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[Next] Mile Chapter 261: Drawf Village 2

The first day ended without any problems.
As we are still close to the city, bandits and monsters aren’t at this area.

『Well, let’s camp here.』(Merchant Leader)

The merchants travel back and forth this way many times.

It seems this is the place they normally take breaks and camping.
Unless the schedule goes wrong due to weather, horse carriage failure, raids, etc.

We went a little away from the road, circling the carriages to make a safe space.

The carriages will act as a shield in case of being attacked at night.
It’s too reckless to move the carriages in the darkness and the carriages full of goods can’t run away from bandits or monsters.

Throwing away the carriage and riding the horse will also be difficult for merchants.
After all, their only choice is either repel or surrender.
Besides, surrender is the option only when their opponents were bandits.
If the other party was the monsters…
At that time, the merchants have no choice but to believe in the power of the escort they hired.

『Well, could I leave the camp for a moment?』(Mile)

As usual, Mile asked the merchants for permission.

If she has flower picking, she doesn’t have to report every time.
But because she plans to leave a bit far away, however, she can’t go so far by foot, it’s not a big problem.
Think so, the merchant gave permission promptly, but the eyes of 【Evil spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame's Friendship】 were shining with expectation.
And after Mile departed, Rena’s trio told the merchants.

『We don't need the dinner』(Rena)

And when the merchants were dumbfounded, the members of the other two hunter parties also said one after another.

『Me too』(Wolff?)

『I also don't need…』(Vegas?)

『We too…』(Hunters)


What are you going to do without dinner?
Surprisingly, the merchants were told so. In the end, they were only preparing dinner for themselves.

And after a while.

『I’ve returned』(Mile)

Mile came back empty-handed.
But judging from Mile’s expression, the hunters didn’t feel disappointed.

『Well, I will take it out』(Mile)

And Mile started talking the prey from storage:
*Fruits like persimmon.
*And the familiar big water barrel.
The contents are fruit juice water, and the bowl placed next to it has ice made by magic.
The hunters started taking out their purse…

『Ah, the deer and fruits are what I hunted in the working hours, so they are free.
But the fruit juice water and sauce are what I bought in advance, as well as the seasoning like salt and spices. That’s why you still have to pay for it.
Fruit juice water 1 cup 2 small silver coins. Seasoning is a big service, how about 5 small silver coins for all you can use!』(Mile)

As expected, it still cost a certain amount of small silver coins for 6 days, except for 2 days to stay in the village in the 8 days trip.
The hunters are the girls’ acquaintances from last time, 【Red Oath】also feel pity for them.
So, Mile decided to make a special service.

『Oh, are you serious!?』(Wolff)

『Well, it certainly is a convincing explanation…
Or rather, I am amazed at your words!』(Vegas)

Well, they are medium sized hunters, they don’t have that much money.
Even if the discount isn’t really that big.
However, receiving free meals from people’s kindness always taste better the meal paying with a frustrating feeling. Paying money gives a sense of defeat for some reason, or a disappointment.

The meal this time is more delicious! The hunters are really happy! They feel thankful from their heart!

It’s free of charge except for drinks and seasonings. But if they pay once, they can use unlimited seasoning (works)

(I’ll eat it. I give up. I will eat it!) (Hunters)

The hunters were completely opened up.

Then, Rena started cooking food from the cookware Mile took out

Maevis searched for dried wood and turned it into firewood in a moment, after that she disassembled the deer.

Pauline helped Meavis with it and cut meat to an appropriate size.
Mile takes out dishes, seasonings, and sauce from storage, and arranges them on the table that she took out before.

The merchants and coaches were stunned looking at them.

『『『『『『『…………』』』』』』』(3 Merchants + 4 Coaches)

『Could… this… be… storage… magic?』(Merchant)

One of the merchants asked Mile with a not much confident voice.

No, if people saw this they could understand it was storage magic.

But the merchant’s attitude was also reasonable because of Mile’s storage magic’s capacity.

It’s deer, not a fawn, but a large adult.

Tables, chairs, furnaces, cooking utensils and tableware, water barrels, and many others.
Behind them is a large tent, which is assembled and reinforced variously.

The Merchants only heard that 【Red Oath】 can use attack magic, healing magic, and can provide water by magic. They thought that only Rena and Pauline are magicians from their equipment.
Besides, Mile is wielding a sword, it’s normally to think there are two vanguards.

Since the 3 parties knew how to fight in the previous joint mission, there was no need to report each other their abilities and fighting methods.

Therefore, the merchants did not have the opportunity to know that.
And because it has nothing to do with the fighting ability, Mile didn’t report about her storage magic to the merchants.

『Oh, yes.
It’s convenient in various ways …』(Merchants)

It would be convenient.
If possible, I want to bite on that tasty neck (美味しそうな首筋に噛みついて),

I want to suck off their abilities!
The merchants couldn’t control their thought…

『Well, everyone, here you go (dozo)!』(Mile)

Invited by Mile, the hunters started digging in.

Pauline also brought out the soup made with a lot of ingredients

The Merchants and Coaches looked back at their simple tables with hard bread and dried meat.

And everyone’s voice is resounded. (T.N: the Hunters)


After the meal, Mile started talking with the merchants, asked about various kinds of products carried by merchants.
As expected by Mile and the result of some interview surveys in the city, it seems that the merchants didn’t bring alcoholic beverages with disadvantages in terms of transportation.

They still carry a few bottles as the gifts to raise the mood of the village chief and skilled smiths.

(Alright, bingo!) (Mile)

What could raise the mood of the dwarf village is wine, and the value of fine wine is high.

The dwarf village has nothing comparable to it.
After that, the problem was only what to do with the selling price.

『Well, how much is the gift liquor?』(Mile)

If you don’t understand, ask the experts.

『Oh, normal wine is about three silver coins,
It’s about 8 silver coins if it’s a distilled liquor. (buying)
As might be expected, it’s somewhat high value there…
But they can still make cheap wine over there, that’s why wine can be a little cheap.
For distilled liquor, it might be a lot higher (selling)』(Merchant)

(Well, it’s the same judgment as mine.
And, I am preparing something better than that.
The margins are good, so it’s natural…) (Mile)

Mile was convinced of the commercial, no, her victory.

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