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[Next] Mile Chapter 148: Elf

「So… what… do you need?」(Mile)

Even though Mile was talking normally with Doctor Kulereia, somehow she got nervous when talking with the male elf.
However, Rena knew that feeling well.
Because the girls had thought Doctor Kulereia was an ordinary human, her the ears were hidden with hair, and even mistook she was the daughter of Guild Master. So even after they realized it, they still didn't change their attitude.
However no matter with this man, he was an elf from head to toe.

「What! Young ladies, you know young lady Kulereia…!?」(Elf)

(T.N: This Part look like Mile's POV because this part call the elf = elf ojii-san)

[ The elf gramp asked in a surpise… no, we don't even if he is an old man yet. It would be bad to call him 『granp』right away. But he is an elf, I can't grasp his real age … ]

「Where and when did you see her? Was she doing fine?」(Elf)

「Ah, yes, she was full of energy, we saw her…」(Mile)

Rena grabbed the shoulder of Mile, who tried to answer.

「What are you doing, talking about other woman's information without permission to a man that we don't even know his identity!」(Rena)


Yes, it's strict about personal information in this world.
Originally, Hunter hated other people asking by his past and abilities, so troubles frequently occurred due to it. And by time it became an understanding matter that 『Interrogation about Hunter’s personal information must have the permission』

And, if they refused to investigate, other hunters must refrain from investigating, unless it was necessary.
Of course, it's always necessary to confirm the credibility of the other party such as employment and contract.

But this is different, it was about 『unnecessary information irrelevant to hunter work』

And humans are not very familiar with the depths of the secretive elf society. Of course, 『Red oath』was also the same.
Why is Doctor Kulereia living with a human and working as scholar even though elves don't live with humans?
Why did she leave the elven settlement?
Was that because of her relationship with family and relatives?
Or was there a hostile person?
Even though Mile didn't know anything about them at all, what would she do if she told others about Doctor's information without permission?
That act may possibly teach the stalker the current address of the victim who tried to escape.
Mile herself had stalker trouble several times in the previous life, her bad memories were revived, and she reflexively casted magical spells.

「Hot water and ice shackles, restraint …『TEI(Rena)』…」(Mile)

Rena gave a chop on Mile’s head.

「Wait, wait! I'm not a suspicious person!」(Elf)

「Suspicious person always says that!」(Pauline)

「Well, how do I say!」(Elf)

「Is he a suspicious person?」(Hunter X)

「「「「!!!???」」」」(Red Oath)

Everyone took a look over and noticed, the hunters in the guild already put their hands on the handle of the sword and staff. The girls and the elf were surrounded by hunters.
Mile was already chanting attack magic in the middle of the hunter guild, and about to fight with the elf that why it was quite natural that this happened.

「Sorry, it was nothing! We just have a light joke with an acquaintance, I’m just playing around! Right, uncle?」(Mile)

「Eh … oh, oh, yeah, well, oh yeah, it's a(n American) joke!」(Elf)

In a moment of panic, the elf was surprised with Mile's word, but quickly recognized and talked with the girls. As expected of old aged.

Kusu~ kusu (Giggle and laugh SFX*)

Everyone lowers their guard, takes their hands off their weapon, laughed and scattered to the place where they original were.
Hunters weren't allow to cause a commotion in the guild, normally they would get yelled at. But in this case, one side is an elf uncle or even a gramp and the other side was cute little girls, other hunters couldn't bring themselves to yell at elder or cute young girls. In other words, they showed their kindness as senior hunters by laughing to discard the tensed air.
Besides, some people already saw the behavior of the 4 girls, was just caution with unfamiliar people from the beginning, so they understood the situation.
In fact, they should scold the girls for educational guidance, but it seemed unnecessary.

「Mile, you! What are you thinking? Using attack magic in the guild!
You can't complain even if you get attacked by other hunters without asking questions! …」(Rena)

Behind Mile, Rena's face turned red from angry.

After receiving a lot of scolding from to Rena, Mile stopped the shipping request for the time being and the 『Red oath』who moved to the drinking corner of the guild with the elf uncle.

「So, what do you want?」(Mile)

Mile was lowering her guard against an elf uncle and asked.

「Ah, I’m sorry.
Actually, I heard that you planned to ship something with the guild carriage to the Tyrus Kingdom, so I want to ask you if you could give me one piggyback …」(Elf)


If it is a small document, letter etc, the fee will not change if it is to a certain size and weight. So, if you put everything together in one package, it will cost only one charge.
After that, the person who first received the package, would deliver the piggyback items by himself or herself after opening it, or sent it again with a little extra charge.

If the 2nd deliver is other town or other country, the extra will be almost the same with the first charge.

However, this is deliver in the same city, it is a profitable job of children who are under the age of 10 that are often waiting at guild for job with a few small silver coins cost. That's why if someone happens to find a person who is shipping to the same town, they will ask for piggyback to lower the fee.

「Well, can not you accept it?」(Elf)

「As long as you accept paying half of shipping fee …」(Mile)

For Mile, there was no disadvantage.
Since the first destination was Mile's destination, there was no risk, if the shipping fee was devided to half, there was no complain.

「Oh, I'm thankful! Because most of us live with our own self-sufficiency, we don't have much currency that human beings use. Especially weak people and old people rarely come out of the village.
Now I can buy souvenirs with the left over money and return home」(Elf)

Mile also smiled at a man of elf who looks happy.

「… And about young lady Kulereia …」(Elf)

The elf uncle handed over a writing enclosed letter to Mile. As Mile opened the parcel and started writing to inform about piggybacking to her receiver, the elf uncle asked.

「You don't have to tell me where she lives, but at least let me know if she is still healthy. If she is still doing fine, then it's all good」(Elf)

「What is your relationship with Doctor?」(Rena)

Even Rena who seems to be rude, the Elf uncle, … his name seems to be Elsatok …, calmly answered.

「I'm just a senior citizen who interacts with her family.
Young lady Kulereia is a popular person among adults in the whole clan. Everyone wants their own children to grow up like that young lady, and they are decorating her dolls in every children’s room …」(Elf)

「「「「Ehhh…」」」」(Red Oath)

Everyone, including Mile who was writing, was surprised.

No, Doctor Kulereia was cute, but as a beautiful elven, she wasn't an outstanding beauty. She was even leaving the elven village and living with humans. Her personality is not really special. And to be called doctor, she should have a reasonable age. But, the girls couldn't understand why she is so popular.
The Elf uncle explained what everyone was wondering.

「Elf is a long-lived race, and elf children generally become less dependent on their parents when they are around 40 to 50 years old. And they began to be independent from their parents, gradually disliked parents' involve and left the house」(Elf)

((((… Slow! Too late to leave the parents!)))) (Red Oath)

「Nevertheless, Lady Kulereia stuck with her father no matter how many years, everyone was envious and jealous of her father…」(Elf)
「「「「Ah … ….」」」」(Red Oath)

Everyone remembered when they rescued her from the excavation site and ran away.
When Mile misunderstood as her the guild master’s daughter said 『Your father was the one asking us to help you』, her over-reaction at that time and her blushed cheeks, the eyes felt a bit…

「She must love her estemeed father …」(Maevis)

「well, anyone can see that she loves her father」(Pauline)

When Maevis and Pauline were wondering. Mile cried out words that didn't exist in this world yet.


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