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[Next] Mile Chapter 171: Aura Family 3

The game was decided.
This is a shopping street and there are many merchants in the audience.
No matter how small or poor a merchant is, he always keeps at least 1 to 2 gold coins beside the money in drawstring bag in preparation for a sudden situation.
Yes, just like the previous Orichalcum coin from the chairman.
So, you can gather 10 gold coins easily.
And even if that’s still not enough, you can just borrow more, you can even borrow as much as you can.
There was no win chance for the chairman anymore.

「28 Gold coins!」(Butler)

The butler just raised only a single coin but the game is already finished.

「… I gave up」(Chairman)

As expected of a large merchant group chairman, he already realized it and gave up.

「I was defeated… I am totally losing this time… you are outwit me, young lady…」(Chairman)

While saying that with a smile, a merchant collected his gold coins on top of the table and putting back.

「Well, let’s have fun again later, young lady!」(Chairman)

He was unexpectedly cheerful for a losing person, as he left in good mood, the butler and the 『red oath』had blank faces.

「… That's unexpected, is he planning something?」(Rena)

As Rena said that, one of the merchants in the crowd came near and talked to Rena.

「I think you don't need to worry about that」(Merchant)


The merchant explained to Rena that was dumbfound.

「Even that man is a tricky merchant, but he is actually a nice guy」(Merchant)

「Wh, what's that!?」(Rena)

That was 『』or 『honest lie』, which means what he said contradiction with what he did. Rena was shouting as she heard that.

(T.N: I don’t understand why FUNA sensei used it though でっかいミニ四駆   and  正直な嘘吐き)

「Ah, I mean, he was usually playing dirty to enjoy himself but he was never doing anything unreasonable or violate the rules.
That's why, even if he won this auction,
I think that he'd likely sell back it to the butler or the Baron himself at the price that plus 1 or 2 gold coins at best (6-7 gold coins).
Only the medicine shop keeper can earn a lot of money this time.
Well, something like that …」(Merchant)

The merchant took a glance at the store keeper of the medicine shop and continued.

「Well, he seems to have fun this time. It seems that he enjoy this rather than hostile to any of you. Perhaps even if the shop keeper rufused him before, he might not even do anything bad to him, I think…」(Merchant)

As he said that, the merchant laughed.
Some of the merchant-like peoples in the audience seemed to know that as well and they were laughing together.

Both the butler and the 『Red oath』were dumbfound.

「「「「「Huh……?」」」」」(Butler + Red Oath)

「Then why did you cooperate with the loan? If you knew it, even if you leave us alone…」(Pauline)

As the merchant heard Pauline said that, he looked at other men and said.

「Well, we are all merchants, we can not miss the opportunity to double the gold coins in the blinks right?
in addition…」(Merchant)

「「「「「We’d like to shake hands with the nobleman’s daughter and talk with her!」」」」」(Lot of merchants)

Pauline dropped her shoulder as she heard everyone's voice from the surroundings.
However, Pauline got herself back quick. She still had something to do.

「Shopkeeper, what are you going to do with those gold coins?」(Pauline)

「Eh……」(Shop keeper)

The shop keeper was dumbfound with what Pauline said.
There are a lot of gold coins that the butler stacked up on the table.
If he wasn't doing anything, those gold coins would become his money.

「A shop that allow others disturbed the deal from the sideways and selling
goods at a price nearly six times of normal while already accepting reservations from aristocrats.
If you are really doing it in front of these audience,
will there be anyone order from this store in the future?」(Pauline)

「Eh……!!?」(Shop keeper)

Shopkeeper was silent, it seems that he finally understood what he did.
Merchants that deal with products such as clothing and food items don't have to worry because there're many customers.
However, for a drug shop. Unless you have an abudant type of medicines with many purpose, you won’t have many customers.
And this medicine shop is the type that deal with herbal medicine that rarely anyone use.

「Well, what am I going to do… that …」(Shop Keeper)

「Whether or not you intended to do so, you already did it.
We all knew the situation, you was not really at fault, however you accepted competition of an outsider.
In other words, you are the one who did that kind of thing,
This shop is a shop with a business policy that allow something like that for his profit.
In the end, you lost your credibility in exchange for more than 20 gold coins, don’t you agree?」(Pauline)

The shop keeper couldn’t refuse the chairman because he was afraid the pressure of a leading merchant, it was somewhat forgivable.
However, now that the chairman already left.
As a result, only the fact that customer that reserved the medicine must pay 23 gold coins more than original price remain.


Everyone is looking at the shop keeper.
Compared with the loss of credit and customers and the shop collapsed, 23 gold coins can’t be compared.
The shopkeeper’s face turned pale and the sweat spread to his cheek.
The reason why the merchant explained earlier was because he anticipated this.
It wasn’t only that he enjoyed the bargaining but also giving a trial to this shopkeeper…

「Why are you saying that?
I only did it because of the pressure from a strong merchant, it’s related to the survival of our shop,
Of course, I still prefer to give the herbal medicines to the butler.
Auction, it’s just a way to win,
It isn’t selling with determined initial.
Of course, I also hate it!」(Shop keeper)

For a weak shopkeeper, he gave up quite easy under pressure.
Is it unreasonable?

Well, if he did it badly here, his store will definitely be crushed.

「Oh, was it so! Forgive me, I had said weird things …」(Pauline)

「No, I do not really care. Hahaha … ….」(Shop keeper)

「Haha … ….」(Pauline)

「「Ahahahahahaha!」」(Pauline + Shop keeper)

It ended of peacefully.
However, there was no one here really thought that this shopkeeper was a bad person, that’s why they just looked at the scene with a bitter smile.


「This time, thank you very much.
Even that merchant or shopkeeper said that, but I don’t know if that’s really true.
Thanks to everyone, I got the medicine safely for M’lady and didn’t tarnish the baron’s family name …」(Butler)

The butler who collected the gold coins on the table and paid only original price 5 gold coins. And he thanked the 『Red oath』
He did a sulute with angle of 45 degrees.
For this butler, 『Red oath』are as respect-able as gods.

「It’s okay, because we did what we liked.
Uhm, Butler-san, hurry up and I take medicine to the mansion …」(Butler)

Called so by Pauline, the butler finally noticed that he had not mentioned yet.

「Oh, I have not even introduced myself yet!

What a disrespectful impression to my benefactors …
I am a butler of Baron Aura family, my name is Dunbine!」(Butler)

「Oh, I’m Pauline, C rank hunter 『Red Oath』’s member」(Pauline)

「I’m the leader, Maevis」(Maevis)


「Minami Haruo …Ah, no, I'm Mile」(Mile)

Rena glared at Mile and she re-phrased in a hurry.
However, in Mile’s head, she wanted to scream.

(Aura Butler Dunbine!!) (T.N: Anime: Aura Battler Dunbine)

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