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"Is there anything important you'd like to ask me right away?" The conversation between Ling Longtian and Wei Suo left the witch quite surprised.

"It's this." Wei Suo stretched out his hand and took out the huge, mixed-gold shard the size of a roof that he had obtained from Lin Fenghua.

Immediately, a vast ancient aura rippled on the Immortal Seeking Jade Mountain.

What Wei Suo and Ling Tian were referring to was this astonishing, mixed gold fragment. It was an ordinary ancient treasure, and at most, there were several engravings on it, dozens of array formations. However, the array formations in this fragment numbered in the thousands and tens of thousands, and there were also countless mottled origin laws mixed together. For the Exquisite Heaven, this item was extremely amazing. She found it hard to imagine. Before this, when he was fighting against the witch, Wei Suo had discovered that the witch's life treasure was also a fragment like this.

"You actually have such a thing on you!"

As expected, when she saw Wei Yan Er asking for this item, the Witch Goddess' body trembled and let out an inconceivable sound.

"This item was obtained from that mysterious young man who inherited the legacy of the Three Sovereigns of ancient times. I see that your Intrinsic Magic Treasure is also such a thing. Do you know the origin of the item and the secret letter on it? " Wei Suo looked at the Witch Goddess who was extremely shocked. He reached out his hand and flipped over this mixed gold fragment. He turned it over and faced the Witch Goddess with the engravings on its face.

"I didn't expect you to have such a thing on you …" She looked at Wei Suo and said: "This sort of thing, no one knows where it came from. Based on its age, it should have been in ancient times, at least 200,000 years or more."

"That was an ancient treasure from the cultivation world before the Empyrean vault of Heaven was formed!" The green-robed elder trembled. "You've already refined a portion of it as your life treasure. Even you don't know its origin?"

"This fragment of mine was acquired by the founder of our Eastern Lai Secret Realm in his early years of training. One thing is certain is that this is the fragment of an ancient treasure from ancient times, and it is also said that the ancestor of the ancient Transmutation Unity Qi Sect obtained some inheritance from this fragment, which was why he was able to establish his sect." The witch nodded.

"What!" Upon hearing the Sorcerer's words, a golden light flashed across Ling Tian's eyes. "The legacy of the Transmutation Unity Qi Sect comes from such a fragment?"

"Sister Steel Teeth, what's wrong?" Wei Suo couldn't help but look at Ling Tian. He was extremely knowledgeable about the Exquisite Heaven Realm. He could feel that the current Ling Long Tian was also extremely shocked. And with Ling Long Tian's experience, even a supreme immortal weapon wouldn't be able to shock her so much.

"An undying Emperor was born in the Transmutation Unity Qi Sect. He obtained some of the cultivation techniques and techniques of the sect and created his own unrivalled path of immortality, becoming an unrivalled true emperor of his era!" Ling Long Tian looked at Wei Suo and said.

"Undying Emperor!"

At this moment, even Wei Suo's entire body trembled and he gasped in shock.

At the moment, within his Twin Divine Mystery's life treasure, there was a fragment of the undying Emperor's Immortal Emperor Wood. He was extremely clear about what sort of existence an undying Emperor was.

He never would have thought that after so long, such a mixed gold fragment would actually be associated with such a supreme existence like the Undying Emperor.

"Undying Emperor, what kind of person is that?" However, the Witch Goddess had no idea about the undying emperor, and upon seeing Ling Long Tian and Wei Suo's reactions, she was even more shocked.

"Since your Eastern Lai Secret Realm has long since been certain that this item is related to the Ancient Transmutation Unity Qi Sect and knows that this item is extraordinary, it was only now that you refined it into your life treasure. "If that's the case, then your Eastern Le Region has been probing the mysteries of this item the entire time, including the meaning behind the secret messages on this fragment." However, without waiting for Wei Suo and the others to explain, Ling Long Tian continued to look at the Witch Goddess and asked, "Do you know the meaning behind these secret messages?" How much more do you know about this kind of shard? "

"Our Eastern Le Secret Realm has indeed been investigating the mysteries of this item ever since we obtained it. "A thousand years ago, our Eastern Lai Secret Realm already had the relevant records of the Transmutation Unity Qi Sect. We have already deduced some of the rules of the secret text on this item, and thus understood the meaning of the secret text." The witch looked at Ling Long Tian and Wei Suo and said, "The most astonishing aspect of this fragment is the laws that contain countless amounts of star origin energy. The witch looked at Ling Long Tian and Wei Suo and said," The most astonishing aspect of this fragment is the laws that contain countless amounts of star origin energy.

After pausing for a moment, the Sorcerer continued, "A thousand years ago, our Eastern Le Region had already managed to gain some insights into the mysteries of this item, but only now did I finally manage to refine it. That's because in my generation, we only felt that I was most likely to break through to the True Immortal Realm and face a heavenly tribulation, thus we used this item and had me refine it. Based on our deduction, this item should be a fragment from the ancient cultivation world that was used to travel through the Great Void, a supreme treasure in the starry sky! "

"Traveling through the Great Void, a supreme treasure that spins through the starry sky!"

