Mile, and they had a dry laugh .


『No, the same goes for us .
You must help go us because my estimate was wrong .
That crisis is our fault, it’s only natural that we must protect you』(Ratol)

『Or rather, if a rumor spreads that a girl got injured when having a joint request with us, we will be in trouble later…』(Graf)


That’s why Graf and Ratol are hesitated to receive thanks from Maevis .
Then Mile and Pauline join the talk .


『No no, it’s usually impossible to stand up before the Orc to protect a girl! It’s amazing!』(Mile)

『If you save a girl like that, she will fall in love with that one shot!』(Pauline)

『Hey… Mile, Pauline!』(Maevis)


… It is overkill .
Or, obviously, they are playing with Maevis .
However, five people of Blue Meteor were relieved, they thought they finally got on the good side of Red Oath .
And, the party leader Graf took the lead .


『I know that you girls, Red Oath, are in the middle of a training journey, and you will eventually return to your homeland .
So, we, Blue Meteor will accompany you on your journey in the future .
We are all free hunters, there’s no problem with travel to another country and work there』(Graf)

『If you go alone, the vanguard won’t be enough .
If we are together, I think it will be a well-balanced and safe party…』(Ratol)

『Yeah, it’s a good idea!』(Kesbert)


Following Graf, Ratol and Kesbert also desperately try to persuade . And of course, the reply is…

『『『『We refuse!』』』』(Red Oath)


It was an immediate answer .


『Why… why? Did you just raise (praise) us high just to shoot (refuse) us down like that?』(Graf)

And Mile replied with a Doya face .


『You are the blue meteors (No cap because it’s not a name)
No matter how bright you shine, it’s your destiny to fall…』(Mile)

『『『『『What’s with that~~~~~~at!!』』』』』(Blue Meteor)


The Blue Meteor was shot down perfectly .

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