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This chapter is in Junou’s POV and he has a rather strong language.

Mile Chapter 233: Ascham Viscountess 2

『The Burglars from the Albarn Empire is…』(Junou)

Junou, the commander of the Ascham territory’s army spat out as he heard about the recent news.
The Imperial Army suddenly invaded, trampled the Viscountess Ascham’s land facing the border.
They will soon come here to capture Ascham main town.

Junou didn’t admit those invaders as an army, such as those who didn’t declare war and invaded like the burglars.
They are just a burglar group.
That name was enough for them.

Although the Ascham main town had more soldiers than other colonial territories, even the lord rank is just Viscount, but it’s close to the border, they have an important mission to protect the border of Brandel Kingdom.

However, several years ago, it was weakening.

『Damn, that rotten son…』(Junou)

Yes, it was caused by one of the Ascham family, a fellow son in law who married lady Mebel and went into the family.
And then the late predecessor Viscount, lady Mabel were attacked by bandits…

But Junou and most of the people didn’t believe it was really caused by bandits…
After the late predecessor Viscount and lady Mabel’s death, that damn son brought a cheating partner, a secret child into the mansion and reduced the money for the military for their luxury life.

Thanks to that, both the number of soldiers, the equipment and many other things have been reduced.

Fortunately, that damn son planned to hijack the noble title, tried to abolish young lady Adel, but they don’t have the Ascham family’s blood.
When the wrongdoer was exposed, they were all executed.
And to protect the legitimate successor, young lady Adel, until she gets back to manage the territory, His Majesty the King has dispatched a substitute to manage the territory.
However, even with the reinforcement army’s strength, it’s still weaker than the original army from the past year.

Although they have part of the Royal Army, the Ascham’s army was still no match for the powerful armies of the greatest power.
At best, they can only earn a little time.
Yes, time earning until the main army of the Kingdom and reinforcements from each territory arrive.

(But that hope is too small…) (Junou)

This land, which is managing by a substitute lord, has no blood-line of Ascham Viscount left. Which means, there’s nothing important left in this land.
There are no king, lord or military leader would take a foolish move like hasty ordering their army to fight the great power to protect such a land.
The country will only counter-attack after having simultaneous countermeasure strategy, carefully preparing forces etc.

…In other words, this place will sacrifice and become a frontline to battle with the Empire.
And even if the Kingdom’s counter-attack strategy succeeded, this land would still become the battlefield twice, this time and the counterattack time.
This land would be robbed of food and valuable things while being occupied by the enemy.
There will be no future for the countryside where deceased people, orphans, and widows overflowed.

(I’m sorry, Predecessor Master, lady Mebel…
I swear to use my life,
No, even after losing my life, I swear to become a demon and defend Ascham territory …) (Junou)

Yes, Junou, who was picked up by the predecessor Ascham family owner, Adel’s grandfather, and climbed from an orphan to the commander of the Ascham’s military force.
He devoted everything for the predecessor lord and his daughter, Lady Mabel. Everything, his own Life, and soul…

But then, he couldn’t do anything and let the most two important people of his life die,
Without proof, he couldn’t condemn the damn son-in-law.
Even when they laid their hands on Lady Mebel’s daughter, young Lady Adel, he couldn’t even help.
And at times he was planning a rebel to protect young lady Adel, even he was willing to sacrifice his life for it, he was late and could not do anything again.

In the end, young lady Adel was lost.

(No, young Lady Adel isn’t confirmed to be passed away yet.
She might still be living somewhere …) (Junou)

He thinks so, but he can’t think that a 12-years-old aristocratic girl, who is helpless and unfamiliar with the world, can live happy alone.
The last time Junou saw young lady Adel was when Adel was still 8 years old, the predecessor lord and lady Mebel was still healthy.

Young lady Adel was intelligent, she somehow inherited her mother, lady Mebel’s blood. She was also called《Flower Garden》 like her mother.

Even though at that time, he was a commander, but Juno as a soldier, he couldn’t have the chance to talk with the young lady,
He has never talked directly with Adel, even though he has talked with his predecessor lord and lady Mebel.
It was about a degree to see the young lady Adel in a distant.

And in Junou’s mind, he still remembered what happened the day when he first met lady Mebel after being picked up by the predecessor Lord.

『Junou. Become strong, protect my esteemed father, protect me, and protect Ascham territory!』(Mebel)

Despite he swore to fulfill lady Mebel’s wish when she was about 11 to 12 years old, half of that promise couldn’t be fulfilled anymore.

(But I will fulfill the other half of the promise even with the cost of my life!) (Junou)

Ascham territory soldiers: 300.

The invasion forces of the Albarn Empire, approximately 5000

『5000? I will make those burglars regret putting their feet on Ascham land!』(Junou)

Junou said the last word out loud, not in his head.
It was also the duty of the commander to raise the morale of his men by saying something good.

