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[Next]T.N: I use the word “GATE” because it will give you a better idea from the other series.

The raw word should be more like “rift” or “wormhole”

Mile Chapter 275: GATE

『Here it is』(Mile)

『『『……』』』(Red Oath - Mile)

It’s a survey, but Mile indicated the destination without delay as if she knew the destination from the beginning.
And Rena's Trio looked at Mile with disturbed eyes.

『… well, it’s just Mile …』(Rena)

Yes, just like Rena said, Maevis and Pauline also gave up.
Well, the girls probably thought that Mile has used something like her search magic.

And after a while, everyone else also arrived…

『Wh… what is this …?』(Captain)

Not far from the tunnel where the special species Ogres were living,
It’s in the middle with the Orcs’ dwellings that the dwarves know, a《Rift》
It’s not a crash on a rock or on the ground but in the space.
Yes, it was something that the 《Red Oath》 had recently seen.

『This is just like Faril’s time …』(Pauline)

Yes, just as Pauline said, it was like the rift in that space which was about to open and closed right away at that time.

『Everyone, this is…『NO WAY』(Maevis)…』(Mile)

Maevis shouted out when Mile was about to explain.

『This is probably the same thing as that time, it’s a rift in space.
It connected to another place that had the same rift and special monsters like Ogres and Orcs had come to this place from there.
Those special Ogres and Orcs might have a similar appearance with the average Ogres and Orcs in this place but they had different strength.
So, if we close this crack, those special monsters will no longer come!』(Maevis)


The dwarves raised their impressed voice with Maevis’ explanation.

『That is what I’m about to say…』(Mile)

Mile had a regret face muttering so.

『But if the magicians, who used that magic, use the same magic again…』(Pauline)

『Oh, that’s right. First of all, if we don’t catch the criminals…』(Mile)

Nodded with Pauline, Mile suggested with the same idea, but Maevis shook her head.

『No, we don’t have to worry about that.
If this rift was created by some magicians, they should have done it with some purpose, they wouldn’t leave it alone like this.
Besides, there is neither a trace of human body nor blood around here.
In other words, there is no possibility that the magicians were killed by the summoned Ogres and Orcs as well.
This rift most likely seems to be a natural phenomenon.
Well, although there is a possibility that space itself has become easier to break because of the magic from the last time.
If this rift is fixed, the possibility of it appears again at the same place will not be so high.
Next time the rift appears, it will be at another place…』(Maevis)

『『『……』』』(Red Oath - Maevis)

Rena's Trio looked Maevis with stunned faces.

『Mae…Maevis, you, what’s wrong …』(Rena?)

『Oh, no way …』(Mile?)

『A fake one!? Where did you hide the Real Maevis?!』(Pauline?)

They said something awful.

『What!? I also read as many books of (Misato Adel Mile) Miami Satodelle’s other world adventures as you did!!』(Maevis)

『『『Ah…………』』』(Red Oath - Maevis)

Yes, indeed, in the work of Miami Satodelle, the concept of a rift in space appeared.
Even though Maevis is a swordsman but she isn’t a muscle brain.
She is a noble’s daughter and has received a good education.

People often prejudge that Vanguards are muscle brains and Rearguard Magicians are intellectual, and so on.
But of course, there are a lot of people have the average value of it…

(…… Nano-chan?) (Mile)

Mile gently confirmed with the nanomachines.

『Ahaha… Ahahahahaha!』(Nano)

(… It was correct?) (Mile)

『A~ ha~ ha~ ha~!』(Nano)

(…They seem desperate…
Perhaps, it was a prohibited matter or something…) (Mile)

『Anyway… by my name as Mile, I order you (the nanomachines! *brain thought*)
Mend the rift which connected with the other world!!』(Mile)

The only part 《the nanomachines》is the brain thought in Mile’s head without speaking out.
Mile must say her name and order the nanomachine properly in order to increase the effect by 3.27 times.

The prohibited matter that the nanomachines tried so hard to protect,
It was easily guessed by Maevis, who didn’t know the circumstances at all.
They became desperate but they had no intention to neglect their important work.
They activated the magic right away.

(…Well, the attitude of nanomachines just like《mischievous?》
A program that makes you feel like living being…
No, higher-order life forms with high intelligence that humans can’t imagine.
I don’t know what kind of logical structure they have.
But he seems to give them『Biological likeness』to a certain extent) (Mile’s inner thought)

So, Mile treated nanomachines the same way as the living being and decided to cope with them.

(Also, for nanomachines, this 《Rift mending》 is a task given by the 《Maker》 who built them and they have no authority to do it at their own discretion. Nevertheless, 《it has to be done》
They will use all means and hands necessary to carry it out. They have a high level of flexibility.
Even if they couldn’t ask me for an order, they would think of some reasons for doing it another way) (Mile’s inner thought)

Thinking so, Mile realized the awareness of the nanomachines.

On the other hand, nanomachines have been working hard on mending the dimension rift with permission from Mile’s order.
In advance, a large number of nanomachines have been urgently called up from the surrounding area.
…Therefore, in the surrounding area, the efficiency of magic should be temporarily reduced by nearly 30%.

The nanomachines perform adhesion separation work of space-time.
They could create the multi-dimensional warehouse called 《Item box》exclusive for Mile, create and maintain the subspace called 《storage magic》 used by locals.
If nanomachines get serious, with the large number of them like this, mending a small crack like this is easy.

It may not necessary, but in order to give the impression of 《the space is in the process of being restored》 to other people, multicolored magic circles are flying in the air, making it a very flashy effect.

『…has been completed.
Now the probability of this crack reopening is much lower than the probability of another crack occurring elsewhere』(Nano)

Hearing the report from nanomachines, Mile went…

(Ah, how can something is broken once become stronger than before…
Wait, won’t people gonna think it as a big fat lie urban legend
Usually, it will be easier to break) (Mile)

(Well, maybe something like because it was reinforced after fixing, that’s why it will be stronger than before) (Mile)

(Nano-chan, from now on, if there is another rift, please report immediately.
I will give you instructions to mend it each time) (Mile)

No, for this kind of work, if you give us the order in advance, we can use our function to mend the rift just like this time.
Even if you don’t give us the order, we will still auto deal with it properly though…』(Nano)

(But in that case, I can’t grasp the occurrence of the rift, so it’s not good) (Mile)


(As expected, they seem wanting to do it without reporting.
Even though I couldn’t see their expression, they must be disappointed) (Mile’s inner thought)

(Okay, you can do it right away by yourself. But I need to hear the post-reporting.
And Nano-chan, I have thought about it, it seemed like you tried to deceive me by thinking of various principles…) (Mile)


(I knew it!) (Mile)

(Well, this may be the nanomachines’ purpose to raise my favorite point) (Mile’s inner thought)

(Oh, I don’t think the rift will appear here, but if it really appears, please deal with it and report to me immediately) (Mile)

『As you wish』(Nano)

『… It’s over.
With this, no more special monster species will come.
We just need to kill the remaining one before they breed…』(Mile)


The Dwarves raised their cry of joy.

Meanwhile, Rena’s trio shrugged their shoulder “Well, it’s Mile after. This is normal”
Maevis was really happy, she had a complex feeling that they must always rely on Mile for everything again.

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