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FUNA sensei, you bait me with Mile and tortuning me with brain-hurt knowledge)

Mile Chapter 162: Ruin? No… it’s still active.

「What, what’s wrong!」(Rena)

Mile answered Rena’s question with sweat in her temple.

「…… There was something …………」(Mile)

「What, something!?」(Rena)

「Something is … ….」(Mile)

Because it wasn't covered, Rena gently opened the door a little and looked into it.

And then she closed the door.

「There was something … …」(Rena)

「「So, what is it?」」(Pauline + Maevis)

This time, Pauline and Maevis raised their voice.

And the same thing was repeated twice more.

「「There was something ……」」(Pauline + Maevis)

(Mile's POV, maybe)

Yes, the other side of the door is like a passage, there was something.

Something about the size of a large dog, walking with bare feet with six legs…

It looks like a bug, but it isn't an insect. With 6 legs, it has a hard-shade outer shell but its biggest feature that isn't like insects.

Yes, it had a fuselage and head like a human upper body standing vertically from the body like a worm-like body with legs, and four arms arising from that torso.


I had no choice but to describe it, I had a strange shape that contrasted with other creatures.

That was walking along the aisle.

「Scavenger … ….」(Rena)

After a while Rena muttered…


Maevis made a dubious face when listening to it.

「They didn't teach about it at the hunter training school, but I have heard from everyone in the 『red lightning bolt』
There were only a few witnesses, it's not a well-known creature.
It often comes to the corpse of an annihilated party and collecting metal objects such as weapons and armor we are wearing, jewelry and money.
But they didn't lay their hands on the bodies.
They are mysterious creatures that hunters have no idea what they eat and why they collect metal.
Even if you try to follow, you can't find a nest because it runs through a narrow place with great speed.
Because it doesn't come close to living people or harm them.
It didn't become a topic and there weren't many people who know about it, beside only a few people saw it.
I have no confirmation, but I heard it was something like that …」(Rena)

Creatures such as insects have settled in the underground cave.
It is a common story. Nobody wonders.
… except for Mile.

(It looks like metal! It made by metal! And, it seems to work for a long time here … service 37 years. No, it is not, it is not!) (Mile)
(T.N: Japanese often works 37 years until retire for 1 company, 22yo-60yo)

「Well, if they live deep underground in these ruins, it's no wonder that people can't find its nest」(Maevis)

「It looks disgusting …. But, if there is no harm to humans, I am relieved」(Pauline)

Mile didn't hear the words of Maevis and Pauline.

(Ruins, insect type robot, don't harm human beings, collect metal, that …) (Mile)

An answer was coming to Mile's head.

(Maintenance, manufacturing automat…) (Mile)

If so, there is only one thing to say.

「This ruin is active…」(Mile) (Translator's joke: IT'S ALIVE)

「What are you saying just now?」(Rena)

Rena listened to Mile’s muttering and asked.

「…… This ruin, somehow, it seems to be active」(Mile)


「That scavenger that you was talking about was actually the maintainer of this ruin.
In other words, they are responsible for maintaining…」(Mile)

「So that’s why they need metal!」(Maevis)

As expected, Maevis would understand about that kind of topic.
Rena in charge of common knowledge
Pauline in charge of business and money related problem
Maevis in charge of Military, battle, logistics knowledge
And Mile in charge of knowledge outside common sense. It was a perfect set.

「Wait a moment, then, what’s going on?
You mean, that kind of monster that looks like that bug has intelligence and is the ruler of this ruin?」(Rena)

Rena shouts with her eyes wide open, but that's not the case.

「No, it isn't the『ruler』… I guess is is just doing what it was ordered. The order from its master who was perished a long time ago …」(Mile)

「Wait a moment, Mile-chan, is that creature keeps living like that from that long ago?」(Pauline)

Pauline in doubt joined the conversation.

「No, they aren't『living thing』so you can't use the word living …
Well, in other words, it's like a golem …
And if it was broken, other colleagues will repair it or make a copy of themselves…
So, unless all those individuals are destroyed at the same time, they will repair and produce each other, and will continue to exist endlessly」(Mile)

Mile though it wouldn't right to use『Eternally』so she changed to the word 『endlessly』instead.

「「「…………」」」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

「There's no point staying here and talking. Let’s move on.」(Mile)

「Then what I said a while ago…」(Rena)

After hearing Mile's explanation, Rena hesitated.
If the girls went into the aisle, you might encounter some scavengers.
Even if Rena said it's not harming human beings, but that is when meeting them outside.

But right now, the girls have invaded their territory.

There is no guarantee that those creature's master didn't command 『keep this place safe and fend off intruders』
And Rena has never heard of stories about human beings fighting with scavengers in the past. Because the fight itself has never occurred, or nobody who fought with the scavenger or their eyewitnesses survived…
How would they fight? Do they have poison? Do they cooperate in attacks? The battle with the enemy for the first time without any information was extremely risky.

「It’s okay, because I will create an invisible fields (fukashi fīrudo) and sound insulation boundaries so that they won't find us」(Mile)

「Invisible Fu~iru?」(Rena)
(T.N: Rena can only repeat the Fukashi/ invisible word right, the fīrudo/field was pronoun wrong so I keep it as Romanji without any meaning)

Rena had a question mark on her head.

「It’s a magic to make others impossible to see the caster. Another version is the sound insulation barrier to block all sound」(Mile)


(FUNA sensei's POV explanation)

Mile said it easily and Rena received it lightly, but that was rather troublesome.
It would be easier to made an sound insulation barrier, all you need is setting up a screen that blocks air vibrations between you and your opponent.

But when you do this with light, you can't see the outside from the inside and the outside also can't see the inside.

And the fact that if there's no light, it will be the darkness. You can't move around because you can't see around, and from the outside, others would see a dome-like black space. It make you more noticeable rather than hiding.

And, furthermore, what will happen if you only allow external light or electromagnetic waves from outside to go in but not allow to go out? The internal temperature will continues to rise. It's a greenhouse effect.

When you are trying to exhaust the heat, you will be found by someone who can see infrared rays with wide visible range, like a pit organism that senses infrared rays of a snake.

Besides, the problem isn't just blocking the light from the caster.
We must let the light pass through the scenery behind ourselves and reflect the light as if we aren't there.

It isn't something that anyone in this world would be able to do, they don't know about visible light, characteristics of infrared rays, heat, light etc, such as clearing all of them.

Rena easily acept the explanation of Mile because she didn't know about them, didn't notice the difficulty, and didn't mind thinking about the same degree as sound insulation, didn't hesitate to say 『It can't be help, it was Mile after all』

That’s why no matter how good at magic people of this world could become, they couldn't cast a complete invisible fields.

Without scientific knowledge such as exactly imagining, thinking radiation etc. It's an impossible spell for any living being of this world.

However, in Mile's case 『Please make an invisible field around us that couldn't be seen from outside! Please prepare all necessary requirement for that processing, too!』. Just with that thinking, and leave everything to the nanomachines. Mile thought that it was 『Normal magical exercise by her thought』but of course not.

Nanomachine usage authority level 5.
Even though they don't receive the image of a specific phenomenon by the thought wave, the nanomachines judge themselves with only the image, the words and the final result and all the details that are necessary for it.
Yes, it was like 『doing all the procedures of tax return from blue declaration』 , a big difference with paying only money and throwing it to a tax accountant. (FUNA sensei is an OL ?)

「Well, let’s go」(Mile)

That said, Mile casted a sound insulation boundaries and invisible fields and opened the door.

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