(But, in reality, there’s no way he could be able to win a straight fight from the front.
The number of soldiers is too different.
If anything, we must destroy the enemy’s headquarter…) (Junou)

If they kill enemy soldiers, other soldiers will replace them.
If they kill the enemy commander, the second in command will replace him.
However, if they destroy the headquarters, the result is different.

The enemy army won’t be able to move effectively, and they might need to withdraw.
If that happens, our reinforcements will come in preparation for a second invasion.
And just when Junou thought so.

『Enemy attack!!』(Ascham's soldier)

The enemy took the initiate.
Not only Junou can reach that conclusion, the enemies are the same.
Ascham’s army will not be able to move if their headquarter was destroyed.
Besides, this is just a small army’s base, unlike a basecamp from the Empire.
If Junou is killed, there won’t be anyone to lead the Ascham’s army anymore.
They will be crushed.
The Empire surely wanted to secure a victory with less damage as possible.

Why else did the Empire not use raid tactic on us with a big difference in number?
Why did the dominant one stall on the fight they surely won?
Junou was cursing his stupidity.

The enemy’s surprise attack troops might be selected members.
Their number seems to be 20-30 people.
In confusion, it’s not easy to determine the exact number of enemies.

『Calm down, the enemy number is small, if we take them down one by one, we can…』(Junou)

Before Junou finished speaking, a sword was swung down from his side.


He blocked it with his sword, but in the corner his view, the figure of an enemy soldier who drew a bow reflected on his eyes.
If he tried to avoid the arrow, he would leave a gap and would be slain with the footman.
And he couldn’t avoid the arrow if he concentrated on fighting with the footman.

『 Damn it, in such a place! I, I have promised with Milady…』(Junou)

Hi~yun (Arrow shot SFX)

And when the arrow was released, Junou was ready for death.

Ba~shi! (SFX)

『『『Eh……』』』(Junou + Soldiers)

Junou, the enemy footman, and archer raised their surprise voice.

『By righteousness, I will help you!』(Marked Blonde Female Swordsman)

The arrow which flew at high speed was knocked down with a sword,
There was a female blonde swordsman… Hiding her face behind the mast, in a suspicious figure…
Without words, the two imperial soldiers attacked the female swordsman.

『True God Speed Sword!』(Marked Blonde Female Knight)

And she hit the imperial soldiers with the sword’s belly in an instant.
In such a scene, how can she afford to use flat striking instead of slashing down?

『Fireball!』(Enemy Magic Soldier)

From the side, Junou could hear a chant of an offense magic.
No matter how much good a swordsman is, he will be helpless again offense magic.
Because the sword can’t prevent magic.

If you are talented enough to become offense magician, you can earn as much as you want anywhere.
And there are few people who enter the troops and go to the dangerous front line.
Apparently, it seems that the Empire Sneak Attack Strategy including that precious magician.
And when the magic about to hit the female swordsman.

『Anti-magic sword!』(Marked Blonde Female Swordsman)

Shun~! (SFX)

『Eh…』(Junou + Enemy Magician)

No way, the offense magic was blocked by the sword.
As he can’t understand what happened in front of his eyes, the enemy magician stunned.

『Tempest Blade!』(Marked Blonde Female Swordsman)

The enemy magician was attacked by the flying wind from the female’s sword.
And the magician collapsed on sight because he didn’t wear armor.
This female swordsman, on top of being expert with sword skill, she is also an offense magician.
There cannot be such a talented person!

『Attack her! Kill her!!』(Enemy Captain)

Did he judge the female swordsman as the greatest threat, the man who seems like the captain of this surprise attack unit shouted so.
And the female swordsman, who heard it, responded with a calm voice.

『I am already dead.
Even if I am knocked down, I will revive and return to the battlefield any number of times.
To make my wonderful dream come true.
And for justice and for my friend …』(Marked Blonde Female Swordsman)

Then she pointed her sword at the enemies and declared.

『I am invincible!
No matter how many times I collapse I will come back to life, as for I am the 《Resurrection Knight》!』(Resurrection Knight)

And then three other girls appeared from her side unexpectedly subsequently said their name.

『Seriously hunt down the enemies and cut down their lives, 《Predator Red》!』(Predator Red)

『A guide to Hell, 《Shrine Maiden of the Darkness》!』(Shrine Maiden of the Darkness)

『Eh? … Your name was decided to be 《Big tits Hunter》!』(Masked Silver Hair Loli)

『Ah… shut up!
In the first place, it’s not 《Hunter》this time!』(Big tits girl)

Big tits girl shouted and denied the silver hair loli’s words.
And in the end, that silver hair loli announced her name.

『 I am the one who confronts the dominant one, people call me 《The dominant mask》!』(Dominant Mask)

At the time of the last appearance, the words were completely opposite.
But for soldiers who don’t know anything about that name, there is no point to retort (tsukkomi)…
… But there is something they must retort (tsukkomi) in their mind.

((((Why were you all wearing such suspicious mask?)))) (Junou + Soldiers)

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