As soon as the Witch Goddess spoke these words, everyone's expression completely changed.

In the cultivation world hundreds of thousands of years ago, there were some heaven-defying experts that could use their supreme supernatural powers to take down the stars and use them to fight the enemy or refine powerful treasures.

However, even if it was such a heaven-defying expert or character on the level of the Emperor, they still wouldn't be able to travel through the void, traversing through space.

Because of the void in the starry sky, every star was surrounded by heaven and earth. Even though there were no stars in the sky, it was still filled with countless origin laws and countless origin energies that were completely different from this world.

Most of these origin laws were destructive to cultivators. Moreover, in the void space, the original techniques and techniques of cultivators might not even be able to draw out the original strength.

Traveling through the Great Void, traversing through space, that was truly a goal that transcended the heavens. But even if it was just traveling in the space closest to this world, one had to have a very good understanding of the countless origin laws and origin laws of origin energy. At the very least, they had to be able to resist the onslaught of all sorts of star origin energy.

An existence that could travel through the void and refine such a magical equipment was definitely above the level of a heaven-defying emperor who could seize the stars!

It was simply unimaginable for such an existence to exist in the current cultivation world.

Because all sorts of heavenly and earthly treasures had been converted into cultivators' divine abilities, peerless might, and all these supreme powers had fallen into the river of history for various reasons or because of mutual confrontation, all kinds of heavenly and earthly treasures had been used up. Since cultivation resources were becoming increasingly scarce, in terms of cultivators' divine abilities, the world of cultivation was going downhill.

"In other words, not only can this thing be used to resist heavenly tribulation, but you can also deduce the meaning of this secret message?" After the initial shock, Ling Tian immediately looked at the Sorcerer Goddess and pointed at the secret message on the giant fragment.

"This secret text is very complete, unlike mine, I might be able to obtain a powerful secret technique from it!" The witch nodded. She was also very excited. With a flash of divine light, she also took out the fragment she had refined. Everyone could clearly see that this fragment of hers was about the same size as Weiser's, but there were only a few secret messages that looked broken at the edge of the crack.

"Our secret realm has obtained a portion of the records of the Transmutation Unity Qi Sect. That's why we were able to deduce the rules of this secret message. I should be able to deduce the meaning of this secret message, but I'm afraid that word by word, it will take me a long time to decipher it. " The witch immediately nodded her head and said.

"If this is a technique that is even more powerful than the Water Emperor's Sun Devouring Scripture and the Eternal Ruler Scripture, then it's finally going to be released!" The green-robed old man trembled in fear, thinking that it was highly possible. After all, the sacred art of an almighty being capable of forging such a space shuttle must be many times more powerful than the almighty beings of the Three Sovereigns Sect in ancient times.

"It's a pity that this magic treasure has been completely destroyed by some unknown powerful force. Even many of the materials and formations inside have been completely destroyed. Otherwise, just the material of this fragment itself would have a superior defensive power. But now, I m afraid that we will not be able to withstand the full power of a Supreme Dao Immortal weapon. " The Witch Goddess looked somewhat regretfully at Wei Suo. After saying this, she took out another jade talisman and quickly recorded it down, then pointed it at Wei Suo, "This is a method that our Eastern Lai Secret Realm has developed to control a certain array formation. At the very least, it can be used as a magic shield by us. In addition, in the future, when you face your Heavenly Tribulation, this item will also be of great use to you, and will be able to block quite a few of the falling star power. "

"Every single person in the Eastern Le Region is considering the Sorcerer Goddess' tribulation … It looks like she is quite knowledgeable about heavenly tribulation, so I can also ask her for guidance next. " Such a thought immediately emerged in Wei Suo's mind. Because he had never mentioned this to the Sorcerer, the Sorcerer didn't know that the greatest obstacle for him right now was the heavenly tribulation that could be triggered when he broke through to the fifth level of the Divine Profound Realm.

"Who is it that can even break through such a magical equipment? Moreover, even the materials and formation array inside can be changed …" As for the green-robed elder and many others, they were once again speechless.

This magical equipment itself already represented supreme achievements. To be able to completely destroy such a magical equipment and even completely change its power inside, what kind of divine ability was this?

"Next, use all your strength to deduce this message." As for you, quickly inscribe the remaining three Divine Inscriptions. "The Yin Yang Void Demon Region has to have a teleportation distance of at least three thousand kilometers." Ling Long Tian gave a cold snort, giving out orders as he looked at Wei Suo and the Sorcerer Goddess.

"Swish …" Shui Ling'er's face immediately turned red. She knew very well what it meant for the Yin Yang Void Demon Region to have a teleportation distance of three thousand miles, but the corner of her mouth immediately revealed a trace of a smile. She immediately suggested maliciously, "I feel that I can help Weiwei break through to the second level of the Aurous Core stage as soon as possible …" "This way, you will have more Yin energy and you will also be safer."

"Little girl, you!" Han Weiwei turned her head in disbelief and cried out to Shui Ling'er.

"That's right, Ling'er is right." However, what caused Han Weiwei to roll her eyes was that Ji Ya and the others immediately nodded and said.


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